This page is dedicated to J. Tuck Buening our father, grandfather, great grandfather, and
great-great grandfather. He was born on 9/17/1914, died on 6/5/2004, but would have
celebrated his 100th birthday on 9/17/2014. This dedication is his grandson Scott's idea who
provided most of these pictures. Thank you for everyone's contribution. We still miss him!
Sher at work at Walsh Manufacturing. Two two gentlemen
on the ends are the owners and the one next to Sher is
Frank, her 'bestest boss of 30 years! Thanks again Sher for
telling folks to send in their pictures.
Uncle Jim in his bow tie!
Scott at work at James Free Jewelers. Scott
wears his grandpa's watch to work everyday
but you can't see it in this photo. Thanks
again Scott for thinking of this page and
telling folks to 'Take Tuck to work!'
This is Brad at work at Ricoh with the funniest 'Tuck'
prop of all! Thanks for thinking of this Brad.
Amy in her gorgeous tie!
Scott suggested honoring his grandpa by having family members send me the above photos. He then also declared that on 9/17/2014 that folks
'take Tuck to work' day. Sher then asked everyone to take pictures of themselves at work and send them to me. Thank you all! I personally
didn't have any 'Tuck' props but I did go to the casino thinking I would have some Tuck Luck (but didn't). Jill took pictures of her Grandma Sis
and Grandpa Tuck to her work (her desk at home) but didn't take a selfie. We welcome more pictures from this day. Thank you all again for
sharing and for your kind comments.
The guy in the back
is Dr.Tyler
Grandpa Tuck's
great-great nephew.
This is Sue being her dad before and after Mass. Per Sue, "That's what
he always looked like....he never changed his clothes, he just untied his
Now for you younger members of the
family, our dad, tried to get boxing
rules changed back in the '30's.
HERE for an except from his
biography! Even in the '50's, he tried
again and was on various TV shows
about this issue. Maybe some day....