News and Pictures - 2018
Jan 2, 2018: Madison
looking pretty darn happy!

Jan 1, 2018: Brent, Wes,
Kindra, Daniel, Ali, and
two others at Breakout
where they escaped in
under 47 minutes.
Jan 5, 2018: Franklin fell and hit it on the corner of
their PADDED ottoman. The purple color is the glue
the hospital used. Tough kid!
Jan 6, 2018: Amanda & Damion. She posted this on Facebook with
the caption: 'Lake Life!' You guys have fun whatever you do. Keep it
Jan 5, 2018: Chris on his 30th birthday with Brooke and Blake.
Katie posted this on Facebook and said: Happy 30th birthday to
my stud husband. We met when you were 18 and you have
amazed me every day since. I love you old man river!
Jan 10, 2018: Coni playing Barrel of Monkeys with Zoe while Madison takes it all in!
Jan 12, 2018: Michael giving Zoe a snowy sled ride. What a
Jan 13, 2018: Franklin painting Mickey!
Jan 14, 2017: Brent & Kindra hosted a combination "Build-A-Bear" and Wes's 25th Birthday Party! There were many smiley faces and as they say, a good time was had by all!
Jan 15, 2018: Madison enjoying her spaghetti!