2017 Golf Outing - July 15
July 15, 2017! It was our final Buhale Golf Outing! It was a gorgeous day and I think everyone that was there had a great time. Having two new babies to coo over didn't hurt either. We do have one great family!'

Scott came in first place and won the coveted Golfer Award. Second place was Alex, and third was Ali! Chris awarded the Junior Trophy to Daniel as a fourth place prize. Kindra won the longest putt and Chris D won closest to the pin!

Jim won the Tucker Award!

Amy won the Dumb Shit Award. Click
here to see why.

Don't forget that the
Fun Page contains all the past and current winners.

Not sure if this will work but try clicking
here to see Tammy's pictures on Snapfish. We also celebrated Tammy's, Julia's, and Will's birthdays!
While I waited for the real group picture from Chris, I posted these two pictures with this caption: "These are just us trying to get ready for the group photo! It's like herding cats." They
were too funny to get rid of.
                                          Group 1- Brent, Will, Hank, Tammy                                                             Group 2--Kindra, me, Michael, Alex                                                  Group 3--Ali, Jim, Lisa, Chris D
                                                                                                      Group 4--Coni, Jill, Scott, and Daniel                                                                                                             Group 5--Chris B, Wes, Mike, Joe
July 15, 2017:

Scott sent this picture: "Sorry we could not be there but
here is the Florida version!"

Nancy was taken to the hospital Friday with chest pains
but was discharged that evening. Stay healthy Nancy!

Thanks again to Mom and Dad for starting his tradition.
To the best of my knowledge, we started having this golf
outing in the early '90's so doing it for over 20 years is a
great milestone. And thanks to all of you who have
participated in any and all of these outings!
Your hosts and hostesses!
Alyssa holding Madison, Julia holding Blake
Brooke, Harper, Zoe, and Emma!