This page is dedicated to Mildred 'Sis' Shore Buening, our mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and
great-great grandmother. She was born on 11/21/1916 , died on 10/4/2001, but would have celebrated her 100th
birthday on 11/21/2016. Besides the love of her family, some of our memories also include her love of getting a tan,
making buckeyes, playing the organ, bowling, playing golf, going on vacations, and playing cards. Thanks to all who
provided pictures. We still miss her!
1970's on Linderwood: Dad, Mom, Aunt Dot, Grandma Dell, and
Grandpa Henry. Jill is in the background.
3242 Harvest Ave, Pleasant Ridge                      12 Mile Rd, New Richmond                                         710 Clough Pike, Withamsville
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Marcella Shore Buening!
Paris near the Eiffel Tower
1941-Grandma Meyer, Cecilia Huber, Grandma
Gertie, Mom, Mr. Huber. The Hubers were my
Mom in her two-piece at a pool with Pearl
Bailey!  Click on the pic!
1993 Mom & Wes
1958 Sue Chris Mom
Some things never change-from the mid 50s to their 50th anniversary!
Mom & Dad with George & Pauline Wehman and Annette Wolf. We went on
numerous vacations with the Wehman family.
August 15, 1945: VJ Day! Mom with Uncle
Russ 'Tooty' Shore
12/1987: Brent, Zak, Sandi, Mom, Hank, & Dad!
The was one of the earliest Buening Golf Outings that Mom and Dad arranged. We
are so happy that they did. We are in their back yard on Clough Pike.

I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures and remembering all
the fun times we had with Mom! She was a big part of all of our
lives. At her funeral, people filled out memory cards. Click
here to
read them.
8/28/1987: Dad, Scott, Tammy, Hank, Mom, me Zak, Brent,
Jill, and Mike on Mom & Dad's 50th Anniversary party.
1930 - Ray, Mom, & Bob!
Sept, 1988: Me, Hank, & Mom on
our first trip to Myrtle Beach.
South Carolina. We stayed at the
Sands Ocean Club.
1995-Me, Brent, Dad, Mom, and Daniel!
1978 - Mom, Hank, and me at Metamora, Indiana.
Dec 1987 - Hank, Mom, Tammy, me, Scott, and Zak at the Krohn
Aug, 1971: Brent, Jill, Hank, Scott, Dad, and
Mom at Niagara Falls.
1954 - Anita, me, Dad, Mom, George, Pauline, and Mary Jo. It
was our 3 week trip to Ft. Lauderdale with the Wehmans.
Oct 1992: Pumpkin Party at Brent & Kindra's. Brent, Alex,
Hank, Dad, Jill, Mom, me, & Katie!
May, 1994: The infamous water fight on Mother's Day. Chris,
Mom, Brent, Katie, and Scott!
All Joe's Grandmas!
Tammy's Grandma & Mom,
Mom, Grandma Del,
Grandma Sandi, & Joe!
12/31/1988: Hank, me, and Mom at Shearer's!
Mom, Brent, Grandpa Shore, Nanny, Chris, Grandpa Herb,
Grandma Gertie, and Grandpa.
Aunt Dot and Mom photo
bombing their grandpa,
Alonzo Shore.
Tom, Mom, & Sandi on Harvest.
Russ, Ray, Bob, Dot, Mom
Birthday celebration on
1972 - Opening season at Kings Island
Brent, Sandi, Scott, Jill, Sue
Mom, Aunt Dot, Hank, Nanny, Chris
Mom, Sandi, Jill, Zak
Nancy, Mom, Grandma Gertie, Sandi
7/10/1986: Brent, Mom, Zak, Scott,
Dad & Mom in Hawaii with Rob Reider & wife
1948 New Richmond: Mom, Sue,
Mom holding Joe. She
was in the delivery
room with Tammy.
Sue, Chris, Mom
1979 in Lourdes
1977 in Hawaii
1979 in Paris
7/10/1987 - Mom & Dad with Zak on his
first birthday.
Mom & Will
Aunt Dot, Mom, Nanny, Grandpa, Uncle Bob, Uncle Russ
Mom, Aunt Jerry, Uncle Jerry, Dad
11/21/1996: Joe, Mom, Wes, Katie, Will, Jill,Zak, Daniel &
Brent at Mom's birthday party at James Tavern.
August 28, 1937!
Mom & Stacy in neighbor's pool.
Aunt Dot, Mom, Uncle Bob, Uncle
Raymond, & Uncle Tooty!
Uncle Bob, Mom, Aunt Ellen & Uncle
Tooty, Aunt Dot. Uncle Raymond's
baseball cutout is on the top.
Tom, Sue, Mom
Mom - 1934
Dad & Mom - 1953 Lake Erie
Sher, Mom, Jim
Mom & Dad at Scott &
Tammy's on Easter, 2000
Sandi, Mom, Tom
1999 - Mom typing her one & only email
1989 - Mom & Katie
Mom's confirmation picture
Hank & Mom - 1961
Ukulele playing Tom & Mom
Nancy, Sandi, Jill, Sue, Mom, Sher, Amy
Mom (bottom right). She bowled every Friday night in
Pleasant Ridge even when we lived in New Richmond.
1941 - Mom, Sandi, Tom
Dad & Mom at LeSourdsville Lake
prior to their wedding day of 8/28/1937.
Mom & Dad at
1940's - Mom & Dad at our home in New Richmond.
1949 - Mom, Sandi, Dad
1979 - Mom & Dad
in Paris
Nov 1986 - Mom's
70th Birthday
Surprise Party. Dad,
Sue, Mom, Amy
1989 - Mom, Zak, Jill, Sandi
1946 - Tom, Mom, Sandi on Harvest
1997 - Mom & Dad at Scott & Tammy's
1988 - Mom & Hank at Myrtle Beach
1940's - Mom with Scrappy
1942 - Sandi, Mom, Tom on Harvest
Sher, Nancy, Sue, Mom, Amy
1994 - Mom, Hank, Sandi
1947 - Sandi, Mom, Tom
1987 - Jennifer, Jimmy,
Jamie, Mom, Zak, Chris, Jill
1977 - Dad & Mom in Hawaii
1942 - Sandi, Mom, Tom on
Katie, Jill, Mom, Joe, Tammy
1977 - Sandi, Mom, Sue
1943 - Sandi & Mom
Brad & Mom
Dad, Uncle
Raymond, Aunt
Franny, Aunt
Ellen, Mom
1941 - Mom,
Sandi, Tom
Mom, Nancy,
Tom, Amy,
Sher, Brad
Uncle Jack, Aunt Marge, Dad, Mom
1991 - Mom & Tammy
Mom at Coney's Sunlite Pool
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7/10/1986-Sandi, Mom, Dad when Zak was born
Aunt Carolyn,
Nanny, Mom
on Harvest
Polka dot twins Mom & Katie
Chris, Mom, Dad,
Sue, Tom
Jill made this 'Merry Christmas'
embroidery gift for Dad & Mom
Aunt Dot - Mom
Uncle Bob - Uncle Ray
Uncle Russ
Tom, Mom, Sandi on Woodsfield
Mom with cutout of Tom Selleck!
Uncle Jack & Mom
I made this Buening
needlepoint for Mom &
Dad. It contained their
children and
grandchildren's names.
8/29/1987: Dad, Sandi, Mom, Hank, Sue, Scott, Jim, Rick, Sher, Chris, Nancy,
Tom, Brad, Michele, Tammy, & Scott.
9/15/1990: Big
Red Machine Old
Timers Game in
Blue Ash.
1940's - Mom, Eileen Chalfin, Tom, Sandi on
Cortelyou in Pleasant Ridge.
Feb 1983 in
10/18/1986 - Chris, Mom, Tom
Aug, 1965: Jill, Mom, Nancy, Sher, Amy, Chris,
Brent on Clough Pike
Nov 1986:
Mom's 70th
Surprise Party
1976 - Nancy, Mom, Sandi
Sept 1989 - Hank, Sue, Mom, Sandi Dad
Christmas 1978
1963-Grandpa Shore, Mom, Nanny, Aunt Dot
4th tee at Pebble Beach
1990 - Scott created this work of art
and donated it to the Blue
Ash Crosley Field. The Big Reds team
was completed in
1990 and is simply the greatest Reds
roster.  The roster
was assembled by voting by reporters
Dad, Mom, Tom, Sandi on Harvest Avenue
1992 - Mom,
Scott, Sue
Mom, Dad,
Mom & Dot on Harvest Avenue
What we did every Saturday night! Dad, Chris, Mom, Sandi
Mom, Jennifer, Dad, Jimmy
Sandi Mom Hank
Sandi, Scott, Mom
Aunt Dot,
Gertie, Mom
Sept 1989-New Hampshire
Mom & Sue
1993 - Breakfast in the park
Mom is sitting on the far left
Dad & Mom at Scott & Sue's. Their dog Katie is on the right.
4 Generaltions: Mom, Sandi, Katie, Jill
1995 at Mom & Dad's - Mom, Sandi, Kindra, Daniel, Hank,
Wes, Brent
1990 - Darlene Gooch, Sandi, Mom
Christmas Eve 1992
Sandi, Mom, Hank
Dad, Mom, Sue, Scott
Easter at Brent & Kindra's-Nelson French, Mom, Jill, Mike,
Nan French, Hank
Mom, Dad, Jill
Tom, Nancy, Mom, Sandi, Hank
1987 Sandi & Mom at the Krohn Conservatory
Mom & Sue
Christmas Day, 1993
1989-Four generations-Mom, Sandi, Jill, Katie
1993 Joe, Dad, Wes, Mom, Katie, Grandma Dell at Brent & Kindra's
Mom on left
Sept 1996 - Mom, Hank, Scott
8/28/1987 - Mom with her
brothers Ray and Russ
Sue & Mom
Mom, Jill, Sandi
Mom, Nancy, Sandi, Sue
Easter at Scott & Sue's
Mom & Sandi
Mom & Sandi
Aunt Dot's Maid of Honor
Scott & Mom
Hank, Sandi, Mom, Sue
Mom & Sandi
Nancy, Tom, Mom
Aunt Marge,
Sandi, Mom at
Bill Knapp's
Mom & Hank
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November, 2019: Katie sent me this email and her drawing.

I was looking through my old stuff and every year in
elementary school we made books. In 6th grade our books
were poetry books and I wrote this about grandma Sis. It says
it was about 7 months after she passed away. I thought you
would enjoy!