News and Pictures - 2017
Jan 1, 2017: Ali
posted this on
Facebook and
wrote: "I'm with
that person who
wears a Steelers
shirt to the Bengals
vs Ravens game."
Jan 2, 2017: Franklin is
five months old already!
Time flies when you're a
cutie pie!
Jan 3, 2017: The
caption in the
picture reads: "I
won't tangle with
the sink
anymore!." Chris
evidently had such
a coughing spell in
the morning that
he passed out and
hit his nose on the
faucets. Nothing
was broken and
they glued instead
of stitched his nose!
Jan 6, 2017: Harper making blueberries muffins with
her Grandma Tammy!
Jan 8, 2017: Harper, Kindra, and Brooke. There was a girls
outing at Build-A-Bear. Brent & Kindra gave this to the little
girls for Christmas. Click on the picture for a video of them
putting the hearts in their stuffed Paw Patrol animals!
Jan 8, 2017: Franklin looking like a future
Click on me!
Jan 11, 2017: Zoe & Alyssa!
Jan 22, 2017: Zoe celebrated her 3rd
birthday in style! Check out Facebook
for videos and photos!
Feb 3, 2017: Aly is riding the
Zamboni at the Quicken Loans
arena. For those who are on
Facebook, there is a video!

Feb 2, 2017: Dan holds Franklin
who turned six months old!
Feb 4, 2017: Wes
and Ali at a Blue
Jackets game in
Feb 4, 2017: Click
here to see Brooke
getting a spare
during her first time
bowling. She scored
a 99 for her first
Feb 5, 2017: Harper and Brooke in Trivial Pursuit Training !
Feb 5, 2017: 'Here's Johnny! Brooke & Harper on our staircase.
Feb 12, 2017: Zoe
painting her best
Feb 14, 2017: Coni and Amanda at a Travis Tritt Concert on Valentine's Day
Click on
picture to see
what Amy
posted on
Our 2012 Valentine babies, Brooke & Lincoln!
Feb, 2017: Franklin hanging with
Grandpa Bart!
Feb 13, 2017: Alyssa on her way to school with
her bird house project!
Feb, 2017:
On the left is Tom holding Franklin.
Below is Lincoln at the Monster Truck Jam.
On the right is Will with Terry the Barber!
On 2/18/17, Jill and Mike took Brooke to see the children's play of The
Wizard of Oz at the Taft Theater. On 2/17/17, Chris took Brooke to their
first Daddy Daughter Dance at the NKU Student Union Ballroom (click on
their picture to see Brooke dance). Click on the above picture to see Hope
teaching Harper to read.
Feb 19, 2017: This
is Harper at the
playground. Two
days later, Scott
recorded her
sending a message
to her Grandma
Tammy. Click on
the picture!  Can
you see Grandma
Sis's blue eyes?
Feb 23, 2017: Joe and Harper at the zoo! Tammy
snapped the picture!
Feb 23, 2017: Lincoln wanted to sit in this
convertible! So his grandma let him! Good
thing they didn't get caught!
Feb 28, 2017: Franklin in his turtle! What a cutie!!!
Feb 26, 2017: This was in Sunday's Dayton Daily News.
He is still working on President Trump's portrait. He
had also written to all living presidents about this
project, asking them for a letter to be displayed. He
received letters from Presidents' Jimmy Carter, George
H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. He
hasn't written to Donald Trump yet.
<-- Mar 3, 2017: Harper reading the recipe for
making banana bread with Grandma Tammy.

Above, Harper in her P J Masks outfit, Owlette!
On March 8th, Joe sent me a video. All the
family members were all coming down for pizza
and to go to Scallywag Tag. CLICK ON HARPER.
Mar 2, 2017: Franklin turns 7 months!
Click on me!
Mar 5, 2017: Casey with his dogs and Joey on movie night watching Lego
Mar 8, 2017: All our grandkids and great grandkids and three of our
children had a pizza dinner at our house, then went to Scallywag Tag (laser
tag), and then to Graeter's Ice Cream. What a wonderful night!
Mar 11, 2017: Dan, Jennifer, Bart, and Amy out for dinner! Jim & Sher had Franklin.
Mar 11, 2017: Emma with friend at the
Mar 12, 2017: Congratulations to Daniel on his initiation to the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi!
Mar 14, 2017: Alyssa, Michael,
Zoe, and even the dog are working
on Madison's new dresser!
Mar 17, 2017: Harper & Tammy on St. Patrick's Day.

Mar 16, 2016: Brooke doing artwork for Blake!
Mar 17, 2017:
Franklin on St.
Patrick's Day.
here to see
him play the
drums and click
here to see him
play the guitar.
Very talented,
Mar 24, 2017: Julia with her pet turtle Baxter!
Apr 1, 2017: My official 'The Office' mug!                                                   Me and my great grands--Brooke and Harper!
Apr 2, 2017: Zoe on a fishing trip!      Franklin being a cute Batman!
Apr 1, 2017:
helped me
celebrate my
76th birthday at  
Jill and Mike's
house. Thank
you all!
Apr 2017: Zak (on right) with buddies at the Grand Canyon!
Apr 4, 2017: Dad & Mom with Franklin at the Gemini Center for his swim lessons!
Apr 6, 2017: Hope, Harper, and Joe!
Apr 5, 2017: Zoey's
first soccer game!
Apr 5, 2017: Lincoln's school picture!
Apr 9, 2017:How my great granddaughters spent their Sunday! Harper baked and rode the slide at Scott & Tammy's. Brooke picked out plants for her
deck--tomatoes, strawberries, and basil!
Apr 9, 2017: Alyssa
celebrating her
11th birthday!
Apr 8, 2017: A
pirate-inspired surprise
40th birthday party for
Damion! Dan, Jim,
Franklin, and Brad are
all dressed
Apr 10, 2017:
Franklin and
Dan looking
very dapper!
Apr 15, 2017: Harper
helping the Easter
Bunny color eggs.

Apr 14, 2017:
Lincoln at having
one great time!
Apr 16, 2017, Alyssa and Zoe holding their Easter goodies!
Apr 15, 2017: Hope and Joe getting their 'Easter Basket!'
Apr 16, 2017:
Brooke finding
her Easter
Basket hidden
in her car seat!
She said,
"Look at all
those treats!"

Emma with her
Easter Basket
looking so very
Apr 16, 2017: Ali, Jimmy, Tiffany,
Lincoln, Dan, Jennifer, & Franklin!
Apr 16, 2017: Aunt Sherry with
Lincoln and Franklin!
Apr 16, 2017: Harper and Julia!
Apr 18, 2017: Julia and Harper--two fun girls!
Apr 22, 2017:
Lincoln on his new
ride, courtesy of
his loving

Damion and
watching the
kayak races!
Apr 22, 2017: Wes
and Ali at the air
show, 'Thunder
over Louisville.'
They stayed for the
Apr 25, 2017: Lightening McAQueen Day with
Tiffany, Lincoln, and Amy!
Apr 27, 2017:
Brent sent me
this picture and
said, "I played
with Wes. I'm in
black & Wes is
in green. We
play on same
team. We scored
the first goal of
the game. I
passed to Wes &
he scored.
May 2, 2017:
Franklin is already
9 months old!
Apr, 2017: Stop action shot of Brooke getting clocked in the
mouth! Click on the picture to see the full video. She is #4.
Click on me!
May 7, 2017: Alyssa playing goalie!
May 5, 2017: Alex and Lisa
celebrating their 10th anniversary at
Red River
Sue & Scott in Singapore with the
Marina Sands Hotel in the background
(shaped like a large boat)!
Sue & Scott in Thailand!
Sue and Scott are home from their
two-month trip around the world.

HERE to see their itinerary. It
is awesome!

HERE to read Sue's log about
their two-month cruise!
May 7, 2019:
Lincoln, Tiffany,
and Diane  at the
setting up of
American Ninja
Warriors at
Public Square!

Amanda &
Michele at a
production of The
Wizard of Oz in
May 10, Zoe with her soccer trophy!   May 9, Dan helping Franklin get a checkup!           May 8, Scott, Will, Harper, Julia, and Joe at the Reds game!
May 11, 2017: Blake
Christopher DeZarn was
born at 5:15 pm. He weighed
9 lbs. 6 ozs. and was 22
inches long!
May, 2017: Tammy got an early Mother's Day present and went to Destin, Florida with friends Cara and
May 11, 2017: Lincoln always helps Aunt
Sher celebrate her birthday!
May 15, 2017: Me holding our newest family member,
May 14, 2017: Brian, Aly, Jennifer, Sher, Tiffany, Lincoln, and Jimmy!
Two adorable girls on
the same
mission--going to a
park with a grandma!

May 16, 2017: Harper
went to John Bryan
State Park with her dad
Joe and Grandma

May 15, 2017: Zoe
waiting for her Mamaw
Coni to take her to the
May 20, 2017: Ali & Wes!
May 20, 2015:
Chris holding Blake and Brooke with Blake as Blake gets ready for his first Preakness!
So much cuteness!
Sue & Scott at the Grand Mosque. They
sent me this now since Trump is in the
Middle East!
May 22, 2017: Amy updated her Facebook
page with this beautiful picture of her
with Lincoln and Franklin!

May 21, 2017: Brad gets comfy with his
May, 2017: Scott and Tammy accepted Jim & Sher's
invitation to spend a couple of days and go to the Battle
of Ohio! They got to see Tom, Nancy, Brad, Michele,
Jennifer, Franklin, and Ali! Per Tammy on Facebook
(where there are more pictures), they had a super fun
What cute young families we have in the Buhale family! Hope, Harper, and Joe and Jennifer, Franklin, and
May 29, 2017: Harper was her
grandparents. She was helping Scott
plant some flowers. These kids are
too cute!!!
Jun 4, 2017: Blake is just taking it easy!
Jun 2, 2017: Franklin is already 10 months old!
Jun 2, 2017: Julia braided Harper's hair!
Jun 10, 2017:
helping Papa
paint his shed.
Jun 9, 2017: Alyssa and Zoe at St. Gertrude's festival!
I found this photo of Dad. Click on it to
see the rest of the picture!
Jun 11, 2017: Franklin
& Dan!
Jun 11, 2017: One-month-old Blake and Brooke!
Jun, 2017: Jimmy, Tiffany, and Lincoln on vacation at
Laurel & Bradley! We miss you!
Jun 14, 2017: Franklin showing how old
he will be in six weeks!

Jun 14, 2017: Wes and Ali on their
Caribbean cruise with stops in Grand
Cayman and Ocho Rios, Jamaica.
Jun 14, 2017: Harper wearing her dad Joe's baseball shirt and holding his
picture. Joe is bottom left.
Jun 16, 2017: Ali,
Wes, and friends
were trivia champs
on their recent
cruise! Good job
Jun 18, 2017:
Chris with Brooke
and Blake on
Father's Day. It
was also his and
Katie's 7th
anniversary. Life
is good, isn't it
Jun 18, 2017: 'Franklin' made the first card for daddy Dan and the second one for
grandpa Bart! Jennifer, I love these works of art.
Jun 23, 2017: Lincoln looking mighty

Jun 22, 2017: Brooke and Blake just
chilling out!
Jun 24, 2017: Wes and Ali all dressed up for a wedding.
Jun 24, 2017: Amanda and
Michael welcomed Madison
Kay who weighed in at 8 lb. 10
oz. and was 21 3/4 inches long.
There were so many adorable
pictures posted on Facebook
and you can click
here to see
more of them. I picked this
photo of Alyssa holding
Madison because Madison is
giving the peace sign!
Jun 19, 2017: Daniel sent
me this picture of Brent
who got a hole in one at
the Frisbee Golf Course
on a Par 3 that was 230
feet long! Congrats Brent!
Jun 25, 2017: Jennifer,
Amy, and Aly were enjoying
themselves with many other
family members at Amanda
and Damion's home.
Jul 1, 2017: Lincoln and Franklin!

Jun, 2017: Brad (second from the
left) just returned from his 5th
annual road trip (on motorcycles)
with his buds. Besides Mt.
Rushmore, Sturgis, Deadwood,
and other great sites!
Jul 1, 2017: Joe and Hope at the Reds game.

Jun 28, 2017: Wes and Ali at the Reds game.

Go Reds!
Jul 1, 2017: Tiffany posted this on Facebook with this
caption: "This is the piece of cotton candy Lincoln said
I could have."

<--- Jun, 2017: Harper imitating Julia making faces at
Jul 2, 2017: Julia and Ashley at Coney.                                             Jul 1, 2017: Ashley and Julia at Skyline Chili. It was Ashley's first taste of a 3 Way!
Jul 2, 2017: Will's
first day of work at
Kroger on the left
(2012) and his last
day of work at
Kroger on the right.
He's was at Kroger
for almost 5 years.
He starts his new
job at Dorothy Lane
Market on July 10th
where he's making
more money! He'll
be in the Seafood
Dept again too.
Good job Will!

Jul 2, 2017:
Franklin is already
11 months old! He is
growing up so fast.
I'll bet there's a big
party next month!
Jun 29, 2017: Chris B,
me, Scott D, and Mike S
at our annual golf outing.

Jun 30, 2017: Franklin
practicing to be a
musician like his Daddy!
Jul 3, 2017:Bart, Tiffany, Lincoln and Jimmy watching fireworks!

Jul 2, 2017: Michael, Amanda, and Madison!
Jul 5, 2017: Madison!
Jul 4, 2017: I don't know what Will said to Blake but Blake got the
Jul 4, 2017:
Who had more
fun on the Slip
n Slide? Joe or
Brooke &
Jul 4, 2017: Zak & Mike dressed alike! On the right, Julia, Hope, & Blake!
Jul 8, 2017:
Mike is
watching as
Brooke casts
her fishing line
at Lake
Isabella. Sadly,
they didn't
catch anything!
Jul 11, 2017: Blake & Brooke!
Jul 4, 2017: Mike and Jill taking a break They
deserved it. Everybody from our family was at their
home. Thanks again guys!
Jul 9, 2017 Katie & Chris at the
Casino before a Sam Hunt
Jul 11, 2017: Seth & Aly at the Outer Banks.
Jul 15, 2017:
Harper &
Brooke in
their PJ
Masks outfits.
Jul 16, 2017:

Click on Franklin to see
him in action!

Click on Blake--Katie
said "If his doesn't make
your day, I don't know
what will!"
Click on me!
Click on me!
Jul 18, 2017: Tom snapped this license and sent it to me!
Jul 19, 2017: Franklin just chillin'!
Jul 19, 2017:
Zoe, Alyssa,
and Madison.
What a
beautiful group
of sisters!
Jul 22 2017: Alex, Lisa, Coni, Chris, Emma, and Alyssa are on vacation and enjoying Cumberland Falls and then on to the Smoky Mountains!
^ Jul 23, 2017: Jennifer, Amanda, and friend having a Fun Day

<--Jul 23, 2017: Alex, Lisa, Emma, and Alyssa getting ready to fly in
a helicopter over the Smoky Mountains!
Jul 24,
2017:Madison is
one month old

Jul 25, 2017:
Emma, Alyssa,
Lisa, and Alex
riding in the
Jul 29, 2017: Mike and Chris looking at a few of the 12 fish that Brooke caught!-------------Jul 28, 2017: Tom & Nancy at his 78th birthday dinner!
Jul 29, 2017:
wearing his
special birthday
shirt for his 1st
birthday party!

Jul 29, 2017:
Wes & Ali. Ali
posted on

"Finished set up
for a fireworks
show in North
Baltimore, OH. It
should be a great
night to see
sparks in the sky."
Jul 25, 2017: Julia & Tammy on Julia's
15th birthday in New York City with
her family. They were in Connecticut
for a wedding on the 29th for Scott &
Tammy's nephew (who is also their
Jul 26, 2017: Scott & Harper in Connecticut.           Jul 29, 2017: Tammy & Scott at wedding!
Aug 1, 2017:
Alyssa holding
Harper turned 3 on
8/1/17 & Franklin
turned 1 on 8/2/17!
Franklin had his party
on 7/29 and Harper's
having hers on 8/6.
They took Harper to
the Ohio State Fair on
her birthday!

Will turned 21 on
Aug 5, 2017: Bart, Lincoln, Tiffany, and Amy having a
fun day at Cedar Point!
Aug 6, 2017: Harper celebrated her 3rd birthday at Scott and Tammy's. The theme was P J Masks and Scott created the three main characters above.

Harper, her cousin Olivia, and Brooke with their masks on! Harper gettting hugs from her two grandmas! It was a wonderful party. Happy Birthday
Aug 9: Zoe holding Madison!                                                                           Aug 6: Kindra holding Blake!                   Aug 4: Julia holding a volleyball
                                                                                                                                 (after  making the school team)!
Aug 9, 2017:
Jennifer &
Franklin at the
Cuyahoga County

Julia's first day of
school (already)!
Aug 9, 2017:
Amy and
Lincoln at
his first
Aug 12, 2017: Great-grandma
Nancy with Lincoln at his 5th
birthday party!

Aug 12, 2017: Zoe having fun
at the park!
Aug 12, 2017: Dan and Franklin
sharing a chocolate milk!

Another battle of the cuties --->
Blake (3 months old) and Madison
(7 weeks old). Does it get any
cuter? Not to brag but there's a
bunch of good-looking kids in our
Aug 18, 2017:
Tiffany & Lincoln
at the zoo!

Aug 18, 2017: Zoe
& Madison!
Aug 20, 2017:
Damion and
Amanda at a
luau at Howie's!

Aug 19, 2017:
Jennifer asked
Amy to make
her a Freddy
Krueger wreath
and she did!

Aug 20, 2017: A group helping Jennifer celebrate
her birthday including Amy, Dan, Ali, and Bart!
Aug 21, 2017: Eclipse Day! Nancy, me, Teri & her granddaughter, Debi, Stephanie, and Sue outside of The
Cheesecake Factory. Jill and Brooke with their special glasses and Tammy and Will with theirs!
Blake and Brooke earlier that morning!
Aug 22, 2017: Alyssa's first
day of school.
Aug 23, 2017: Will, Scott,
Tammy, Joe, Hope, Jill,
Mike, Hank, and I helped
Will celebrate his 21st
birthday and grandchild
tradition of going to the
casino! We went to Belterra
Park. Will actually won some

Six grandkids down but six
more years before Julia gets
her night at a casino!
Aug 24: Madison at 2 months

Aug 26: Jim & Franklin--Aug 24: Mike, Brooke,
    and Blake
Aug 26, 2017: Brent & Kindra playing golf at Armco Park!
Click on me!
This picture of
Harper was taken
on Mother's Day.
Brooke had just
taken a toy from
her and she was not
happy! Scott put this
photo to music.
Click on the picture
and turn up your
Aug 30, 2017: Emma's
first day of school. She
started the 3rd grade!

Aug 29, 2017: Michael
with his girls, Madison
and Zoe!
Sep 1, 2017: Wes &
Ali in Pittsburgh at
PNC Park.

Aug 30, 2017: Little
Harper in a very big
Sep 2, 2017: Brooke and Big Blake!
Daniel will be initiated into The Rho Chi Society on September 14th at the University of Findlay.
Congratulations, Daniel!
Sep 6: Harper wearing a shirt I had given               Sep 4: Brook at the zoo with Fiona the hippo in                   Sep 4: Little Miss Madison!
to Julia.                                                                     the background!
Sep 9, 2017: Brent & Scott after a hard game of Frisbee Golf!
They are looking more alike every day!

Aug 30th to Sep 7th. Jill & Mike flew to Las Vegas but
immediately rented a car and went to Arizona & Utah and saw
the Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon among other beautiful
sites. It looks like Mike is on the edge of the Grand Canyon
but Jill said he was very safe. They spent the last four days in
Vegas! They said it was a great trip!
Sep 9, 2017: Zoe and her dog!

Sep 8, 2017: Harper & her pumpkin cookies she helped Grandma Tammy
Click here for Sue's blog!

Brooke started
on Sept 11th and
Casey and Joey
started on Aug
Sue & Scott in Reykjavik.
Ice Bar
Sept 10, 2017: Mike, Katie, and Jill at the Bengals game!
Wes colored this
picture to show the
rivalry between Ali
(Bengals fan) and
himself (Steelers
fan). Stay peaceful
Sept 12, 2017: Julia diving                     Sept 13, 2017: Alyssa in an
for the volleyball!                                  outfit that Aunt Lisa bought her!
Sept 11, 2017: Blake is now 4 months old and weighs over
16 pounds! What a cutie!
Sept 13, 2017: Four generations: Nancy, Amy, Jennifer, and Franklin!
Sept 14, 2017:
Blake trying on
his Halloween
outfit! Cuteness
Sept 16, 2017: Franklin the cowboy!                               Sept 14, 2017: Chris holding Madison!                           Sept 14, 2017: Alyssa, the 6th grader!
Sept 16, 2017: Julia and her reflection!

Sept 15, 2017: Brooke (age 5 months) and Blake (age
4 months) getting their laundry basket rides from
Paw Paw Mike!
Sept 14, 2017: Julia's Miamisburg High's volleyball team after
winning their games. Julia is number 16. After they won, Julia
grabbed Harper, bunny and all, and put her in the middle of
the group!
Sept 16, 2017: Blake talking to his great grandpa Hank!
Sept 24, 2017: Zoe reading to Madison!
<-- Sept 24, 2017:
Madison turns 3
months old!

Sept 23, 2017:
Tiffany and
Lincoln at Cedar
Sept 25, 2017: Dan provides a special chair
for Franklin while he watches TV. What a
Sept 25, 2017: Harper in the
pumpkin as a baby, at 1, 2, and 3!
Tammy took about 60 pictures
standing in the pumpkin and I
marveled at how Harper stayed in
there the whole time. My favorite
picture is on the right. When I
thanked Tammy for sending me the
pictures, she replied with this story:
They were all at Julia's volleyball
game and Hope's mom was also
there. Tammy said Harper put her
arm around Rhonda and Tammy and
kept saying, "I love my grandmas!"
Sept 28, 2017: Bradley & Laurel making us prouder every day!

    Sept 23, 2017: Brent, Kindra, Wes, and Ali celebrated Kindra's
     birthday by going kayaking on the Little Miami River!
Sept 30, 2017: Amy & Bart with one of the performers of the Beatles Love in Las Vegas!
All four left Vegas before the terrible tragedy on 10/1/17.
                                                       Sept 30, 2017: Damion & Amanda also in Vegas!
Oct 1, 2017: Jennifer
& Franklin looking
cuter than ever!

Sept 30, 2017: Brooke
at her soccer game.
She is using her
tongue just like our
grandma Nanny did!
Go Brooke Go!

Oct 2, 2017: Sher just posted a
video on Facebook of she, Jim,
Bradley, and Laurel in the Eiffel
Tower. I'm not sure of everywhere
they are traveling for their

As you can see from the pictures
below, Bart and Amy celebrated
their anniversary in Las Vegas and
Damion and Amanda went to Las
Vegas for the first time!

Zak just returned from Greece and
is leaving for India in a few weeks.
Oct 2, 2017: Brooke & Blake outside!                                                       Oct 1, 2017: Harper had fun in the leaves at Scott & Tammy's!
Our beautiful Great Grandchildren!
Oct 5, 2017:
Chris B, Scott D,
Mike S, and me
at California
Golf Course.

Oct 3, 2017:
Jim and Sher
on top of the
Eiffel Tower!
I would like to pay homage to our son Brent for being a really great guy! On Joe's birthday, September 27th, Brent, Scott, Joe, and Will went to Top Golf
and Brent treated Joe for his birthday. On October 8th, Scott sent me this picture and wrote the following: "Uncle Brent invited William to come down so
he could show him how to change the oil in his car.  Brent bought the filter and the oil too. He did the same for Joe when he started driving. What a cool
big brother you gave me!"
Oct 8, 2017: Joe & Hope at the
winning Bengals game. They
only got a little wet!

Oct 6, 2017: Brent & Kindra
enjoyed a day of golf at Perry
Oct 7, 2017: Conner and Julia ready for the
Homecoming Dance! She and her girlfriend had fun
posing for pictures too!
Oct 11, 2017:
Jenny posted
this on Facebook
with the caption:
"Lunch date
with two of my
most favorite
people EVER!"
Of course it's
Franklin and

Oct 10, 2017:
Lincoln with
Grandpa Bart at
the Cleveland
Indians game!
Oct 11, 2017: Daniel and his fellow
pharmaceutical students baked three
kinds of cookies for their faculty and
advisors. Click on the picture to see
what they wrote to them. Good job

Oct 11, 2017: Brent & I wearing our
Norman Roswell shirts that Scott
designed. He and Brent came down to
do some great things for us. Scott
still has some of these shirts if you
are interested!
Click on me!
Tiffany (prisoner) and Lincoln (policeman)!                             Brad & Michelle at a formal dinner!                      Lisa & Emma having Fall Fun!
Oct 14, 2017: Daniel & Wes at Brooke's 5th birthday party!

                                  Amy, Lincoln, Franklin,
                                  Tiffany, and Bart at the zoo.
                                  More were there, just not in
                                  the picture!
Oct 14, 2017: Brooke getting ready to blow out her candles!               Uncle Zak holding 5-month-old Blake!
Oct 17, 2017: Will and his new haircut!                    Oct 17, 2017: Michael & Amanda on his birthday!                   Oct 15, 2017: Jenny & Franklin!
Oct 18, 2017: Holly, me, and Julia wearing our --->
princess crowns (that they bought)! They also bought
one for Tammy. But when the girls got home, Scott &
Will didn't want to feel left out. So it begs the question:

Oct 22, Damion & Amanda!
Oct 21, Jennifer & Dan!                        Oct 20, Julia!
Oct 22, the big rivalry with Ali (Bengals fan) and                Oct 22, Brooke spent the night with Jill while PawPaw was fishing. They made 'spooky
Wes (Steelers fan)!                                                                      creations' and then they went to Coney's Fall-o-Ween!
Oct 24, 2017: Blake
looks like he's ready
to hop off the couch
and go for a run!

Oct 23, 2017: Three
beautiful ladies--Mom
Amy, and daughters
Jennifer and Aly!
Oct, 2017:
Big sister
Alyssa with
Zoe and with
Madison. It
looks like
Alyssa is a
really big
Oct, 2017: Dan, Franklin,
and Jennifer in costume at
the mall.

Dan & Franklin playing in
the leaves. Check out a short
video of this picture on the
Videos page.
Oct 27, 2017: We celebrated Kindra's, Brent's,
and Jill's birthday!

Harper & Brooke are laughing at Scott doing
his Donald Duck imitation.

The boys lost TWO games to the ladies, and
Tammy was making Blake laugh! It was one
great evening.
Oct 29, 2017: Lincoln having Halloween Fun!                                      Oct 28, 2017: Scott's company, James Free Jewelers, hosted their annual holiday
                                                                                       party at Montgomery Boathouse and Scott's entire family was able to attend.
Oct 31:Aly, Seth, Franklin, Amy, & Bart!                                      Oct 31: Joey Hamby as spiderman!       Oct 30: Lincoln, Tiffany, & Jimmy!
Oct 31: Alyssa, Coni, Chris, Zoe


      All the Hopkins!
Blake of

Jimmy, Amy,
Seth, & Aly!
Brooke & Mike as Elena & Mateo!                                                             Another Scary Emma!                                          Dan, Franklin, & Jennifer!
Brooke, Julia, & Harper!

Will, Joe, Mike, Katie, Blake, Hope, Brooke, & Harper Trick or
Treating. You can see Chris & Jill one driveway over passing
out candy.
Brooke was Shimmer at her school party.          Blake as a lion & Brooke as Elena!                        Hank holding Blake for the first time!  
Oct 31, 2017:
Lincoln as a

Me, Blake,
Brooke, &

Harper as Owlette!

Scary Emma!

Will, Harper, & Julia!
Nov 10, 2017:
Hope &

Nov 12, 2017: Jill's 55th
Birthday and Blake is
now 6 months old already!
Daniel presented his
work from school at the
Midwest Teacher
Scholar Retreat. He
was with Dr. Berlekamp
on her talk on Evolution
of compounding and the
pharmacy practice skills
laboratory. And the
second story explains
itself. Click
here to read
the first two
articles.Good job,
Nov 15, 2017: Sue is ready for anything! She wrote: It's a Smith & Wesson AR 15
sport 2 that shoots Remington 223 cartridges, and NOTHING says Merry Christmas
better than a GUN!
Nov 18, 2017: Laurel in a pose! Lookin' good girl!
Nov 17, 2017:  I got a survey from Belterra Park right after a visit where we both
had lost (again)! I replied that we never win and that we wouldn't be back for a
while. I got an email from Michael Craig, their Guest Experience & Continuous
Improvement Manager, stating that
he was sorry that we were dissatisfied and
offered some tips, such as 'Choose machines with the smallest jackpots. The bigger the
jackpot the harder it is to hit, so you're better off choosing a machine with a smaller

I replied, thanking him and telling him that I would use some of his tips the next
time we visit but it would be a while. And I added this statement: 'As a side note,
we have 7 grandchildren. As each one turned 21, we took them to a casino and
gave them $100 to bet. We only have one more to go (but she's only 15) but the
two before her came to Belterra Park and had dinner at the buffet. Enjoy the
pictures!' I included pictures of us at their buffet when we celebrated Daniel's and
Will's 21st birthdays. I sent this email at 9:40. At 9:46, I got a reply:
'I would love
for you to provide more info of the pictures, if you would like.  This looks like a story
worth telling to the team. Thank you for sharing your memories with me and please
feel free to ask for me or shoot me an email on your next visit, I would love to meet
you and your husband and possibly grab lunch.'
I called and chatted with him.

On 11/17, I let him know we were coming and he said he would give me what he
wrote about our tradition. Click
HERE to see what he wrote and distributed to
his team members.
Nov 18, 2017: Harper at
Grandma & Grandpa's!
Nov 19, 2017: Julia, Joe, Harper, Scott, and Tammy ready for the Bengals game!
Nov 19, 2017: Laurel doing her yoga pose (I think)!
Harper and Franklin getting into
the spirit of Thanksgiving!
Nov 25, 2017: After we (me, Jill, Katie, and Brooke) went to Coney
Island's 'Light up the Night,' Brooke spent the night with Jill. One of
their activities was the creation of this beautiful gingerbread house!
Brooke's preschool picture!
Nov 24, 2017: Ali, with
the help of her Uncle
Bret while she was in
Michigan for
Thanksgiving, bought
her first car!
Congrats, Ali!
Nov 27, 2017: Julia began her job
at Rooster's as a hostess. This is
where Joe and Hope both work. I
think the family is taking over!

Nov 26, 2017: Joe took Harper to
a Wright State Basketball game
while Hope stayed home to study
and do homework.
Nov 28, 2017: Madison!
Nov 29, 2017: Jimmy,
Lincoln, and Tiffany
enjoyed a train ride on
The Polar Express!

Nov 29, 2017: Alex and
Lisa smiling at
Dec 2, 2017: Joe, Harper, and Hope smiling so big!

Jill and Brooke (Mike took the picture) at the Christmas Tree
Farm. This was Brooke's first trip and she had fun picking out
the tree.

These two pictures include two small BFFs!
Dec 5: Debi, Nancy, Stephanie, me, Teri, and Linda!

-->Dec. 4: Zoe, Alyssa, Michael, & Madison. It was Alyssa's
choir concert.

----> Dec. 3: Emma and Alex getting their tree!
Nov 23, 2017:  Group family
photos from Thanksgiving. I
didn't publish these earlier
because I wasn't sure if I was
going to use them in my
Christmas card.
Dec 8: Laurel and
Bradley in Germany!

Dec 7: Jennifer and
Franklin and their
beautiful Christmas
Dec 9: Bart and Amy at the Cavs game.
Dec 9: Harper and her grandmas Rhonda and Tammy!
Dec 9: Dan showing off the
Christmas gift Jennifer gave him.
Dec 12: Franklin on the move!
Dec 11: Katie posted this picture of Blake on Facebook
with this caption: "When your grocery partner is 7
month old today." Both of you boys are growing up way
too fast!
Dec, 2017: Coni & Chris at the Ryman in Nashville, the
original Grand Ole Opry. They saw tons of talent, including
Riders in the Sky and Naomi Judd!

Sue and Scott just returned from a 2-week cruise where they
visited St. Kitts, Curacoa, and Aruba among other places.

Zak and his crew just returned for a weekend visit to
Washington DC where they visited the usual suspects!
Dec 10, 2017: Mike, Zak, Katie,
Jill, and Brooke at Zak's Church
Christmas Party.

Sue and Scott's cruise picture!
Lookin' good kids!
Dec 17, 2017: It was cookie baking day among the relatives! Here's Brooke and her Pawpaw and Emma with her Grandma.
Amanda & Damion--Two turtle doves!                            Nancy in her Christmas sweater!                             Michael & Amanda at the Cincinnati Zoo!
Dec 17, 2017: Lincoln with a quick visit today at the table of Cleveland's finest. He asked
them if they were eating lunch there because there might have been bad guys around.
He even got a badge sticker when he told them he was a cop on Halloween.
Franklin made his 'Mistletoes' artwork.
Dec 18, 2017: Zoe is a happy mood on
a Monday morning. Maybe she
knows that Santa is watching!'

Franklin is not too sure about Santa.
Jennifer wrote: "He didn't cry but he
was definitely unsure. He did
high-five him as soon as we were
Dec 19, 2017: Katie
posted this picture of
Brooke and wrote:  
"She tried to do mine
but she says she
needs to practice
more. I showed her
twice how to braid
about a month ago
and she has been
secretly practicing
and got it."
Dec 21, 2017: Lincoln, Amy, and Franklin where Amy has
the best job in the world as Grandma!
Dec 24, 2017: Brooke
and Blake dressed for
their grandparents'
Christmas Eve Party!

Dec. 21, 2017: Zoe
and Alyssa making
cookies and their
Mamaw's house!
Dec 29, 2017: Who's that all bundled up like Ralphie's brother
Randy? Oh, it's Brooke! She and her parents enjoyed tubing at
Perfect North!
Dec, 2017: Zak,
Blake, Katie,
Chris, and
Brooke. Zak had
this picture taken
to give to his
parents for
Christmas. Nice
photo guys!
Dec 31, 2017: Scott  at the rifle range. shooting an AR15 by Smith and
Wesson. It was a Christmas gift from Sue.
Dec 31, 2017: Chris, Blake, Katie, and Brooke at Jill and Mike's to
celebrate an early 30th birthday for Chris. Zak, Hank, & I also joined in
the festivities. Happy Birthday Old Man!