News & Pictures 2015
Jan 4, 2015: Dan & Jennifer look very
happy in this new year!
Jan 1, 2015: Somebody
(Harper) knows how to
Jan 10, 2015: Lincoln waiting
patiently for his food!
Jan 10, 2015: Bart & Amy!
Jan 17, 2015:Zoe celebrating her first
birthday. Happy 1st Birthday Zoe!
Harper sitting pretty!
Jan. 2015: Zak at Caesarea Martima & Golan Heights!
Jan 19, 2015: This
pretty girl (Julia)

was nice enough to let
this pretty girl (Brooke)

apply stickers all over
her face. What a good
sport! Click
here for
more photos.

Love you girls!
Jan 24, 2015:
Alyssa making
her first batch
of banana
Looks good
enough to eat,
Jan 31, 2015: Lincoln at a
Motorcycle Show.
Feb. 3, 2015: Congratulations Will! Drive carefully.
Feb 7, 2015:
Emma skipping
stones in the Ohio
River. Good job,


Feb 6, 2015:
'Gaga' teaching
Brooke how to
make muffins.
Feb 8, 2015: Mike
and his sister Patty
celebrating their
birthdays at the
home of their
sister, Debbie!
Feb 14, 2015: Harper's first Valentine's

Feb 13, 2015: Emma posing with her
parents Lisa and Alex before going to a
Valentine's Day Dance.
Feb 13, 2015: Alyssa ready
for Valentine's Day at school
and Zoe just ready for
Valentine's Day!
Feb 15, 2015: Mike celebrates his 54th birthday with his favorite granddaughter! Harper
(sporting 'Joey' hair) is making a statement! Click
here for more pictures.
Feb 22, 2015: Emma in her snow fort!
Feb 24, 2015: Harper helping with the cooking!
here for more photos.
Feb 22, 2015:
Damion and
Amanda are
still on their
Feb 27, 2015: Lincoln looking very
serious about something! But he
does LOOK adorable!
Feb 27, 2015:
Brooke and
Harper proving
the theory of
parallel play in
children Click
here for
pictures. You'll
enjoy the
'blanket' ones!
Mar 2, 2015:
Zoe with her
PJ's on her

Mar 1, 2015:
Harper turns
7 months old.
Daniel and three of his
Findlay buddies
enjoyed a trip out
west. They visited
many sites, including
Mt. Rushmore and
Yellowstone National
Mar 17,
Brooke at
Open Gym!
Mar 18,
Alyssa on
her swing
and Zoe!
Mar 17, 2015:
Lincoln took up
another musical
Mar 21, Lincoln!
Brooke at Summit School Playground and at the Cincinnati Children's Museum!
Mar 17, 2015:
celebrating St.
Patty's Day!
Mar 29, 2015:
Jill & Mike
hosted my
birthday dinner.
Here I am with
Brooke &
Harper. Click
here for more.
Mar 30, 2015:
Zoe enjoying her
breakfast of
eggs and toast!
Mar, 2015: Zak at the walls of the Old
City in Jerusalem. Check his Facebook
page for more photos.
Mar 29, 2015: Joe, Hope, and Katie watch as Harper crawls over Brooke to get Hope's
Mar 31, 2015: Scott's friend Paul
gave this trophy to Scott today and
he wanted the pictures posted on
Buhale. The caption says, 'Scott
Hannig  For trying really, really hard'
Apr 2, 2015: Brooke
all dressed up!

Mar 30, 2015:
Harper enjoying the
great outdoors at the

What beautiful
great-granddaughters we
Apr 4, 2015:
Brandy &
Sher in
Looks like
they're having
Apr 1, 2015:
months sure
are flying
by. Don't
grow up too
fast, Harper!
Apr 5, 2015: Brooke with her Easter Bunny and Harper with
Julia. Harper got her ears pierced Click
here for Tammy's
Apr 5, 2015: Lincoln decorating cookies and eggs.

Alyssa & Zoe with their baskets.
Apr 5, 2015: Harper with her
great-grandpa Hank!
Apr 5, 2015: Best buddies! Mike & Brooke!
Apr 5, 2015:   Racing to find the hidden Easter eggs!
here for Kindra's pictures.
Apr 5, 2015:Joe, Hope, & Harper!
made me
post this.
Apr 12, 2015:
Emma's 6th
birthday party!

Michael, and
Zoe on the river!
Apr 11, 2015:
watching the
cookies bake at
Gaga's house!

enjoying his
bunny sucker!
Apr 11, 2015:
Apr 15: Damion enjoying his birthday in style!
Apr 13, 2015: Emma blowing out
birthday candles on her actual
Apr 12, 2015: Lincoln on his own
cycle! Looking good, Lincoln!
Apr 15: A kid
Harper, Brooke,
Julia, and Will!
here for
more photos.
Apr 18: Wes & Ali in Nashville!
Apr 18: Lincoln
& Grandpa Bart
at I-X Indoor
Amusement Park
but earlier they
enjoyed their
morning oatmeal!
Apr 16: Lincoln
wearing his
statement shirt:
Boys Rule!
Apr 19: Damion
and Amanda
themselves at
Pisgah Brewing.

Jimmy (looking
like Jesus to me)
playing his guitar!
Apr 28,
Lincoln with
one of his
doting aunts!
Apr 29, 2015: Two sleeping angels-- Harper and Julia!
May 1: Nine-month-old Harper!
May 1: Brooke gardening with her
May 2,
2015: Will
and Corin
before her
prom. They
had a blast!
May 8, 2015: Zoe
knows how to
vacuum. She has
a sweeper in one
hand and a drink
in the other while
the dog looks on.
Way to go Zoe!
May 3,
2015: Jill
and Brooke
in the new
game 'Hide
Your Hands!'
May 9,
Lincoln &
Sher at the

Harper's first
Mother's Day!
May 10, 2015: Ali & Amy! Beautiful!
May 10, 2015: All of Tom & Nancy's kids, grandkids (except Bradley &
Brian) and great grandson celebrated dinner together. How awesome!
May 10, 2015:
Brooke and Katie
on Mother's Day.
Mother's Day 1993 (Joe) and Mother's Day 2015 (Harper) at Old
Crosley Field in Blue Ash!
May 10: Katie & Brooke help Hank on his 77th Birthday!
May 10, 2015: Me and my grands! Brooke, Julia, me,
Harper, and Katie! What a wonderful Mother's Day (and
Hank's birthday) it was. Thank you all! Click
here for
Kindra's photos and click  
here for Tammy's photos.
Thank you ladies!
May 16: Congratulations Wes on your graduation from Miami University!
May 14: Alyssa and Zoe enjoying the warm weather!
Click here for more photos.
Apr 21-May 21: Scott
& Sue just returned
from another fantastic
vacation. They visited
Bermuda, Ponta
Delgada & Lisbon
Portugal, Bilbao Spain,
Paris France, London
& Liverpool England,
Cork & Dublin &
Belfast Ireland,
Glasgow &
Invergordon Scotland
among other stops.
What a trip! Welcome
May, 2015: Jill, Mike,
Katie, Chris, and Brooke
just returned from Destin,
Florida after a week of fun
and sun!
May 23, 2015:
Tiffany and Lincoln
enjoying a ride at
Cedar Point!


Ernie, Alyssa,
Amanda, Michael,
and Zoe enjoying
the day at Kings
May 24, 2015: We
spent the day at
Jewish Hospital
because Hank's right
foot was swollen and
sore--diagnosed as
gout. Katie, who is
somewhat of a germ-a-
phobe, ate her Doritos
with a fork in the
cafeteria. Quite funny
to watch! Love ya
May 25, 2015:
What a wonderful
father-son photo.
Jimmy and Lincoln,
you are awesome!
May 25, 2015: It was Wes's graduation from Miami
University party! The cousins Joe, Daniel, Wes, & Julia
were the wiffle ball champs!
May 26, 2015: Damion and Amanda enjoying 'a
perfect boating day!'
May 26,
2015: Julia
and Harper!
May 26, 2015:
Bart and Amy
on vacation.
May 7, 2015: Emma
graduated from
Kindergarten! Where did
the school year go?
May, 2015: Brooke enjoying an ice
cream while on vacation in Destin.
The management of the place they
were staying put this picture on
their Facebook page!
Brooke pets Nugget!
May, 2015:
Two more

Bart & Amy
at the White

Sue & Scott
with the Duke
of Argyle.
May 30, 2015: Alyssa & Zoe at
Kings Island's Water Park!
May 31, 2015: Happy 1st Anniversary to
Damion and Amanda!
May 30, 2015: Miamisburg graduate Will with his parents,
Scott and Tammy. Congratulations, Will!
May 30, 2015: As Amy said,
she's just driving the boys
around (Lincoln and Bart, of
June 1, 2015: Harper turns 10 months old!
June 3, 2015: Grandpa Bart & Grandpa Amy with Lincoln.
June 5, 2015: Alyssa, Zoe,
and Amanda. Beautiful!
June 4, 2015: Brooke having a tea party with
June 6, 2015: Michele and Brad in Sandusky during
Bike Week!
June 7, 2015: Wes
and Ali at the Reds

'Sunday Funday'
says Lincoln,
Tiffany, and Jimmy.
Hey Tiff, did you
carjack Lincoln?
June 6, 2015: Click here for the story
behind these barbershop photos!
here & here for more pics.
Terry used to stick their cut hair on their
upper lips for mustaches when they were
Will, Joe, Hank, Daniel, Wes, Zak, & Terry sitting. Terry used to stick the boys' cut hair onto
their upper lips to give them 'mustaches' so we needed a mustache photo!
June 14, 2015: Another
'Sunday Funday' for
Bart, Tiffany, and

June 12, 2015: It looks
like Harper wants to be
a DJ or a movie critic!
June 20, 2015: Will's Graduation Party:
Jim-Will-Sher; Hank-Will-Me;
June 19, 2015: Lincoln and his new truck!
June 21, 2015: Amanda posted this photo and text on
Facebook today. Very nice Amanda!

Happy Father's Day to my dad! I couldn't have asked for a
better man to help raise me. I know most of the grays were
caused by me and for that I'm sorry, but just know you are
and always have been loved by me.

As most of you know this is not my "biological" father. Chris
stepped into my life when I was 9 and with no questions
asked he took me in as his own. When I was sick, he was the
one there, when I needed help with school work, he was the
one who sat down to help, when I needed a shoulder to cry
on because my own dad didn't show up, he was there. I can't
express enough how much respect I have for this man. I love
you dad. I hope your day is as great as you are!
June, 2015: Harper and Grandma Tammy with her
new hair cut! Awesome!!!
June 21, 2015: Lincoln
has another new vehicle!
June 21, 2015: Bart & Aly and Brad, Amanda, & Damion sure know how to celebrate Father's Day!
June 27, 2015: [Left] Brooke trying to win a
goldfish at a carnival (with her Dad). [Above]
Harper playing catch with Grandma Tammy.
[Right] Michele, Brad, Lincoln, Tiffany, & Sher
at Waterloo where Jimmy's band was playing.
June 28, 2015: Lisa in her dream car!
July 1, 2015: Breakfast at Grandma
Sandi's & Grandpa Hank's (donuts
and watermelon)!
June, 2015: Amy & Aly in
June 21, 2015: Harper says
"Happy Father's Day!"
June, 2015:
Chris &
Coni visited
Randy &
Sara & the
boys. Looks
like Casey
& Joey are
having fun!
June 25, 2015:
Hope & Joe!
Joe proposed to
Hope on top of
the Sears
Tower (Willis
Wedding date
to be
Love you guys!
July 4, 2015:
Daniel, Brent,
and Kindra
started the day
by doing a 5K
Run! Harper is
all decked in
red, white, and

Jill and Mike
hosted a
family get
July 4, 2015:Two proud grandmas holding their two beautiful
July 4, 2015: Brooke smelling the flowers!
July 4, 2015: Brooke inside her new playhouse at her
grandparents' home. CLICK ON Brooke to see her dancing
while watching the 4th of July Parade earlier in the day!
Brent is again playing goalie for a roller
hockey team! At one point, he was top
goalie (out of 5). More power to ya!
July 5, 2015:
Lincoln, and
Jimmy just
chilling out!
July 4, 2015:
Chris & Coni
with Zoe and
Amanda &
Michael with
Zoe! Lucky Zoe!
July 8, 2015: Will got his first new car, a Toyota Camry AND
Harper took her
first steps! Good day for the Hannigs!
July 9, Lincoln walking home from
daycare (with Aunt Sherry!)
July 12, 2015: Katie encouraging Brooke to
help Tammy blow out her candles!!
July 12, 2015: Lisa's Mom, Emma, and Lisa at Kings Island!
July 13, 2015:  
Harper & Tammy
peek-a-boo! Joe &
Harper making
faces for Tammy
on her birthday.
July 17, 2015: Amanda & Damion at
Pirates Ball at Portage Lake!
July 18, 2015: Brooke on a ride at Coney Island during
her daddy's company picnic.
July 17, 2015: Lincoln and Tiffany at the Natural History
July 17, 2015: Zoe's
half birthday! She's
now 1 1/2!
July 23, 2015: Harper
& Julia enjoying a

July 22, 2015: Lisa &
Emma at the zoo!

As I've said before,
Girls Just Want To
Have Fun!  
July 25, 2015: This is Coney Island's
Twister that is 45 ft. high and a quarter
mile long. Click the photo to see who rode
it THREE times and wanted to do it more!

Hint: It's Brooke with her Dad & Pawpaw.
July 25,
2015: Will
made Julia a
cake. Click
on Will to
see what
flavor it was!
July 25, 2015: Julia became a teenager today! She got
lots of great gifts!!!
July 25, 2015: Julia became a teenager today! She got
lots of great gifts!!!
July 31, 2015: I think Zoe is trying to
make mud pies and doing a great job!
Aug 1, 2015: Harper celebrated her first birthday in style! Happy
Birthday you adorable girl! Love you so much!!!
Aug 5, 2015:
Lincoln &
enjoying a
camel ride at
the zoo!
Aug 10, 2015: Scott and his family celebrated his 50th birthday by going Zip Lining at Camp Kern. It
looks like Corin, Joe, Scott, Will, Hope, & Tammy are all smiles all day!
Aug 12, 2015: Lincoln celebrated his 3rd
birthday at Cedar Point!
Notice Scott in the
Casey & Joey!
Aug 15, 2015: Sue, Scott,
Paulette, Jerry (Butchie), Pam,
Hank, and I at Carrabba's for a
Buening family lunch! Jerry and
Pam are Grandpa Tuck's
nephew and niece.

Aug 12, 2015: Brooke riding a
big pony and her dad Chris
making sure she doesn't fall off!
Aug 15, 2015: It looks like Lincoln had a 'trucking' 3rd birthday party!
Aug 16, 2015: Brad threw a 50th surprise birthday party for
Michele, hosted by Jim & Sher. Click
here for Kindra's
pictures and
here for Tammy's pictures. It looks like a great
time was had by all!
Aug 16, 2015: Julia is wearing all the beads from
a game played at Michele's 50th birthday party
and Lincoln is caught defying gravity!
Aug 16, 2015: Back in April, I posted this
picture on Buhale and Scott liked it so
much he painted it and gave it to Jimmy.
Aug , 2015: Zak and five other Gladstone members in Antigua
Guatemala where Zak spoke at a church conference.
Aug 21, 2015: Katie took
Brooke to her first Reds
Aug, 2015:
Congratulations Laurel
& Bradley! Click on the
picture to get the full
story and more photos!
Aug 23, 2015: Brent, Wes, Jill, Mike,
Katie, and Scott put all our dirt into the
pretty red truck! Zak got the truck. Thanks!
Aug, 28, 2015: Scott wore
his bow tie to work in
honor of his

Aug 27, 2015: Lisa and
Alex celebrated their
10th anniversary of
their first date with
dinner and a beautiful
Aug 29, 2015: Lincoln at the fair enjoying the
big trucks
Aug, 29, 2015:
Emma the soccer
Sept 1, 2015: Zoe and Alyssa getting comfortable!
Sept 4, 2015: Our 55th Anniversary celebration! Jill & Mike treated us to dinner and we were joined by Brent, Ali, Chris, Katie, Brooke, Scott,
Tammy, Julia, and Harper! What a fun dinner. On our actual anniversary (9/3), we saw "A Walk in the Woods" and then went to the casino
where we gambled and had a delicious steak dinner (comped) and a beautiful dessert. 'Happy 55th Anniversary' was written in chocolate!
Sept 5, 2015: Amanda and
Damion all dressed up!
Aug 21, 2015:
Hank & I at a
shooting range!
He really isn't
aiming the gun
at me (but I bet
sometimes he
wants to!)
Sept 5, 2015: Amy & Aly before the Luke Bryan
Sept 8, 2015:
anxiously and
happily awaiting
to enter her
first gymnastics
Aug 2015: Brian and grandpa Tom                    Sue, Michele, and Nancy                                 Bart, Jim, and Brad
Sept 12, 2015:
Lisa with her
Pete Rose

Sue at the
Sept 13, 2015:
Harper cheers
on the Bengals
wearing the
shirt her daddy
wore when he
was her age!
Sept 16, 2015:
Lincoln taking
good care of
his car (looks
like his
grandpa Tom)!
Sept 17, 2015: Joe cutting Will's hair--where is
Terry when you need him?
Sept 18, 2015:
Julia playing
her best
games! Way to
go, Julia!
<-- Sept 25, 2015:
Harper shows how
much she's grown in
a year! This picture
needs to be taken
every year!

--> Lisa & Alex still
in Reds mode.
Maybe next year?
<-- Sept 26,
2016: Grandma
Amy and
Lincoln in the

--> Wes and Ali
(and friend) in
their bunny suits
at the Christmas
Story House. It
was on Ali's
bucket list!
Sept 24, 2015: Alyssa and Zoe!
Sept 27, 2015: Damion, Nancy, Tom, and Sher having fun
on the Lake.
Sept 25, 2015: Brooke had a very busy day. First, she had to test out a
mattress before her parents bought it and then she relaxed on the swings!
Sept 27, 2015:
Click on Brooke
to hear her
Bengals chant!

Zoe was ready for
the game too!
Sept 29, 2015: Is Harper
going as a bag lady for
Halloween? If so, she'll be
the cutest one!
Oct 3, 2015: Click on me for the story.
Oct 3, 2015: As we celebrated Kindra's birthday, we also celebrated Ali's and
Daniel's, who happens to turn 21 on October 22!
Oct 9, 2015:
Lincoln is so busy
icing Halloween
cookies. Great job
Oct 11, 2015:
Amanda, Alyssa,
Michael, and
Zoe having some
Halloween fun!
Jennifer, Dan, Amanda, and
Damion sure clean up good!
Oct 10, 2015: Harper lining up her toys
at her grandparents house!
Oct 11, 2015: Hope helps Harper on her first
pony ride.
Oct 13, 2015: Zoe sure enjoyed her
Oct 14, 2015:
Brooke spent
her 3rd
birthday at the
zoo! Click on
her picture to
see what she
was doing with
the giraffe!
First selfie!
Oct 16, 2015: Alyssa,
Michael, Zoe, and
Amanda enjoying the
Great Smoky Mountains!
Oct 16, 2015: Daniel received his white coat in Pharmacy at Findlay University! Celebrating with him
are his grandparents and parents: Nan & Nelson, Kindra & Brent, Gail & Mac, and Hank & I!
Oct 17, 2015: Brooke certainly enjoyed
her 3rd birthday party. She didn't stop
smiling and playing all afternoon and
evening. What a beauty!!!
Oct 18, 2015: Lincoln
enjoying the pumpkin patch!
<-- Click on Brooke's
picture to hear her sing a
song from the movie
Mulan why she's holding
her Mulan doll and
watching her Mulan movie!

--> Oct 19, 2015: Amanda
& Damion (all cleaned up
Oct 21, 2015: Harper enjoying the fall leaves at
Grandma & Grandpa's house!
Oct 23, 2015: Tom,
Brad, Nancy,
Michele, Sher, Jim,
Amy, and Bart
helping Nancy
celebrate her 77th
birthday! What a
wonderful family!
Oct 22, 2015: Lincoln!
Oct 24, 2015:
Aunt Sher,
Tiffany, Lincoln,
and Grandma
Amy (you can't
see the other
family members)
enjoying the
Oct 24, 2015: Will, Harper, and Julia getting into the Halloween spirit!
Oct 24, 2015:
Brooke showing
off the pumpkin
she decorated!
Amanda & Damion!
Aly & Jennifer!
Tiffany & Lincoln!
Jennifer & Dan!
Alyssa & Zoe!
Brooke & Mike!
Halloween 2015!
Nov 4, 2015:
Click on
Brooke to
watch her circle
what she wants
for Christmas!
Nov 7, 2015:
Katie & Chris
ready for Travis'
wedding. Chris
was his best man.
Katie hosted a
brunch for the
before the
Nap time for Grandma and Lincoln!
Nov 14, 2015: Harper and Julia listening to Brooke read her book!
Nov 11, 2015: Lincoln!
Nov 13, 2015: Brooke!
Nov 14, 2015:
Brooke, Jill,
and Brent! We
Brent & Jill's
birthday and
Brooke was
waiting to help
them blow out
their candles!
Nov 18:
Bart &

Nov 17:
Zoe all
bundled up!
Nov 22, 2015: Aly, Jennifer, Amy, Colleen, and Coleen's
daughter? at the I-X Center.
Nov 22, 2015: Brooke & Jill making a
Gingerbread House!
Nov 25, 2015: Fun with glasses!
Wishbone fun!
Click here to see more photos.
Nov 26, 2015:
Brooke & Harper
coloring together!

Nov 25, 2015:
Harper & Julia
marking up a
Nov 26, 2015: Amanda, jennifer, Aly, and Tiffany!
Hank & I with our grandkids & great-granddaughters!
Tom & Nancy!
Alyssa & Amanda!
Harper & Hope!
Scott, Brent, Katie, Chris, Will, Daniel, and Wes!
Nov 27, 2015: Wes,
Daniel, Will, and Julia
spent Thanksgiving night
with us and Zak and Katie
came over the next
morning. So six of our
grandchildren spent their
free time putting up and
decorating our Christmas
tree and house. Zak told
me it was his 28th year
doing this. We are so very
blessed. Thanks kids!
Dec 2, 2015:
Linoln on a
playdate with
Bubba Bear!
Dec 5, 2015: The DeZarns had a very busy day! First, they visited Santa Claus where Brooke got brave enough to tell Santa that she wanted
PJ Masks & Paw Patrol! Then Brooke went to Gaga's & PawPaw's where she helped decorate their tree and then she and Gaga made
cookies. Katie and Chris went target shooting--Katie's first time and she got a bullseye! Click on Katie for the video!
Click on me!
Shore cousins!
Alex & Lisa!
Dec 13, 2015: Harper being a good girl Grandma
and Grandpa's Christmas tree!
Dec 13, 2015:
Lincoln sitting
on Santa's
lap. (I wonder
what he told

It looks like
Tiffany and
Lincoln got into
the spirit at the
Christmas Story
Dec, 2015: Click
on Emma to see
why she is getting
a Go-Pro placed on
her head! Nothing
like making
Dec 19, 2015: Bradley,
Sher, Santa, Michele,
Brad, and Jim at Castle
Noel. I think Santa is
happy that these lovely
ladies are sitting on his
Dec 16, Disco
Night in
Mexico. Click
here to see what
they were up to
in Mexico! -->

<-- Dec 19, 2015:
A little dog got
the better of
Bradley! He is
home until
January 17th!
Welcome home
Dec 21, 2015: Lincoln
recreating a scene from
Christmas Story!
Dec 6, 2015: Christmas Party at Gladstone Community Church!
<-- Dec 21, 2015:
Daniel's 21st
birthday (a little
late) at Belterra
Park Casino!

--> Emma sitting
on Santa's lap!
<-- Dec 24, 2015:
Brooke, Chris,
and Katie are all
ready for the
Christmas Party at
Jill & Mike's!

--> Zoe is equally
ready to party on
Christmas Eve!
It looks like Lincoln got a golf cart
for Christmas! Way to go, Lincoln!
CHRISTMAS DAY - 2015! My beautiful kids, grandkids, and great-granddaughters! Click here for Kindra's pictures and here for
The whole Tom
Buening family at
Jim & Sher's on
12/26/15! Click
here for more
pictures from Brad!

Scott gave Tammy
this professional
portrait for
Christmas. What
good looking
families we have!
Dec 28, 2015:
Congratulations Dan &
Jennifer! Awesome!
You'll be terrific parents!

Click on Jennifer to see
the video of she and
Dan telling her mom
and Bart that she is
pregnant! Too funny.
Click on me!
Dec 26, 2015:
Brad and Michele
were so happy to
have all three of
their kids with
them at Christmas