News & Pictures 2016
Jan 5, 2016: Zoe not feeling well but looking
good for a girl ready to turn 2!
Jan 11, 2016: Julia and Harper really
enjoying their sled ride!
Jan 2016: Harper enjoying her slide and book in the comfort of her bedroom!
Jan 16, 2016: Ali took Wes and two friends to ski at
Perfect North for Wes's 23rd birthday! Wes had never
skiied before and Ali said he did great!
Jan 17, 2016: Amanda, Zoe, Michael, and
Alyssa celebrating Zoe's second birthday
at Michael's parents' house. Happy 2nd
Birthday Zoe!
Jan 18, 2016:

Grandpa Bart
and Lincoln are
enjoying their


Zoe doing a
good job
scubbing her
Jan 23, 2016:
Brent & Kindra
gave Brooke a
for Christmas so
Kindra, Jill,
Katie, and
Brooke went and
Brooke built a
Paw Patrol dog
named Chase! A
good time was
had by all!
Jan 2016: The
Hamby boys! It was
Joey's 100th day at
school so he
dressed like a
100-year-old man!
And Casey is
looking very grown
up these days! We
miss you guys!
Jan 27, 2016:
Brooke is
reading to her
Jan 30, 2016:
Lincoln at
the zoo!
Jan 30, 2016: HARPER!!!
Feb 3, 2016: Tammy posted this on Facebook: So.....
Hope dropped off Harper today and I see her all
decked out in her Red's gear. I say "Harper, who's
ready for opening day?" Her response... no
joke..."Pa Pa." Out of the mouths of babes!
Feb 7, 2016:
Brooke, Julia, and
Harper at our
house on Super
Bowl Sunday!
Feb 8, 2016:
Brooke wearing
her new Paw
Patrol shirt given
to her by Tammy
and family.
Feb 14, 2016: Lincoln at Monster Jam!
Feb 13, 2016: Mike's 55th Birthday Dinner!
Feb 17, 2016: Harper and Hope at the zoo with Joe taking the pictures!
Feb 17m 2016: Harper & Hope at the zoo!
Feb 17, 2016: Lincoln in the
Feb 17, 2016: Brooke & Harper!
Feb 21, 2016: Zoe
showing her biggest
smile ever!
Feb 21, 2016:
Jennifer and
Feb 20, 2016:
Congratulations to
Casey! He has  been
selected to the National
Junior Honor Roll
Society. Click on his
picture to read the

Casey also attended his
first boy/girl dance and
had a great time!
Joey showing off his
scooter tricks! Way to
go Joey!!!
Feb 2016: Jill
and Mike just
returned from a
five-day trip to
Floria to
Mike's 55th
birthday. They
were joined by
Mike's sister
Debbie and her
beau Ron.
Mar 1, 2016: Casey was
inducted into the National
Jr. Honor Society and
received his certificate.
Congratulations Casey!
Mar 2, 2016: Brooke is
ready for Easter!
Mar 5, 2016: Grandpa
Bart and Lincoln
visiting some
dinosaurs followed by
eating pizza!
Mar 4, 2016: IT'S A BOY
for Jennifer & Dan! It
looks like the grandmas
are happy and surprised!
Congratulations to all!
Give Dan credit where
credit is due!
Mar 5, 2016: Daniel
and his school buddies
spent five days
sightseeing in
Washington DC!
Mar 7, 2016: Joe,
Hope, and another
couple went to
Cleveland and spent
the day sight seeing.
At night, they went to
the Cavaliers game!  
Mar 10, 2016: Aly
is celebrating her
birthday at The
Yard House!

Mar 9, 2016:
Brooke took her
new bookbag and
went to the library
and for the first
time, was able to
check out the
books all by herself!
Mar 12, 2016: Lisa,
Emma, and Alex
enjoying the great
outdoors on a Saturday
afternoon. What a great
looking family!
Mar 13, 2016: All of my adult children attended 'Experience
Hendrix.' Mike took this picture but click on the photo to see
what else he was up to (with Zakk Wylde).
Mar 16, 2016: Julia, Joe,
Will, and Harper at a visit
to Young's Dairy.

Mar 13, 2016: Lincoln
saying, "Yum! I sure like
my ice cream!"
Mar 18, 2016: Jennifer & Son!
Mar, 2016: Zak visiting
friends at Stonehenge.
He also saw Windsor
Castle and other
wonderful sites.  He
returned Wednesday
from London and left
Sunday for Israel.  
Travel safely Zak!
Click on
Brooke (on
the right) to
see what
piece of
candy she
decided to eat
after her
dinner. She
had gotten an
early Easter
basket from
her grand
Pre-Easter fun!
Mar 26, 2016:

Wes & Ali
enjoying the day.

Emma, Alyssa,
Casey, (not sure),
and Joey
celebrating his 6th
EASTER SUNDAY!   Brooke with her stash and Zoe
and Alyssa with theirs!
Mar 26, 2015:
practicing for
the real Easter
Egg Hunt!
EASTER SUNDAY! Three beautiful little
girls--Brooke, Harper, and Zoe!
EASTER SUNDAY! Jesse (family friend), Julia, Hope, Katie, Joe, Wes, Daniel, Ali, and Chris! Snapfish
now does not allow me to share friend's albums so I can't put links here for you to see all the photos.
belly is
Jennifer's or
Apr 2, 2016: Brooke and Harper playing in Brent &
Kindra's beautiful, newly remodeled basement during
my 75th birthday party. Thanks all!
Apr 2, 2016: Hank and Harper--new best friends!
Mar 31, 2016:
Julia, Harper,
and Brooke
taking selfies!

Mar 28, 2016:
Brooke, &
Julia. Click on
the picture to
see them in
Apr 3, 2016: Lisa showing her Reds spirit!
Apr 3, 2016: Lisa, Alex, and Emma
enjoying the great outdoors!
Apr 2, 2016:
Brook & me!
Apr 4, 2016: Old New Richmond neighbor Diane
Dittmar at Sue & Scott's house.
Mar, 2016: How Zak and friend Tallie spent some
time in Israel!
Apr 4, 2016: Our two 'sports-minded'
great-granddaughters! Brooke had
her first soccer practice (and dad
Chris is her coach) and Harper
helped root for the Reds and they
won the opener! Way to go girls!
Click on Brooke to see her in
Apr 5, 2016:
Alyssa is
icing a cake
while Zoe
keeps the
Apr 9, 2016: An early birthday wish for
Apr 9, 2016: Scott, Tammy, and Julia went to
Myrtle Beach for the wedding of Tammy's
niece Tori, which was ON the beach! Tammy
and her sisters Julie and Heather pose with

Apr 10, 2016: Julia is 'jumping for joy' on
Myrtle Beach!
Apr 16, 2016:
Michele made
this for Brad out
of 20 Harley
Davidson shirts
from around the
world! Nice job
Apr 15, 2016: Harper having great fun with her grandpa Scott!
Apr 15, 2016: Mike's sister Debbie and Jill
at Keeneland.
Apr 15, 2016: Brad travels to Franklin for his new job. This night, he's enjoying
Skyline with Tammy, Harper, Julia, and photographer Scott!
Apr 18, 2016: Brooke played her
first soccer game! In attendance
were her parents, grandparents,
great-grandparents, Uncle Scott,
Aunt Tammy, Will, and Julia!
She did score a goal and all the 3
and 4 year olds were so
adorable. Can't wait until next
Laurel & Bradley got
engaged in August. If you
click on their picture, you can
see their other engagement
photos taken in January.
They are getting married on
May 28th in San Quirino,
Italy. According to Laurel,
"We're going to have a small
ceremony with my parents,
Brad and Michele, and my
sister. Brutus will be
somewhere in there too" :)

Congratulations to two
beautiful and wonderful
Apr 19, 2016:
having fun
with a water
Click on us!
Brent plays inline hockey at Sports
Plus and their novice team were
champs in January and April. Daniel
will join Brent next week in their
six-week season. Click on the team
picture of Brent (bottom right) and
his teammates. Brent is #74 and gets
knocked on his you-know-what in the
first few seconds. He also does score
a goal.

Apr 24, 2016: Wes & Ali at the Reds
Apr 24, 2016:
Damion, Brad,
Nancy, Jimmy,
Bart, Tiffany,
and Lincoln in
this picture. I
think the rest of
the gang
included Tom,
Michele, Aly,
and Sher! Looks
like a fun day on
the lake!
Apr 21, 2016:
Alyssa making
a batch of
brownies. I'll
bet they were
May 1, 2016: Jim
(and Sher) enjoying
them-selves in San
Apr 23, 2016:
Chris, Katie, and
participated in a
charity run and it
looks like
someone got a
little tired! What a
good daddy!
Click on me.
May 4, 2016: Jim & Sher 'in the jaws of a
shark' in San Antonio!
Sue and Scott in Spain and Greece. Click on the first picture to read Sue's blog, just as she wrote it!
Click on me!
May 6, 2016: Alex & Lisa in
May 2016,
Harper at
Young's Jersey
Dairy and also
Tammy make
May 2016: Lincoln enjoying his golf cart
and also learning the fine game of baseball!
May 8, 2016:
Harper, &

May 11,
2016: Kindra
at the Grand
Canyon with
her friend
May 15, 2016: Zoe caught her first fish, a baby blue
gill, with the help of Daddy Michael!

May 12, 2016: Aly and Lincoln had a very fun day
Sue is the winner for the above caption! Good
job Sue!
May, 2016:
official soccer
team picture!
May 19, 2016: Joes
graduates from
kindergarten! Way to go
May 19, 2016:
Brooke is singing
"I can't wait, he's
tomorrow." She
is, of course,
singing about her
papa who was
coming over the
next day. Click on
Brooke to see the
Click on me!
May 22, 2016: I think Harper is singing 'Me
and My Shadow' or maybe she's thinking
about Tinkerbell!
May 22, 2016: It was Lisa's mom's birthday and her
family surprised her at the Reds game. Lisa posted
a video on Facebook. Good surprise family!
May, 2016: Julia and her 8th grade
class spent four days in Washington,
DC. She told me she had great fun!
May, 2015: Mike, Jill, Chris, Katie, and Brooke enjoyed a week at Disney World. Click
on both pictures to see videos of Brooke!
May 27, 2016: Lincoln
reading his lunch menu!
Hope it was tasty!
May 25, 2016: Joe
is on a softball team
and has Harper as
his cheerleader!
Click on me!
Click on me!
May 28, 2016: Bradley and Laurel got married in San Quirino, Italy! Both sets of parents were able to
attend, as well as Laurel's sister. CONGRATULATIONS BRADLY & LAUREL!
May 29, 2016: Zoe driving!
Tiffany and son Lincoln and Amy and grandson Lincoln. Do you think they use him for a prop?
Harper & Joe at Kings Island. Hope took
the picture!
Jun 3, 2016:
Lincoln is
feeling his
cousin kick!
I'll bet he
can't wait to
meet him!
Jun 5, 2016: Buening
Family Reunion!
Coni, Chris, Shari,
Jim, Jack, Nancy,
Sue, Scott, Paulette,
Butchie, Pam, me,
and Hank! I can only
speak for myself but
I had big fun! It was
great seeing
everyone and just
hanging together,
and swapping
stories! Love you
guys and thanks so
much for coming.
Jun 6, 2016: Brooke & Harper.                                                               On the couch: Brooke, Sue, me, Harper, Katie, Julia, and Tammy!
Jun 11 & 12, 2016: Ali and Wes in California for her brother's wedding. This is the San
Diego Zoo.
Jun 11, 2016: Joe &
Harper in Connecticut
for graduations and a
baby shower.
Jun 6, 2016: Shore cousins--Stephanie, Debbie, Sue, Nancy, Linda,
me, Terri, and her granddaugher Sophia!
Jun 11, 2016: Aly in Color Run
2016--for the Be + Positive Initiative.
Lincoln & grandma Amy!
Jun 13, 2016: Julia, Will, Tammy, Sher, Jim,
and Scott--a surprise stop in N Olmsted.
Jun, 2016: Hope, Scott, Will, Joe, Harper,
Tammy, and Julia on vacation.
Jun, 2016: Harper with speed
on her mind!
Jun 12, 2016: Jennifer's Baby Shower! Dan's mom (I'm guessing), Jennifer, Amy, and Nancy. And the adorable cake. Good luck Jennifer &
Jun 17, 2016: Brooke
painted a picture
frame for her daddy
Chris and couldn't wait
until Father's Day to
give it to him!
Jun 19, 2016: Emma
relaxing with her
daddy Alex while
camping. You two
look very relaxed!
Jun 21, 2016: Will & Harper at the pool!
Jun 22, 2016:
Amanda, Damion,
and Aly all
enjoying the
Cavaliers victory
Jun 26, 2016:
Brooke is ready
for pre-school!
Click on her to
watch the video.
She is saying,
"It's time to be a

Jun 22, 2016:
Lincoln on the
Click on me!
Jun 29, 2016: Mike S, Scott D, me, and
Chris B at The Vineyard Golf Course. We
tore up the links!
Jul 3, 2016: Julia
and her friend
Ashley posing
with the gorilla at
Jungle Jim's.
They spent 5
days with me.
Hope they had
Jul 1, 2016:
Lincoln sporting
his NBA Champs
hat and giving us
a great big smile!

Jun 30, 2016:
Will and Joe
racketball! I
wonder who won?
Jul 4, 2016: Emma and Lisa doing some fishing with Alex taking the photos!
Jul 4, 2016:
Brooke on
the 4th of
Jul 6, 2016: Sue with a brand
new haircut! Adorable!
Jul 5, 2016: Zoe playing with her doll.
Jul 7, 2016: Tammy at a ball game in Denver with her
sister-in-law and cousins!
Jul 9, 2016:
holding on to
Zoe going
down the
slide. It
looks like
they both
enjoyed it!
Jul, 2016: Jimmy,
Tiffany, and
Lincoln enjoyed a
vacation in
Disney World,
along with
Tiffany's family
members. Tons of
photos on
Jul 16, 2016: Lisa
& Emma at the
concession stand!

Jul 14, 2016: Brad
& Michele at
their 35th reunion
at an informal
gathering at
Harry Buffalos.
Jul 15, 2016:
Damion &
Amanda at
Buccaneer Ball!

Jul 14, 2016:
Harper found a
new way to carry
her favorite
toy--Mr. Bunny!
Jul 17, 2016:
Hairy Lincoln!
Jul 17, 2016: The
good-looking Scott
Hannig Family!
Julia, Harper,
Tammy, Hope,
Scott, Joe, and

Jul, 2016:
Another picture
of a very happy
Lincoln at
Disney World!
Jul 19, 2016: Hank with Ed's helmet & motorcycle!                        Jul 17, 2016: Harper and Brooke help Tammy celebrate her 50th!
Jul 24, 2016: Will,
Daniel, and Scott got
fed a breakfast as
they came down to put
a second coat on our
deck. Thanks to all
that have helped!

Jul 24, 2016: Alex &
Lisa at the Gorge with
Jul, 2016: Email from Brent: I
won the championship on
Sundays for novice league. I
played goalie yesterday and
they only scored 1 goal. It was
about 100 degrees inside. We
won 3 to 1. At the
champion-ship game, I scored
the first goal, assisted on the
second & scored the fourth.
We won 7 to 2. We all went
out as champions: Wes on
Thursday, Daniel & I on
Wednesday , & me on Sunday.
Somebody has been dieting
and exercising and it shows!
Looking good Amanda!
Jul 24, 2016: Julia had a 14th birthday Sunday and even though the girls outnumbered the boys, it looked like they all had a great time!
Jul 31, 2016: Harper celebrated her 2nd birthday
with a farm animal theme. Above, on her actual
birthday (8/1/16), Will and Julia took her to the
pool. Harper is always smiling!
Welcome to our world, Franklin James Wilson on 8/2/16! Dad Dan and Mom Jennifer are so proud of you! You weighed 7 lbs and 1 oz and
were 19 inches long. Your extended family have all welcomed you with open arms. You are so loved already and haven't even done
anything yet but be born. Love is unconditional! You will have one terrific life! Welcome to the Buhale family!
A couple of
bathing beauties!
Lisa in South
Carolina with her
girl friends and
Brooke on her
last day of swim
A couple of relatives
on the road--Brooke
is going on the Yellow
Brick Road on
Halloween and Brad
is riding his
motorcycle on the
road with his buddies.
Travel safely you
Bradley & Laurel!
Aug 12, 2016: Lincoln shows the
world that he is now 4! What a fine
looking young man!
Aug 12, 2016:
Proud grandparents
Bart & Amy with
Franklin & Lincoln.
What a great family
photo. And I think
Franklin (on the
left) is counting his
Aug 11, 2016:
Julia's first day of
high school at
Aug 11, 2016: I send
Brooke and Harper
presents from the
Dollar Tree and this
week sent them light
sticks. Harper used
hers as a
microphone to sing
"Let It Go" and as
a flute! Click on her
to see the video.
(Thanks Joe for
making this).
Click on me!
Aug, 2016: Scott & Tammy spent the
weekend in Chicago with her nephew/
godson Ryan and his fiance Jackie.

Harper sporting a 'country singer' shirt
Scott & Tammy brought her from
Nashville the weekend before Chicago!
Aug 16, 2016: Tammy, Joe,
and Harper visited the
Cincinnati Zoo where Harper
fed the giraffes and petted
various animals, including a

Aug 16, 2016: Proud
Grandpa Bart with two week
old Franklin and four year
old Lincoln.
Zoe's new haircut!
Aug 21, 2016: Will
snapped this selfie
which included
Harper, Brooke,
and Julia playing in
our backyard
during Scott's
Aug 23, 2016:
Alyssa's first
day of school as
a 5th grader!
adorable Alyssa!
Aug, 2016:
carrying on
Grandpa Tuck's
love of bow
ties!!! Thanks
Jennifer & Dan!
Aug 28, 2016: Amanda,
Zoe, & Alyssa! What a
beautiful trio of ladies!

Aug 28, 2016: Ali &
Wes enjoying their
weekend in Cleveland.
They visited Cedar
Point, the Rock & Roll
Hall of Fame, and the
Football Hall of Fame,
among other sites!
Aug 21, 2016: Harper petting a squirrel statue and helping Grandpa blow out his candles!
Sept 9, 2016: Beautiful Brooke!
Sept, 2016: Game
night with Jim, Sher,
& Evil. Sher emailed
Evil and told him not
to make fun of her
house or outfit. He
wrote back and
asked if he could
poke fun at her
makeup so as a joke,
she wildly painted
her face. Thanks for
letting me share this
photo Sher!
Sept 3, 2016: Chris
and Katie. Katie
was in her
girlfriend's wedding.
Sept 2, 2016: Lydie,
Harper, and Julia.
The teens were all
painted and ready
for Miamisburg's
first home football
game. They made a
sandwich out of
Sept 4, 2016: Coni & Lisa and the
Reds Game!
Aug 25, 2016: Casey & Joey are back in Ohio!
This was Joey's first day of school.
Sept 4, 2016: Above
Damion & Amanda. On
the right, Brad holding
Franklin while Michele
watches in the
background. On the right,
Aunt Aly hold Franklin,
everyone's favorite prop!
Sept 4, 2016: Aly, Tiffany, Lincoln, Jimmy holding
Franklin, Jennifer, and Dan!
Sept 6, 2016: Ali & Wes at the Reds game!
Sept 5, 2016: Brad & Michele at the Air Show!
Sept 4, 2016: Lincoln helping Dan
feed Franklin.
Sept 11, 2016: Zoe hitches a ride
while Michael does some work!
Sept 11, 2016: Brad and Michele remembering 9/11.
Sept 11, 2016: Click on this cutie pie
Harper's picture and she will show you
how she is learning her letters!
Click on me!
Sept 12, 2016: Brooke had a very busy day! It was her first
day of preschool in the morning. In the evening, she had a
soccer game. She had many fans in the stands! Scott, Tammy,
Will, Joe, Hope, and Harper came down to cheer her on (along
with Hank & I of course)! As you can see, Harper ran to greet
her. Are these girls adorable or what?
Sept 13, 2016:
Alyssa at the
Reds game
wearing the
tee shirt she
caught! Way
to go Alyssa.
Sept 12, 2016: This is
the 'Battle of the
Ponytails!' I think
Katie beat Brooke in
this contest!

Sept 14, 2016:
Grandpa Bart feeding
six-week-old Franklin.
It looks like he knows
what he's doing!
Sept 16, 2016:
It looks like
already has his
Sept 22, 2016:
Franklin looks about
as happy as a boy can
be at almost 2 months
of ago. Keep smiling

Sept 14, 2016: Brooke
& Hank are having a
battle of the
harmonicas. Click on
the picture.
Click on me!
Sept 25, 2016:
Every year
Tammy takes
a picture of
Harper in the
What a big girl
she is getting
to be!

Sept 25, 2016:
Amanda &
Alyssa are on
their way to the
Bengals game!
Sept 26, 2016: Emma & Lisa
at the Brown County Fair.
Sept 27, 2016: Top row: Jill, Hope, Joe (on his 24th birthday), me.
Bottom row: Katie, Harper, Julia, Brooke, and Tammy (Scott took the
picture). We enjoyed watching Julia play volleyball at Miamisburg High
School. She was awesome! First pizza & presents, and then the games.
Fun night for all! Pictures on the right show more fun after the games.
Sept 30, 2016: Lincoln exploring a turtle's shell at
Metro Parks Heritage Day.
Oct 2, 2016: Wes
and Ali at the Ohio
Oct 1, 2016: Lisa and Emma at the
Ohio Renaissance Festival!
Click on the
following links
to see Harper:



'Lights Out'


Oct 2, 2016: Franklin turns 2 months
old! You are one cute dude!
Oct 1, 2016: Julie and her friend pose
in their homecoming dresses before
the dance!
Oct 8, 2016: Mike & Brooke at
Burger Farms.
Oct 6, 2016: Zoe eating her tomatoes!
Oct 9, 2016:
Harper &


Oct 8, 2016:
Coni with
Alyssa & Zoe
and Emma
getting a piggy
back ride from
Alyssa at Shaw
Oct 9, 2016: Brooke and
Harper help Kindra blow out
the candles on her birthday pie!

Besides celebrating Kindra's
birthday today, we also
celebrated Ali's and Daniel's.
Happy Birthday to all!
Oct 8, 2016: Me, Wes, and Ali at NKU seeing
Amy Schumer! Funny, funny show!
Oct, 2016:
Jim & Sher
in Mexico!

Brooke at her
soccer game.
Katie & Chris
were the
Oct 16, 2016: Amanda and her cat Tweak!
Oct 16,
Jennifer &
Dan on their
date night!

Zoe enjoying
the beach on
her vacation!
Oct 13, 2016:
Jennifer &
Franklin on
their way to the
Oct 16, 2016: Sher and Brad enjoying a ride on the lake at
Amanda & Damion's.

Michele and Brad on their cycle going to Amanda &
Oct 15, 2016: Brook's 4th Birthday
Party. She and two friends dressing

Harper & Brooke holding their bags
of candy after the piñata broke!
Oct 14, 2016: Brooke on her 4th birthday!
Happy Birthday Brooke!
Oct 18, 2016:
Everyone is
rooting for the

Oct 21, 2016: Amanda & Damion in
Oct 19, 2016:
Kindra has
finally joined
her husband
and sons in
the great
sport of inline
hockey. Go
Kindra Go!
Oct 2016: Michael with Alyssa and Zoe and Michael with Amanda on their
recent vacation to the Gulf Coast of Florida and the Great Smoky
Oct 23, 2016: Joe in
the leaves 20 years
ago and now his
daughter Harper in the
leaves at age 2.

Earlier in the day
(before Harper's
'leaves' picture, she
helped Grandma
Tammy do some
baking. What a
beautiful smile!
Oct 26, 2016: Brooke and company made a kitty
cat jack-o-lantern!
Oct 24, 2016: Casey's and Joey's pumpkin carvings. Good job
Oct 27, 2016: Lisa getting a head start on
her birthday! Cheers!!!
Oct 29, 2016: Franklin
finding out that the
Cleveland Indians won
tonight's game.
Oct 29, 2016: Jill carves a
pumpkin every year and this
year it's WHO-DEY!
Oct 29, 2016: Amanda D and friends dressed like
the ladies in "A League Of Their Own!" Good job
Oct 29, 2016: Alyssa and Zoe ready for Trunk'n Treat!
Oct 28, 2016: Wes as Forrest Gump and Ali as Jenny!
Oct 21, 2016: Joe as Mario at age
24 & age 3!
Oct 31, 2016: Zoe & Alyssa and Joey as a panther!
Oct 31, 2016: Lincoln and
his 'Ama' Amy. Click on
Amy to see her in action!
Oct 31, 2016: Hope & Harper (Elsa) and Brooke
(Dorothy Gale) in their Halloween costumes!
Will (above) & Julia &
Ashley (below).
Will as The Joker now and in
Oct 31, 2016: Will (not sure what
he was), Harper (Elsa), Tammy
(witch), Mike (The Scarecrow),
Jill (The Tin Man), Chris (The
Cowardly Lion), Katie (The
Wicked Witch), Ashley (Luigi),
Julia (Mario), and Brooke
(Dorothy Gale and Toto).
Nov 4, 2016: Alex, Emma, and Lisa at lunch celebrating
Lisa's 30th birthday! According to her Facebook, there was
a surprise birthday party for her Saturday night! Love it!
Nov 4, 2016 Aly and Seth at the
Detroit Red Wings Game!
Nov 6, 2016: Sher helping out at
Forever Amber Acres Animal Sanctuary!
Click on me!
I was sent this awesome video a few days before Halloween but did not see the email and the video it contained. Please take a minute to watch
it as it is wonderful. Thank you Alex, Lisa, and Emma for making this video and to Chris B for sending it to me.
Nov 8, 2016: Dan drew a few
'looks' when he wore this shirt
when he went to vote!
Nov 12, 2016: Zoe got a new
pair of boots just like her big
sister Alyssa!
Nov 12, 2016: Grandma Amy, Grandpa
Bart, with their two beautiful grandsons
Franklin and Lincoln!
Amanda D celebrated her '29th'
birthday with a wonderful party!
Nov 15, 2016: Franklin & his elephant!
I sent Harper a
rubber turtle
that you soak
in water for
three days.
These are the
before & after
Damion &
Amanda in
Nov 20, 2016:
Chris, Mike,
& Katie at
the Bengals

Nov 19, 2016:
showing this is
his first
preschool photo!

Nov 21, 2016: Julia
getting her award for
volleyball at
Miamisburg High
School Awards
Nov 24, 2016: Brooke, Julia, & Brooke!
Nov 24, 2016: We celebrated Brent & Jill's birthdays on Thanksgiving!
Nov 25, 2016: Brooke, Zak,
Katie, Wes, Julia, Daniel, & Will
were all so kind as to be here to
put up our Christmas tree and
decorations. They will never know
how much this means to us!
Thank you guys!
Nov 24, 2016: Will, Daniel, and Wes
enjoying their IBC root beers!

Harper & Brooke enjoying their ice
cream treats sitting on the kitchen
Dec 3, 2016:
Franklin with
Grandpa Bart! It
looks like they
are both enjoying
the encounter!
Congratulations to Laurel! According to
Brad: Laurel went through the Non
Commissioned Officer Academy
(NCOA). It is designed to develop
Airmen into effective mid-level leaders
and managers. It is the second
Professional Military Education (PME)
that enlisted Air Force members
encounter. NCOA focuses on leadership
abilities, the profession of arms, effective
communication, and organizational
leadership.  This academy is where
Bradley now works as an instructor. You
have to complete this course in order to
be promoted to the next rank.
Dec 5, 2016:
Alyssa had her
choir concert on
this day.
Dec 6, 2016: Our annual 'Shore' cousin luncheon at the
Cheesecake Factory. Linda, Stephanie, Nancy, me, Debi, and
Terri! Our gift exchange was awesome too. Love you guys!
It's the Franklin Show! With Santa, with Aunt Aly, and with Nama and Mommy!
Dec 10, 2016:
Amanda & Damion
enjoying themselves
at the PLX
Christmas Party.
Dec 11, 2017: Brooke helping her Gaga make cookies.
Emma making faces at her mom
Dec 11, 2016:
Rooting for the
Harper, Tammy,
and Scott!

Laurel &
Christmas card!
Dec 11, 2016: Harper with her P J Masks toys and letting Julia' help her with making cookies!
Dec, 2016: Zak in Israel. He posted many
other photos on Facebook.
Dec 17, 2016: Michele, Franklin, Brad, and Nancy. And Damion
sporting a Borat thong!
Dec, 2016: Zoe finally getting a ponytail! And she's ready for
Dec 20, 2016:
Brooke was
ready for her
concert at her
preschool. Click

to hear
Brooke sing
Rudolph and
here to
hear her sing Up
on the Housetop.
The adorable
great grandsons
of Tom & Nancy
enjoying the
holiday spirit:
Franklin &
Dec 25, 2016:
Jimmy, Lincoln,
and Tiffany at
pajama party.
And Lincoln
earlier at his
house after
Santa was there.

Dec. 24, 2016:
Brooke with
Mom & Dad
ready to go to
the Christmas
Eve party at Jill
& Mikes!
Brooke opening her presents. She kept
thanking the elves and Santa. Click on the
picture for the video.
Click on me!
Casey and Joey
and Amanda and
Zoe early on
Scott's artwork!

On the left is the Christmas
card that Brent & Kindra sent
out and on the right, it's a
painting of his family!

Awesome work Scott!
Jennifer, Franklin, & Dan                         Amy, Lincoln, Jennifer, and Franklin                        Jennifer, Lincoln, Franklin, and Tom
                                                                      Christmas Day showing our three youngest
                 Julia                                                                          Brooke                                                              Harper
Dec 13, 2016: Sue
and Scott on one of
their two recent
cruises! They
visited Haiti,
Jamaica, Mexico,
Puerto Rico, Virgin
Islands, St.
Maarten, and St.
Kitts among others.
They were gone
from the 11th until
the 26th!
Click on Harper to see a cute, short video
of her sit-dancing!
Click on me!
The shirt says it all!
For Christmas, I framed 5 x 7 photos of this picture for all my family members and pasted
the text ‘Why you are so awesome’ on the back on the frame. Here is the story:

The top picture of Wes, Will, Joe, and Daniel was taken in 2015 for me as a joke. When
they were at Camp Grandma’s when they were younger, I made them hold hands crossing
Wilmer St.

The middle picture was taken at Brooke’s soccer game and just makes me melt when I
look at it.

Once I had four grandkids and two great grandkids holding hands, I asked Zak, Julia, and
Katie to hold hands on Thanksgiving for a picture. They didn’t even ask why, they just did
(On the back)
Why you are so awesome.
1.        The top picture shows your sense of humor.
2.        The middle picture shows how much you love each other.
3.        The bottom picture shows how cooperative you are (by posing for me—no
questions asked).
I hope I have created as many wonderful memories for you as you have for me! I’ll love
you forever.
                                                    Grandma Sandi
Click here for a very funny Christmas game played at Brad & Michele's!
Dec 30, 2016: Zoe
was happy when
she found out it
had snowed!

Dec 28, 2016:
Grandma Any and
Franklin! Both are

here to see
the video from last
year when Jennifer
& Dan first let
Amy and Bart
know about
Franklin. This is
one of my favorite
Dec 31, 2016:
Congratulations to Michael
and Amanda on their
Dec 30, 2016: Katie
& Chris announced
that they are having a
BOY in May!
Congratulations to
their family!