News and Pictures - 2018
Jan 2, 2018: Madison
looking pretty darn happy!

Jan 1, 2018: Brent, Wes,
Kindra, Daniel, Ali, and
two others at Breakout
where they escaped in
under 47 minutes.
Jan 5, 2018: Franklin fell and hit it on the corner of
their PADDED ottoman. The purple color is the glue
the hospital used. Tough kid!
Jan 6, 2018: Amanda & Damion. She posted this on Facebook with
the caption: 'Lake Life!' You guys have fun whatever you do. Keep it
Jan 5, 2018: Chris on his 30th birthday with Brooke and Blake.
Katie posted this on Facebook and said: Happy 30th birthday to
my stud husband. We met when you were 18 and you have
amazed me every day since. I love you old man river!
Jan 10, 2018: Coni playing Barrel of Monkeys with Zoe while Madison takes it all in!
Jan 12, 2018: Michael giving Zoe a snowy sled ride. What a
Jan 13, 2018: Franklin painting Mickey!
Jan 14, 2017: Brent & Kindra hosted a combination "Build-A-Bear" and Wes's 25th Birthday Party! There were many smiley faces and as they say, a good time was had by all!
Jan 15, 2018: Madison enjoying her spaghetti!
Jan 20, 2018:
Harper and Joe
(and others not
in the pictures)
having fun in
the snow!
Jan 20, 2018:
Lincoln, the
Rockets Basketball

Grandparents Amy
and Bart with their
grandsons Franklin
and Lincoln!
Jan 21, 2018: Zoe's 4th Birthday Party!        Coni and Chris                                                                 Emma & Alyssa                                                       Alex, Alyssa, and Zoe!
Jan 24,
2018: Pretty
Madison is
now 7
months old!
Jan 25, 2018: Scott made
this collage of Julia for
her 1/2 birthday! And,
she is now eligible to get
her driver's license!
Jan 26, 2018: Madison has
learned the art of crawling
and is on the move. Watch
out world!
Jan 27, 2018: A fun day for Harper at her grandparents'
house! Julia helped her build a crazy straw; she helped
Tammy bake pumpkin bread; she beat Scott at Bingo; and
she put her handprint below Joe's, Will's, and Julia's!
Jan 28, 2018: Joe took Harper to a Wright State Raiders
Basketball Game.   Jan 25, 2018: Harper at the salon with
Mom and Aunt getting their pedicures!
Jan 29, 2018:
Chris, Brooke,
and Blake!
Jan 31, 2018: Summit
Elementary School  
celebrated its 50th
Anniversary. Scott, Jill,
Brent, and I went.
Brent started
kindergarten there
when it opened in 1968.
The only class picture
displayed was Scott's
5th grade class. Scott
was able to name every
child in the picture! His
teacher was really MR.
Eads, not Mrs. The
school looked great!
Feb 3, 2018: Wes, Ali, and friends Sarah and Donald at a Miami
vs W Michigan hockey game.
Feb 2, 2018: Zoe wearing her Valentine shirt
because it's love month!
Sher and Michele came down to visit their Aunt
Bobby (Aunt Nancy's sister) who is recovering from
an automobile accident she had in October. On
Friday, they visited us and we were joined by Katie,
Chris, Brooke, and Blake. On Saturday, Brent and
Kindra invited the cousins for dinner. These visits
were absolutely wonderful!

Mike, Jill, Sher, Tammy, Michele, Scott, Brent, and
Feb 4, 2018: We had a
combination Super Bowl and
Birthday party for Mike.

Below left is Mike with
Harper and Brooke.

Below right are three
generations: Jill, Katie, and

On the right is a four
generation gap: Me and
Feb 7, 2018: Madison is
busted heading for her
favorite toys, which
actually are dog toys!
Feb 8, 2018: Jennifer, Franklin, & Dan giving a triple raspberry!
Feb 9, 2018: Daniel & Friends at Mad River Mountain!
Feb 7: Jim & Sherry took Franklin
Feb 10: Amanda & Damion at the silent auction for
St. Francis.
Feb 14, 2018: I think Mommy planted a big
fat kiss on Franklin for Valentine's Day!

Feb 14, 2018: It looks like Lincoln cleaned up pretty good on Valentine's Day!
Feb 17, 2018:
Amanda and
participated in the
Polar Bear Jump!
Better you than
Feb 17, 2018:
Beautiful Brooke and
her handsome Dad,
ready for the
Feb 18, 2018: We were at Jill
and Mike's for his birthday
dinner when Hank put his hat
on Blake. Katie took a picture
and then found a picture of
Brooke wearing one of Hank's
Marine Corps hat! Not sure
the date of Brooke's picture.
Feb 22, 2018: Lincoln
getting a high-five after
getting his gold medal for
basketball. Check him out
on the video page!

Feb 20, 2018: Madison, Zoe,
and Alyssa took advance of
our 75 degree weather!
Feb 24, 2018: Lincoln at Dave & Buster's!
Feb 25, 2018: Madison getting into her
sister's toys!
Feb 27, 2018: Daniel posted
this picture on Facebook
with this caption: I know I'm
the third person to post this
picture but, couldn't have
asked for a better group of
future pharmacists to
campaign for pharmacist
rights with today."
Feb 27, 2018: Brooke forgot
to listen to her parents
about not running on the
hardwood floor with her
socks on. She got five
stitches and they said she
was a rock star! It looks
like she's asleep but she
wasn't. Brave little girl!

Feb 26, 2018: Harper giving
her daddy Joe a big, big hug!
Look at those faces.
Mar 3, 2018:
Big girl
Mar 8, 2018: Jennifer and
big boy Franklin! Lookin'
sharp, both of you!
Mar 8, 2018: Franklin
having a refreshment!

Lincoln with his grandma
Mar 10, 2018: Harper feeding Baxter the Turtle and feeding Tammy's orchid!
Mar 10, 2018: Jennifer
helping Aly celebrate her
30th Birthday!
Mar 10, 2018: Zoe helping
her grandma make

Mar 9, 2018: Amanda &
Michael enjoying a night
out while his parents
watched their three girls!
Mar 13, 2018: Franklin the Bunny!                                           Mar 11, 2018: More of Aly's birthday pictures-- with Bart and with her Mom, Amy, and Seth! Happy 30th Aly!
Mar 13,
2018: Daniel!

Mar 12,
2013: Laurel!
Mar 11, 2018:
Blake at 10
months old
holding his
manly remote
and sock!
ST. PATRICK'S DAY! Tammy took a few pictures of
Harper posing & baking! Think she's a little Irish?
Mar 17, 2018:Sue (and Scott) in Hong Kong. Scott said I could post it.
Blake &
Mar 19, 2018:
Scott & Sue at
Taiwan geo Park.
Scott said it was
very cool!
Mar 17, 2017: Joe,
Scott, and Will
playing Hullabaloo
with Harper. It tells
you where to step
and then you have to
do a silly dance. I
just think it's so
adorable that these
grown-ass men prove
how much they love
this beautiful child.
Mar 21, 2018:
Madison, Zoe,
and Alyssa!
Mar 23, 2018:
Frankie and
Uncle Jim!


Mar 22, 2018:
Seth and Aly
at Little
Arena in
Mar 24, 2018: Madison turning 9 months
Mar 25, 2018: Sue & Scott in Seoul, South Korea.
Mar 25, 2018:
Franklin says

Brooke is the
newest golfer
in the family!
See her in
action on
the Videos

Mar 25, 2018: Chris, Katie, Blake, & Brooke!
          Mar 25, 2018: Harper, Julia, and Marty!

Bart & Lincoln!
Mar 27, 2018:
Blake getting
ready for his
first haircut and
the next day,
he's aged 3
Mar 26, 2018:
Harper was at
Tammy's when I
called her so she let
Harper answer the
phone and talk to
me firsty. While we
were talking,
Tammy took this
picture for me. You
can tell they were on
their way out the
Mar 30, 2018: Lincoln coloring some
Easter eggs!
Mar 31, 2018: Zoe ready to go kayaking!
    Mar 31, 2018: Hope and Joe took Harper to Reds Kids Opening Day!                                                            Mar 30, 2018: Hope & Joe on Opening Day!
Mar 31, 2018: Zoe Alyssa, and Michael coloring their Easter
Mar 30, 2018: Hank's brother Tom brought him a Marine
Corps welcome mat.
EASTER MORNING! Lincoln & his dog!                                   Zoe, Madison, & Alyssa!
EASTER! Seth, Aly,
Dan, Jennifer, Amy,
Franklin, Bart, Jimmy,
& Lincoln!

Brad, Amy, Sher,
Nancy, & Tom!
Brooke &
Hope's updated Facebook profile picture!

Harper at home on Easter morning.
April 3, 2018: Madison, Zoe, & Alyssa enjoying treats from Loveland's Daily Whip!
Apr 2, 2018: Me, Holly, and Julia on our way to see Sherlock Gnomes with Jill and Brooke on
my birthday!
Apr 7, 2018: Alyssa
showing the two
purses she got for
her birthday from
her dad.

Lincoln at the Rain
Forest standing in
front of a giant
Apr, 2018: Scott & Sue in
Brisbane, Australia, at
the Great Wall of China,
and at Tianaman Square.
here for Sue's blog
with I will update as I get
Apr 8, 2017: Franklin getting his teeth blue by eating a blue
Apr 8, 2017: Sue feeding a kangaroo in Brisbane, Australia.
Apr 9, 2018: Joe, Harper, & Scott at a Dayton Dragons
game, watching 18-year-old Hunter Greene, the
Cincinnati Reds top pitching prospect!
Apr 11, 2018: Katie posted these pictures on Facebook and wrote: Big day for my babies! Blake is 11 months old and
Brooke has her first loose tooth!!!!
Apr 12, 2018: Harper got her
hair trimmed and curled! What
a cutie!

And look, there's all three of
our grandkids! Life is good.
Apr 13, 2018: Madison (standing on her own)
must be ready to try on some new clothing she
grew into! Way to go, Madison!

Apr 13, 2018: Harper at 'school' at Scott &
Tammy's. She worked on her letters, numbers
and shapes. Good job Harper!
Apr 13, 2018: Amanda posted
this picture of she and Damion
and wrote: 'Sun's out, surf's up!'
Apr 13, 2018: Franklin is ready for yardwork!
Looking good, Frankie!
Apr 15, 2018: Sher said
her boss bought her the
tickets and she took
Jennifer to the Rock &
Roll Induction
Ceremony to see
Howard Stern induct
Bon Jovi, The Cars,
Dire Straits, The
Moody Blues, Nina
Simone, and Sister
Rosetta Tharpe. She
said the ceremony was
awesome and a night of
great memories. (You
know how much she
loves Howard Stern).
Jon Boni Jovi was
really moved by the
whole experience &
had tears in his eyes.
Even the Moody Blues
gave thanks to
Apr 22, 2018: Alyssa celebrates
her 12th Birthday!

Apr 21, 2018: Jim & Sher went to
the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame to
see the new inductee section.
Apr 20, 2018: Tammy's posted these on Facebook and wrote "This was last night after Julia got off work. Nails were done
too. One never knows what they'll get into in Aunt Ju Ju's room."
Apr 1, 2018: Easter at Scott &
Tammy's. ! Brooke and Harper had
their own private egg hunt first. They
both got the same things and hunted
their eggs in different parts of the

Check out the video on the Video
Page. When Julia goes for the first
egg, you will see her slightly recoil
because we put a fake snake by that
egg. Before we had this egg hunt, we
put out 2 empty eggs and pretended
to put out all of them. When they ran
out for the egg hunt and finally
figured out there really weren't any
eggs to find, we all yelled "April
Fools!" And I nested 5 eggs inside
each other with a jelly bean in the
smallest egg and wrote April Fools on
it. However, I also wrote 'See me' and
gave Ali a $10 scratch-off since she
found it.
Sue & Scott in
Australia. Click
for her blog.
Saturday, Brent & Wes came over and cleaned out our flower beds (leaves, weeds, etc.). Today, Brent, Wes, Jill,
Mike, Katie, Brooke, Scott, Tammy, and Will mulched for us! Julia came too but had homework to do. Brent & Scott
are coming back Wednesday with more mulch to finish and Wes is coming Thursday to take all the garbage to the
curb. We paid them with donuts and pizza! What a great family we have.
PARTY OF 2018!
Apr 23, 2018: Alyssa
ready for her school

Apr 24, 2018:
Madison celebrating
her 10th month
Apr 29, 2018: Zoe
having a swing!

Apr 22, 2018:
Lincoln got his
face painted at the
Apr 29, 2018:
Congratulations to
Brad, who just
graduated from Indiana
Wesleyan University,
Saturday, with a
Masters Degree in
May 1, 2018:
Sue Sue doing
laps prior to
visiting Fiji so
she can outrun
the native

Madison  at 10
wearing Zoe's
size 18 month
May 2, 2018:
Lincoln surprised
his mom with the
best dinner she's
ever had!

Franklin just
chillin' at Ama's &
Grandpa's house!
May 5, 2018: Frankie wearing
somebody's shoes backwards!
May 5, 2018: Kentucky Derby Day AND Cinco De Mayo!
May 5, 2018: Kindra
posted this picture
with this caption:
"After 5 years, he's
back...with all of his
belongings. Only a
year of rotations to
go. Welcome home,
May 5, 2018: Blake wearing his jockey hat and his
shirt says
Taco 'bout awesome!

Harper rooting for her favorite #3!
May 5, 2018: Frankie, Bart, and Lincoln,
probably looking at the post positions.
May 5,
Alyssa with
Zoe and
May 6, 2018: Brooke at the driving range.
May 5, 2018: Jennifer, Franklin, and Dan.
May 8, 2018: Sue and Scott in
Hawaii--at Mama's Fish
House on Maui and at the top
of Haleakala volcano at
10,000 feet elevation.

May 6, 2018: Joe and Harper
were hiking with some of his
buddies at John Bryan state
May 9, 2018: Scott & Will at a Business Man's Reds Game (tickets from Uncle Mike)!

---> May 8, 2018: Joe, Harper, and Hope at the Reds Game. Scott & Julia went on May 4th.
May 9, 2018: The entire family
helped Hank celebrate his 80th
birthday at Olive Garden a day
before his birthday. Thank you
all for making this such a
special occasion.
May 13, 2018: Kindra with her mom Nan on Mother's Day!

May 11, 2018: Ali and Wes in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a wedding.
May 11, 2018: Blake turned ONE today! He's getting to be a really big boy!
I searched and I did find
A man who is so very kind
He turns eighty today
So I just want to say
That his age is just a state of mi

Happy 80th Birthday to the love of my life!
May 10, 2018: I posted this on Facebook
and the home page of Buhale but I also
wanted to put it on this page. Happy
80th, you handsome hunk!
May 13, 2018: Zoe and Madison playing princesses!
May 13, 2018: Four generations--Nancy, Amy, Jennifer, and Franklin!
May 13, 2018: Sher &
Lincoln at Red Robin for the
5th year celebrating her
May 13, 2018: Aly, Amy, and
Jennifer on Mother's Day!
May 13, 2013: Blake & Zak!                                     Coni & Chris
May 13, 2018: Harper, Tammy, Julia, and Hope!
May 13, 2018: Mike, Jill, Zak, Blake, Katie, Chris, and Brooke!
May 15, 2018: Sue and Scott on the Seattle Ferry--back on their old stomping
May 19, 2018:
Lincoln, Bart, and
Franklin at the zoo
and the Cystic
Fibrosis Walk. Love
your shirt, Bart!

May 19, 2018: Lincoln
and Tiffany at Seneca
May 18, 2018: Amy and
Franklin. She posted
this on Facebook and
said: Handholding with
this little guy is one of
the most precious
things I have ever done
in my life! He needs
interlocking fingers on
both hands to watch

I added this "It can't
be said often enough:
"It doesn't get much
better than this!"

Life is good!
May 19, 2018: Hope, Tammy,
Rhonda (Hope's mom), and Julia
and the Reds!

Blake's 1st Birthday Party!
Mickey Mouse was the theme!!!

May 18, 2018: Sue and Scott
returned from another epic tour of
the world.


May 20, 2018: Joe with Harper
who got a ball from the Reds
third base coach, Billy Hatcher.

Scott, Tammy, Harper, and Joe
at the Reds game, using tickets
from Uncle Mike--great seats!

They also got to see Uncle
Raymond's plaque. So Tammy
was there last night and tonight!
May 20, 2018:
Damion and
Amanda hosted the
Buening birthday
celebrations at
their hone. It looks
like Lincoln caught
a great big fish!
Way to go, Lincoln!
May 22, 2018:
Madison hugging Zoe
(and giving her hair a
tug in the meantime)!
May 23, 2018:
Alyssa and
Ernie on her
field trip to
American Ball

May 25, 2018: Lincoln
with his proud parents
Tiffany and Jimmy on
his graduation day!

May 23, 2018: Brooke
ready for her preschool
graduation! Katie wrote
on Facebook: "
My baby
girl graduated preschool
tonight! She has grown
up so much this year and
is such a smart, caring,
sweet, intelligent, and
beautiful girl
May 25, 2018:
Brooke finally
lost her first

May 24, 2018:
Dan rode his
motorcycle to
work, wearing his
dad's helmet. It
looks like he is
way too happy to
be at work!
May 27, 2018: The look of joy on Dan's and Franklin's faces
is priceless!
May 27, 2018: Summer water fun! Will squirting Julia with a water gun and Julia spraying Harper with a water hose! I wonder who Harper got to get wet!
May 27, 2018: Cousins Lincoln and Franklin sharing a wagon ride!
May 31, 2018: Alyssa's last day as a 6th grader!

Jun 2: Wes & Ali all dressed up for a wedding.
Jun 3, 2018: Birthday greetings to Amy from her daughters Jennifer (with Franklin) and from Ali.
Jun 3, 2018: Lincoln & Tiffany on their way to California!
Jun 4, 2018: Me, Brent, Mike S, and Scott D at The Vineyard Golf
Course. We played 18 holes and only cheated a little!
Jun 6, 2018: Blake and Brooke. Brooke looks
more like Katie every day!
Jun 8, 2018: Tiffany & Lincoln at Disneyland!
Jun 7, 2018: Emma 'holding' her friend Emma.
Jun 13, 2018 Jenny & Franklin!
Jun 15, 2018: Zoe
chilling out and
watching a movie.
Jun 17, 2018:
Blake, Jill, and
Hank on
Father's Day.

Jun 15, 2018:
Frankie playing
with his family
of Daddy
Jun 17, 2018: Harper baking for Father's Day
Jun 16, 2018: Daniel, Kindra, Brent, Wes, and Ali at their Father's Day celebration.
Jun 17, 2018: Julia, Will, Scott, and Joe.                                                                      Julia, Will, Scott, Joe, and Harper. Happy Father's Day!
Jun 17, 2018: Dan, Jim, Jimmy, Lincoln, and Frankie on Father's Day!
Jun 20th: Zoe & Madison.
June 18th: Madison on her feet!