Apr 10, 2019: Fifty-four years ago on this day, we
moved into Summit Estates. From 1965 to 1977 we
lived on Linderwood and then on Citadel!
Apr 10, 2019:
Alyssa on her
13th Birthday!
Welcome to your
teen years,
Apr 12, 2019: Julia spent the night with
Joe and Hope and while Hope was working,
Joe, Harper, and Julia took a walk over
the 675 walking bridge by Wright State

This is Zoe in her bed the first night at
their new home. Sweet dreams, Zoe!
Apr 4, 2019: Scott picked Julia up from
work & she wanted to drive & also
wanted to stop and see Will at work!!!
Apr 14, 2019: Amanda
posted this picture on
Facebook on Damion's
birthday and wrote:
"Happy Birthday to this
handsome man! So much
fun celebrating with you
all weekend."

Earlier in the day, she
posted this photo and
wrote: "When your
hubby wants to surf on
his birthday weekend,
you offer to drive. Water
temp = 56." (What a nice

Hope you had a great
birthday Damion!
Apr 9, 2019: Ali & Wes with Ali's
family members at the Reds game.
Apr 9, 2019:
Harper having
fun at the
park and even
blowing spit
Apr 13, 2019:
Emma turns 10!
beautiful young
Apr 14, 2019: Amy
posted this on
Facebook and said:
:"Franklin told me
he wanted to go to
the beach, so I
packed up and took
him to the beach!"

Joe sent me this
picture and I posted it
on Facebook and
wrote: "Our great
granddaughter Harper
watching Tiger Woods
win the Masters with
her dad Joe!"
Apr 16, 2019: Sue
& Scott got home
from their 40 day
trip to (and around)
South America!

Scott sent this
picture from
Santiago, Chile at a

here for their
itinerary and click
here for Sue's blog.

Welcome home
Apr 6, 2019: The Hopkins enjoyed a hamburger cookout at their new home. Zoe, Madison, and
Michael seem to be enjoying it very much. They will be moving in soon!
Apr 6, 2018: Harper & Friends!
Apr 6, 2019: Amanda posted this picture of she and Damion on Facebook and
wrote: "Happy Boat Day!"
Apr 19, 2019: Harper & Julia showing off their artistic work!
Apr 20, 2019: Ali & Wes with Mr. Red at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
Scott cut up two $1 bills to pay off his bet
with Brent.
Mar 30, 2019: The almighty Trivial Pursuit contest-men vs women! The men won! :(
Mar 30, 2019: Kindra & Brent!
Mar 30, 2019: Jill & Mike throw an early birthday party for me!
The 11 pictures below are from that party. Thank you all so very
Me & Harper - Will & I -- Me looking like my Mom!
Mar 30-, 2019: Our handsome and beautiful grandchildren and their loved ones:
Chris & Katie; Wes & Ali; Joe & Hope! Love you guys.
Apr 21, 2019: Me, Ali, Julia,
Wes, Will, Daniel, Katie &
Chris after their egg hunt.
They are all laughing because
I proclaimed that I was the
'egg donor!' Thanks Brent &
Kindra for a great Easter
Mar 16, 2019: Family Axe Throwing with Daniel, Kindra, Wes, Ali, and friends. Check out their videos
on the Videos page.
Mar 30, 2019: Harper!
Apr 21, 2019:
Hank sitting in
Brent's car. I
posted this
picture on
Facebook and
said that Hank
will use this
picture for his
dating website
after I am gone!
Mar 30, 2019: Brent & Hank!
Apr 21, 2019:
Harper with her
Easter basket
early in the

Lincoln looks
like he got tons
of goodies in his
Apr 21, 2019:
Madison and Zoe
with many, many
Easter treats.
Mar 29, 2019:
Amanda & Michael
after signing the
papers to purchase
their first home.
Easter: Harper and Grandma Tammy!
Easter: Harper, Julia, Will (with a new haircut), Joe, & Hope!
Franklin with
his cousin
Julia checking
things out before
she starts driving!

Mar 28, 2019:Ali &
Wes at Opening
Harper on
Opening Day!
Apr 22, 2019:
Amanda, Zoe &
enjoying chilling
out in their new

Apr 21, 2019:
Zoe & Madison
sporting their
new bike
helmets they got
for Easter from
their Aunt Beth.

Daniel will be graduating from the University of
Findlay, College of Pharmacy on May 4th with a
Doctorate of Pharmacy degree. And he has also
secured a pharmacy residency at CHI Health
Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan
Mercy in Omaha, Nebraska and will move there
in June. While there, he will be working as a
pharmacist in various areas of the hospital,
teaching at Creighton University, and doing
Here are a few items
Harper got in her
Easter bag from us.
Thanks, Tammy, for
taking such adorable
Apr 28, 2019:
"Great day with
friends" posted
Amanda &
Mar 26, 2019: Sher
sent me this pic of
Jennifer and
Franklin. She won
a gift card at a hair

Frankie the
May 1, 2: 019: Amanda
posted this picture of
Madison on Facebook
with the caption: "This
little stinker is so
spoiled! New Anna and
Elsa doll from Mamaw!"
I love that grin!

Apr 30, 2019: Amy
posted pictures of
Franklin & Lincoln and
wrote: "I am the
luckiest Ama in the
Mar 24, 2019:  Brad posted "Did some community service with some
committed cadets this weekend at Richfield Heritage Preserve." On
Mar 18th, he posted a picture of a Junior ROTC group from
Strongsville High School with the caption, "Those are my kids!" Good
work Brad!
Mar 24, 2019: Daniel and friends during a Bowlathon weekend. There were also pictures of
them at a Walleye hockey game, a zoo, and other fun places!
Mar 24, 2019: Tammy's new Facebook profile!  Scott made
Harper do the peace sign since she is now a flower child!
Mar 23, 2019: Ali & her BFF Emily at a Kelly Clarkson concert!
Mar 23, 209: Tammy wrote: "While Harper was helping me decorate for Easter I
noticed her hair was a little staticky. " (Please note the Riverfront seats are up and
ready for Opening Day!)
Mar 23, 2019:
Julia spent the
weekend in
Chicago with
Kelsey and her
family. Julia's
pretty brave in
the glass box in
Sears Tower.
And of course
they saw 'the
bean' among
other sights.
May 4, 2019: Harper
helping her Grandma
Tammy with the
yardwork but taking
time to smell the
May 3, 2019: It
must have been
'family night' at
the Reds game.
Here's Joe & his
friend Jon captured
while they were
being televised (see
Videos) and Chris
took this picture of
Coni with Joey and
May 4, 2019: Zoe ready for her soccer game.
May 5, 2019: Lisa & silly Alex while they were at Red River Gorge to celebrate their 12th
anniversary. Lisa & friend a little tired after climbing to high up!
May 5: Damion
posted this on
Facebook: So
blessed to have
such an amazing
lady by my side
every day.
May 5, 2019: Amanda anxiously
awaiting the birth of Shelby!
Mar 17, 2019:
Harper on St.
Patrick's Day!

Mar 17, 2019:
season for
Mar 17, 2019: We had a great day with Julia and
Kelsey today. We first went to the Art Center
and then to the Krohn Conservatory. On the
bridge at the waterfall, we got to watch a wedding!

For dinner, we went to Skyline because they were
serving green spaghetti because it was St.
Patrick's Day!

Saturday we saw 'Five Feet Apart' and on the way
home, Julia wanted to visit our barbers so we got
to see Sonya and Terry! They were both happy to
see us.
Mar 17, 2019: Girls just want to
have fun! Madison is at
Recreations Outlet and Harper
is out and about with dad Joe!
May 4, 2019: The biggest congratulations to Daniel who just graduated from the University of Findlay and is now a Doctor of Pharmacy! And check out the video. We are all so very proud of you Daniel!!!!
May 8, 2019: Zoe
graduated from
preschool! Way to
go, Zoe!

May 6, 2019:
Jennifer &
Franklin, back on
Mar 15, 2019: Friday Fun Night! Harper bowling down her Pez dispensers. She and Julia have fun with cheese (they made pizza)!
Mar 15, 2019: Me,
Kelsey, & Julia
using my new
smart phone!

Amanda posted
this picture of
Alyssa and wrote:
"Random selfie
from my mini
May 10, 2019: Scott & Tammy had a DQ party at their house and Harper REALLY
loved it!
Mother's Day
postings from
Facebook: Jenny
posted this and
said "This kid
makes being a
mom so much fun!!

Lisa posted this
silly picture of
Emma and wrote
"My reason for
celebrating today."
May 14, 2019: Jennifer
posted this on FB with the
caption: "He picked out
his outfit and dressed
himself and said “I’m
going to be adorable!"
And he pulled it off, didn't

May 11, 2019: ZAK!
Mar 10, 2019: Aly & her mom Amy on Aly's
31st birthday! Happy Birthday Aly!
May 18, 2019: Emma at the Reds game!
Mar 9, 2019: Ali's friend Kimmy posted this on
Facebook and wrote: "This beautiful lady and her
boyfriend drove to see us this weekend and we are so
greatful ❤" They drove to Cleveland.
Mar 9, 2019:
Alex & Lisa at
Red River
Mar 8, 2019: Happy Friday from Zoe!
Mar 6, 2019: Ali's mom, Ali, and Wes at Horizon League basketball
tournament quarterfinals at NKU.

May 19, 2019: Shelby
Lynn Hopkins made her
appearance today
weighing 7 lbs. 12 oz.
Congratulations to the
entire family!
Mar 5, 2019:
Evidently Damion
and Amanda
found 'Wilson!'
Good going, guys!
May 19, 2019: Bart got
his first hole-in-one
today, a 134 yard hole.
Lincoln was there
(with Amy) to witness
it! Congratulations


Grandma Coni &
Grandpa Chris on the
birth of Shelby! You
look a little proud!!!
Mar 6, 2019:
Amanda posted
this on Facebook
and wrote: "26
weeks down and
14 to go."

Hang in there,
girl, you're
looking good!
May 21, 2019: All the girls! Amanda, Madison, Shelby, Zoe and Alyssa with Shelby on the day
she was born! The look on Madison's face is priceless!
Mar 5, 2019: Harper got
registered for Kindergarten!

Harper declared "I had a
great day at school today."   
She told me (Tammy) she
had to identify her shapes,
colors, ABC's and count to
100. She also wrote her
name.   Walking in, they
were a little uncertain;
walking out she was
referring to the school as
"my school."


Mar 2, 2019: Daniel and
friends at MARDI GRAS -
2019 @ Molly's In Soulard.
Mar 1, 2019: Tammy posted pics on Facebook andf wrote: Harper
had fun playing with her dads "Cool Tools" from his childhood
and was super excited to show him when he came to pick her up....
May, 2019: Harper spent
the weekend with her
grandparents while her
parents enjoyed a
weekend getaway! It looks
like they all had a great
time! And, a white squirrel
is again, in their backyard.
Feb 27, 2019: Michael posted this picture of Madison on
Facebook and wrote: "You will never know the amount of
joy you have brought into my life."
Feb 24, 2019: Julia & her friend since
1st grade, Kelsey, drove down from
Dayton to visit with us today! We also
got to see Katie & Brooke and later,
Jill. We are so blessed!
Feb 22, 2019: Congratulations to
Julia on getting her temps!
Feb 23, 2019: Harper and her friends.
Feb 23, 2019: Sher posted this
on Facebook and wrote: "Yep,
I actually made my first
blanket! Thanks to Michele it
will be donated to a child in

Daniel posted this picture on
Facebook of his mom and
grandma at his school in
Findlay and wrote: "Great
people to spend my morning
May 22, 2019: Frankie kissing Peachy, Tom & Nancy's fish!
Feb 22, 2019: Tammy posted pictures of
Scott, herself, Joe, Will, and Harper on
Facebook and wrote:

"In honor of the first spring training game
of 2019 tomorrow... we had our own little
backyard warm up.... Katie Dezarn... Harper
was using your old glove."
May 23, 2019: Lisa posted this photo of she
and Alex on his birthday and wrote: "Happy
Birthday to my best friend!)
May 24, 2019: Madison & Alyssa

May 23, 2019: Frankie! --->
May 25, 2019: Hope & Harper on the Woodstock Express aka
'Beastie' at Kings Island!
May 25, 2019: Brad put this on Facebook and wrote: "Just hanging out with a
couple thousand of my closest “acquaintances.” It was Ohio Bike Week in
Sandusky, Ohio. Damion & Amanda took their first ride on a Damion's
mototcycle but not with this group. Go bikers!
May 23, 2019: Laurel posted this
picture of she and Bradley and
wrote: "So proud of this guy! So
much grit and determination, waking
up at 0300 to study and workout
(while listening to the PDG, no less)
then spending a 9-10 hr day
teaching. I'm just over the moon to
see all of this hard work pay off.
Brad Buening Jr. You're my
inspiration to keep going, even when
the goal seems so far away."

Brad wrote: "Congratulations to my
MSgt Brad Buening Jr.!!
So proud and happy for you both!"

here to read Brad's description
of what all of this entails.
Feb 20, 2019: Ali &
her mom at

Feb 20, 2019: Lisa
posted this on
Facebook with this
caption: "Serious
editing business. It
takes 3 ❤"
May 25, 2019: Amy made this sign for Jimmy! He works on motorcycles in his
garage. He loved it and it's already hung up! Lincoln says 'thumbs up!'
Feb 20, 2019: Zoe looking
happy as ever!
May 26, 2019: Bart & Frankie, who
held his first frog today!
May 26, 2019: Brent & Kindra thew a wonderful graduation party for Daniel. Sher & Jim came
down from N. Olmsted for the festivities!
Feb 16, 2019: Brent, Hank, & Joe at the combo party!

Feb 17, 2019: Lincoln at Dave & Busters!
Feb 16, 2019: Brent & Kindra threw a combination party--we celebrated Christmas with Daniel (he was in India during Christmas) and a trip to Build-A-Bear with our
three great grandkids! Brent & Kindra gave them this for Christmas. And as they say, a great time was had by all!
Hope, Joe, and Harper                                                                    Harper                                                      Daniel
Feb 14, 2019: Lisa, Emma, & Alex at White Castle!
Lisa wrote: I’ve been wanting to do this for years and
no one ever took me seriously!! I have the best
May 26, 2019: Dr. Daniel's Diploma! Way to go D!!!
May 27, 2019: Ali & Wes at a 'hot' Reds game!
May 28, 2019: Zoe and Madison each getting a turn to hold their new baby sister Shelby. I
think they kinda like her!
Feb 12, 2019: Zoe
fell asleep waiting
for her fingernails
to dry!

Feb 11, 2019: Harper
sporting her
Valentine's Day
May 2, 2019: Will and
Wes still haven't
grown up, thank God!
They were really just
taking a well-earned
rest after working so
hard at our home!

May 1, 2019: Wes and
Ali ready to set off the
fireworks at the
Dayton Dragons's
May 30, 2019: A
Hopkins family
portrait: Michael
holding Madison,  
Amanda holding
Shelby, Zoe, and
Alyssa. Beautiful
Our wonderful once again came over and did tons on yardwork and so much more for us. We are so blessed it's
scary! Thank you all so very much. Hope you know how much we appreciate it.
Feb 9, 2019: Wes & Ali at the NKU
homecoming basketball game.
Feb 3, 2019: At our Super Bowl party, we celebrated Mike & Wes's birthdays. My face looks like this because Brent had opened Mike's
unsealed envelope from us and took out the money. I thought I had forgot to put it in! And Jill paid off her bet to Brent (they bet a
dollar per game (Bengals vs Steelers) and Jill lost again.
Jun 2, 2019: Amy and Colleen on their way to Atlantic
City to celebrate Amy's birthday!
Jun 2, 2019: Madison with her cute little
apple-eating face!
Jun 4, 2019: Frankie helping by
cleaning the storm door!
Jun 4, 2019: Shelby (and Amanda wrote 'pure
Feb 2, 2019: Amanda posted these pictures on Facebook with the
caption: What a difference 24 hours can make. Fun everywhere we

They went from having winter fun to the warmth of Jamaica!
Feb 3, 2019: Emma, Lisa, and their friend Anna at Eastfork Lake.
Feb 2, 2019: Harper busy at grandma & grandpa's making pizza, biscuits, and butterflies!
Feb 2, 2019: Joe & Hope on their way to a company dinner.         Feb 3, 2019: Lincoln & Frankie!
Jun 6, 2019: Harper showing where she lives!
Jun 7, 2019: Zoe & Madison at St. Gertrude's Festival.
Jun 8, 2019: Jennifer posted
pictures of Frankie on Facebook
and wrote: "First he smashed the
spider with my shoe, then he
vacuumed it! My little hero!!"


Jun 8, 2019: Ali & Wes on
vacation in Denver with friends
Emily & Nick.
Jun 9,2019: Fun
with watermelons!
Harper & Julia!!!


Jun 9, 2019:
Amanda posted this
picture of Zoe,
Madison, Michael,
and Shelby (and
dog) and wrote:
"When daddy plays
with the baby there’
s just a little bit of
Feb 2, 2019: Kindra (with her friend Debbie-unseen) at
Moerlein Lager House.

Ali posted this pic from Disney's Animal Kingdom: While in
the wild, I grew a pair of magical ears. She is with her friend
Jan 29, 2019: Ali posted these
six pictures on Facebook and
wrote: 6 pictures, one for
each year I have been
together with my best friend!

She wrote other nice stuff too!
Happy Anniversary you two!


January 29th was Hank's 30th
work anniversary at
Brendamour's and my 40th at
Beech Acres.
Jan 30, 2019:
Amanda posted
this picture of
Madison on
Facebook and
wrote: "Coloring
books and
markers are her
Jun 8, 2019: Shelby and Shelby being held by her Aunt Lisa!
Jun, 2019: Just some of the beautiful sights that Wes & Ali have seen on their trip to Denver!
Jan 27, 2019:
Zoe enjoyed
her 5th
Jun 12, 2019:
Daniel came over to
get boxes for his
move to Nebraska.
He is leaving
Monday and I did
cry when he left.

Good luck, Daniel.
We know you will
do great. Love ya!
Jan 26, 2019: Another wonderful post from
Sher on Facebook! She posted seven pictures of
Franklin and Lincoln and wrote:

"Messy house, don’t care! I have my boys.
Took them to Artist For A Day. Lincoln did the
Hulk & Frankie made a bunny❤.
Jun 14, 2019: Ali found another Reds bench!
Jan 25, 2019:
Sher posted this
picture of Jim
with the caption:
"Another one
bits the dust!"

Don't let this
happen to you,
Jun 15, 2019: Amanda posted
this on Facebook and wrote:
"Family dinner and game night."
It looks like Chris, Michael,
Coni, Madison, and Zoe are
enjoying the game!

Jun 15, 2019: Daniel getting
ready to pack up move to
Omaha, Nebraska! Good luck
Jun 16, 2019: Hank and I with our youngest (Julia almost 17) and Zak (almost 33)!
Jun 16, 2019: We had the most
wonderful, unplanned gathering
at our home today. We had
been invited to Jill &Mike's for
a Father's Day brunch.  The
northern part of our family had
planned a get together before
Daniel left, so they combined
the two, met at our house, and
brought delicious food! Will was
the only one who couldn't make
it. The plan was to play wiffle
ball but of course we got rained
out. The guys won the Trivial
Pursuit game and the three
little ones just had fun being
kids! Thank you all for a
memorable time.
Jan 21, 2019: Sue
sent me this picture
with this statement:
"Just had to show
you what Scott did in
Dad's memory!!  This
is NOT a joke even
tho it sure looks like

The paper says
"Thank you Scott
Levison for our goat"

here for the
link to the charity.
Jan 19, 2019: Amanda & Alyssa.
Two peas in a pod!
Jan 18, 2019: Wes
& Ali attending
Columbus Blue
Jackets vs.
Montreal Canadians
at Nationwide Arena.
Zoe  is
her 5th
Jan 17, 2019: Harper 'painting' snow blue and decorating her snowman!
Many more adorable pictures on Facebook.
Jan 16, 2019:
Daniel, Brent,
Wes, and Kindra
got together for
lunch to help
Wes celebrate
his birthday!
Jun 19, 2019: Shelby is one month old today!
Jun 15, 2019: The family attended a TQL work picnic and Harper's
picture will be on their Facebook page!
Jan 16, 2019:
Harper taking
a break from
sled riding in
Check out her
video on the
Videos page.


Jan 14, 2019:
Zoe's 5th
birthday at
Jan 13, 2019: Daniel
arrived home from
India today! Click
HERE to watch a blog
created by Cassandra
Orahood from his
group. She includes
videos and when you
see a stack of
pictures, click on
them to see them.
This blog is awesome.
Welcome home
Daniel! We will see
you soon.

Daniel in traditional
Indian garb happy to
be home with his loved
Jan 12, 2019: Michael
made this enormous
snowman for Zoe &
Madison and then
proceeded to jump on
it and destroy it. Zoe
asked him to do it


Jan 12, 2019: Kindra
posted this on
Facebook: "Soooooo
sorry I can't be out
there helping him
shovel!" Notice Brent
outside shoveling.
Kindra tore her MCL
playing roller hockey
and is scheduled for
an MRI on Monday.
Jan 12, 2019: Ali posted this on
Facebook:  "We braved the snow
and drove up to Kalamazoo, MI to
hang out with my cousin Sarah and
her husband Daniel. They gave us a
great tour of Western Michigan
where they went to school and we
are finishing the night with a rival
hockey game, WMU vs Miami. Go
RedHawks! @ Lawson Arena"

Thank God for Facebook! That's
how I get most of my family news.
Jun 19, 2019: Amanda & Damion lookin' great!
Jan 11, 2019: Amanda posted this on Facebook: "Since Zoe’s
been on antibiotics for 24 hours now, I told her she could play
with Madison a little bit. That made her extremely happy! She
loves her baby sissy"
Daniel with Mom and with Dad! He is now in Nebraska! We're all missing you Dee!
Jan 10, 2019: Handsome Brian's new Facebook
Jun 16, 2019: Hope, Harper, and Joe went to
the drive-in to see Secret Life of Pets 2!
Jun 21, 2019: Joe & Harper on a daddy-daughter
date at the Dayton Dragons game. Check out
video too!
Jun 22, 2019: Madison's 2nd Birthday party!
Besides Michael, the only other adults I saw
in the pictures (that I knew) were Lisa &
Jan 8, 2019: So in one of
Julia's classes, the
teacher gave them a
'Show & Tell'
assignment. Julia
brought Harper!!!

I'm not sure of all the
presentation but Julia did
state: "Harper is very

Harper replied: "I only
just don't know a couple

I'll bet you got a good
grade Julia!  
Jun 23, 2019: The Wilson family
picking strawberries!
Jan 6, 2019: Chris sent me
this picture and then called
me to tell me what happened.
He said around 1:00 am
Sunday morning, he got out of
bed and started coughing. He
didn't know if he got tangled
in the covers but he hit his
head on the dresser. He ended
up with 13 stitches! He's doing
okay because he did drive to
Michigan and back Monday.

On Jan 3, 2017 on Buhale:"I
won't tangle with the sink
anymore!." Chris evidently
had such a coughing spell in
the morning that he passed
out and hit his nose on the
faucets. Nothing was broken
and they glued instead of
stitched his nose!

Be careful Chris!
Jun 23, 2019: Emily, Ali, and Wes at Kings
Island on Bring a Friend Day!
Jan 8, 2019: Amy posted this on
Facebook with the caption: Ice cream
date with Ama after work!
Jun 22, 2019: It looks like after Madison's birthday party, Lisa, Emma, the family
attended the FC Cincinnati at Nippert Stadium!
Jun 23, 2019: Ali
posted this on
Facebook and
wrote:"Oh look
who we ran into.
We rode Boo
Blasters with
Harper and Joe!"
Wes and Ali also
did the fireworks
at the Dayton
Dragons game that
Joe and Harper
went to Friday
Jan 6, 2019: Daniel
posted his on
Facebook: "Today’s
forecast: sunny with
a chance of
waterfalls." He was at
Soochipara Falls in
Jan 4, 2019: Amanda, Zoe, and Alyssa at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen for Amanda's 30th
birthday. Michael & Madison were there of course too. Happy 30th Amanda!
Jun 26, 2019: Zoe posing like a model!
Jan 5, 2019: The look on Zoe's face when she was
ready to go to work with her dad. He later posted:
"Bug made her first $10 from working hard picking
up branches, sticks and twigs from the trees I cut
down yesterday."
Jan 3, 2019: Tammy posted this on Facebook and wrote: "I told Harper
her hair reminds of me of my favorite plant Ivy."
Jan 4, 2019: Tom & Nancy!
Jan 4, 2019: Laurel & Bradley before heading
back to Germany.
Jan 4, 2019: Brad & Michele's beautiful
Jun 29, 2019: Ali's hairdo,
front and back, for her
friend's wedding.
Jun 26, 2019: Harper with 'googly eyes' and riding her Big Wheel! You know she was at Scott &
Jun 29, 2019: Two of my favorite pictures of Julia that Tammy shot! Great
photos! Great subject!
Happy 2019!
Jun 29, 2019: Wes & Ali at the wedding!
Jan 1, 2019! Daniel sending love from the other side of the world!                                                              Kindra and her friends Anne & Debbie carrying on their New Year's Day lunch.           Tiffany & Lincoln being silly!
Jun 29, 2019: Cara & Tammy at the
Shooting Stars concert!
Jun 30, 2019:  Lisa and
Alex at Red River Gorge
the Geological Area.

Shay and Lisa and dogs
Jun 30, 2019: Zoe
holding Madison's fish
(she doesn't look happy)!
Madison, with Michael's
help, caught her first
fish at Clepper Park!
News and Pictures - 2019
Jun 30, 2019: Beautiful
family photo of Madison,
Michael, Amanda, Shelby,
Zoe, and Alyssa!
Jul 2, 2019: Shelby
sleeping soundly (like a
good baby should!)
Jun 30 to Jul 3, 2019: Julia and her friend Kelsey spent a few days with
us. Besides going to Coney and getting our haircut at Sonya's, we did see
Toy Story 4 and did lots of shopping! Fun visit for us!!!
Jul 4, 2019: Frankie
(looking cool) and
Lincoln (running with a
sparkler). Ama's
grandsons know how to
have a good time!
Jul, 2019: Just two of many pictures from Kindra and Patty's trip to the
state of Washington! They visited Falls of the Columbia River Gorge,
Hood River, Scenic Fruit Loop, and Mt. Hood. Above is Mt. St. Helens.
Jul 6, 2019: Chris and Coni at the Great American Ball Park! Go Reds!
Jul 5, 2019: Reds Birthday Bash! Hope, Harper, & Joe!
Jul 4, 2019: Harper got to ride in a
police car during a parade. Joe & Hope
were in the back seat!
Jul 8, 2019:
Jenny, Dan, and
Frankie on
Frankie's first
trip to Cedar
Point! He loved
Jul 8, 2019: Emma's breakfast with
whipped cream, of course!
Jul, 2019: Brad posted lots of pictures on Facebook of this trip. Here they are in Red River and they have a Taos, New Mexico and are making trips from there. Happy and safe
traveling Brad!
Jul 8, 2019: Scott D, Chris B, me, and Mike S at our biannual golf outing at The
Jul, 2019: Kindra and Patti continue their vacation riding bikes on a trail and visiting Ecola State Park, among many other locations.
Jul 13, 2019: Tammy spent her birthday with Scott, Joe, and Harper. They hiked and
visited Young's Jersey Dairy, plus more! Tammy & Scott topped off the evening with a
nice birthday dinner.
Jul 12, 2019: Amanda posted this picture of she and Damion
and wrote: "My favorite person!"

Good looking couple!
Jul 10, 2019: Kindra and Patti continue their
travels by visiting Hoh Rain Forest, Rialto
Beach, Salmon Cascades, Lake Crescent, and
Marymere Falls.
Jul 12, 2019: Jennifer posted this picture of
she and Dan and wrote: "Date night!! French
restaurant, now painting with wine!!


Jul 11, 2019: Brad continued his travels. Here
he's at Rio Grande Gorge.
Jul 14, 2019: Alex, Lisa, her mom, and Emma enjoying a day at Kings Island.
Jul 12-14, 2019: Hope in Vegas for a bachelorette party!
Jul 15, 2019: Madison with bed hair but happy!
Jul 13, 2019: One more adorable
picture of Harper!
Sue and Scott have returned
from another fabulous
vacation to Europe! They
visited Vienna, Budapest,
and Belgrade among many
other places.

here for their itinerary
and click
here for Sue's blog.
It sounds like they had a
wonderful time, saw amazing
places, and thoroughly
enjoyed themselves.
Welcome home travelers!
Jul 17, 2019: Shelby!!!
Jul 19, 2019: Amanda & Shelby!
Jul 19, 2019: Harper playing with a toy her dad Joe had when he was little.
Jul 18, 2019: Zoe caught her first catfish!
Jul 19, 2019: Emily, Wes, Ali, and Nick picking blueberries at Once in
a Blue Moon Farm!
July 20, 2019: This is one for the books! Since Tom was turning 80
this year, we initially asked Sherry if we could 'crash' any of their
summer celebrations. She asked Michele & Brad if they would host
his birthday party and of course, they did. We wanted to surprise as
many family members as we could. If Sherry and Jim had hosted the
party, even Brad and Michele wouldn't have known. Amy found out
because Sher inadvertently included her in one of her emails. So
Tom & Nancy's children and their spouses knew we were coming but
their children and grandchildren did not. Jill & Mike and Hank & I
stayed with Brad & Michele and Scott & Tammy and Brent & Kindra
stayed with Jim & Sher (thanks to all of you putting us up). We
arrived at Brad & Michele's at 2:00 and the official party was to start
at 3:00. As each group arrived, I got to hide in the garage and
surprise them as they entered! They all seemed happy we were there!
Amy & Bart picked up Tom & Nancy and when they came in the
kitchen and saw all the Cincinnati folks there, they both cried!

It was so much fun reconnecting with the family. I don't think
anyone had a better time than I did! Tom got great gifts, there was
too much good food as usual, and it was one of the best family
gatherings we have ever had. Thank you ALL for everything you did
to make this possible.  

There were too many pictures to chose from but you can click
here to
see Kindra's pictures and
here for Tammy's. Thanks ladies!
Tom blowing out a candle on a cheesecake that Tiffany made.
|| Scott jumping over the sprinkler!
|| Tom and his 'greats' Lincoln & Frankie.
|| Bart, Scott, Brent, Mike, Damion, Hank, and Brad.
|| Sher, Tom, Brad, Nancy, and Amy (the original core)!
Damion, Amanda, & me!
Frankie & Lincoln!
Tom & Brian!
Jul 20, 2019: Laurel posted lots of
pictures on Facebook and wrote:

"Finally got to spend my birthday in
France celebrating the 14th of July, not
Bastille day as English speakers call it.
Feeling thankful and a tad spoiled.

We bought mustard in Dijon. Had a
jolly old time strolling Lyon's historic
streets and watching Algerians raise
hell over a football win.

Even got to stop in Völklingen on the
way! This is the town where my
great-grandparents are buried and
where they lived out their elder years.
Wish mom and sis could have been
there with us!"

This is them at Volklingen looking
Jul 24, 2019: A smiling Shelby!
Jul 25, 2019: Hank rode with me so I could play a round of golf!
Daniel and others at the
AZO Centennial
Convention. They are at
a Awards Luncheon and
Presentations and at
Penn's Landing in
Jul 27, 2019: Ali & Wes at Goettafest.
Jul 27, 2019: Dan and Franklin making memories!
Jul 28, 2018: Harper with her two grandmas at her 5th birthday party!
Jul 28, 2018: Harper at her 5th birthday party!
Hope, Harper, & Joe!
Jul 31, 2019: Tiffany and Lincoln in New
York City.
Jul 30, 2019: Adorable Harper (Hope told her
to pose!)
Jul 30, 2019: It was Will's 23rd birthday and he went to Scott & Tammy's for dinner. Joe even joined them!
Jul 31, 2019: Hank, Scott, me and Julia. They stopped for lunch on their way to the
Reds game!

turned 3!

turned 5!
Aug 3, 2019: Ali & Wes at Kinds Island.
Aug 4, 2019: Frankie with the birthday boy Brad!
Aug 4, 2019: Pictures of Bart's grandsons Frankie & Lincoln on his birthday
Aug 4, 2019: Katie (on her birthday) and me being silly at Grandpa's Joes Candy Store.
Aug 4, 2019: Hope's bridal
shower was fun and
wonderful! As they say, a
good time was had by all!
Aug 4, 2019: Hope's Mom, Hope, and Tammy!
Aug 4, 2019: Me, Hope, Jill, and Katie!
Aug 4, 2019:
relatives came
from near and

Back row:
Sandy (CT),
Heather (CT),
Jill (CT), Julie

Front row:
Miranda (TN),
Hope, and Julia!
Aug 6, 2019:
Julia and
Tammy at
Old Ball Game!

Aug 6, 2019
The Hannigs have been at tons of Reds games this week. Below is Julia & Tammy on Tuesday; Julia, Joe,
and Harper went Friday; Joe, Julia, Harper, Wes, & Ali went Saturday; and Sunday, Scott, Tammy &
Julia went! GO REDS!
Aug 10: Joe, Julia, Harper, Wes, & Ali!
Aug 9: Julia, Harper, & Joe!
Aug 9: Harper!
Aug 7, 2019:
Scott sent me
these pictures
and wrote:
"Went disc
golfing with
Brent.  He spent
his time in the

When I talked
to Scott later,
he did tell me
that he did
(finally) beat
Aug 11, 2019: Ali
& Wes with
friends at the at
the Western
Southern Open.
Aug 11, 2019: Madison & Zoe having fun at
their grandparents house!
Aug 11, 2019: Lisa,
Emma, and Shay at East
Fork State Park.


Aug 11, 2019: Lincoln
celebrates his 7th

Dad Jimmy holds the
cake, grandma Amy
lights the candle,
Frankie looks on, and
Lincoln is ready to make
a wish!

In the other picture,
Lincoln looks
overwhelmed with all
the gifts!
Aug 14, 2019: Scott sent me this picture of he and Brent and wrote: "Celebrating
the anniversary of his surgery (by playing golf). Brent shot 45 and I shot 54 AND
only lost 1 ball!" What handsome men!
Aug 16, 2019: Bart & Amy in Atlantic City!
Aug 16, 2019: Ali & Wes at their 'home away
from home', watching the Reds!
Aug 17, 2019: Aly, (not sure), Amanda, and Jennifer at Crocker Park enjoying
pre-birthday drinks! Happy early birthday Jennifer!
Aug 15-18, 2019:
Mike, a friend of
Chris's dad, Chris's
dad, and Chris
enjoyed four days at
Saratoga Race

Chris and Mike
photo-bombed quite a
few TV broadcasts!
Aug 18, 2019: Tammy, Scott, Kindra, Joe, and Ali! We celebrated all their birthdays today!
Aug 18, 2019: Hank filling in for Daniel!
Aug 18, 2019: Scott and
Harper racing at
Brooke's soccer game
before the party.
Me, Ali, Jill, Joe, Hope, & Kindra watching Hank bat!
Aug 18, 2019: Katie, Wes, and Joe were kind enough to recreate this picture from 1995 but instead of eating popsicles, they decided that beer bottles would be
better. They barely fit on the steps!
Aug 18, 2019: Great
grandpa Hank with
great granddaughter
Aug 20, 2019: Harper
at her Kindergarten
screening. She starts
school Friday!


Aug 19, 2019: Shelby
turns 3 months old!


Aug 18, 2019: Michele
manning a carnival
game. Not sure what
charity this is for.
Aug 23, 2019: It was Harper's first day of
Kindergarten! She was accompanied to school by her
parents, Hope & Joe (who did tear up), her
grandparents, Scott, Tammy, and Rhonda, and Julia!
She loved it and said she couldn't wait to go back
Aug 23, 2019: Bart & Lincoln (with Amy)
at a Cleveland Indians game!
Aug 23, 2019: Frankie & Dan!
Aug 24, 2019: Scott & Tammy holding two of their great nieces (Cora and Naomi)
in PA. Julia and Harper joined them as they celebrated Naomi's first birthday.
Aug 25, 2019: The
Hopkins had a Funday
Sunday! Amanda is
holding Shelby while
Mike fishes and Zoe and
Madison play in the
Aug 28, 2019: Emma's first
day as a 5th grader. Her first
day of Kindergarten was Aug
20, 2014!
Aug 28, 2019: Alyssa's first
day as an 8th grader. Her first
day of 1st grade was Aug 28,
Aug 26, 2019:
Lincoln's first day of
1st grade!

Aug 29, 2019: Zoe's
first day of
Aug 28, 2019: Scott helped Brent split wood on a very windy day!
Aug 29, 2019: Hank, Zak, & me after a tour of their wonderful gardens!
Sept 1, 2019: Amy and
Franklin enjoying their
first ride on a camel at
the zoo!

Aug 31, 2019: Ali & Wes
posted this on Facebook
and wrote: "Yesterday
was our last Dayton
Dragons fireworks show
for the season. It was
beautiful weather last
night as our summer
season of fireworks ends."
Aug 31, 2019: Scott and Sue returned from their cruise in the nick of time before Dorian
hit. Click
here for their itinerary and here for Sue's blog. I don't have any pictures yet but
we are all happy that they are out of harm's way.

Remember this picture from last year? They seem to tempt fate! This is what I wrote with
the picture: "Sue and Scott just returned from a one month trip to Europe to celebrate
Scott's 60th birthday. This is a cake that the cruise ship chef made showing
their route home (while line) and the three hurricanes (also in white) they will try to avoid!
I just found out from Sue that this cake was at least 6 feet long. She shot it from a few
stories up.
Sept 2, 2019: Joe took Harper, Julia, and Hope out to
Texas Roadhouse for dinner!
Sept 2, 2019: Alyssa and her grandma Coni on a girls' day
Sept 3, 2019: Jennifer did Laurel's hair and took before
and after pictures! Looking good, Laurel!
Sept 3, 2019: Hank again rode with me in the
golf cart today (on our 59th anniversary). We
then went to Sky Galley for lunch. Thank you
Hank! I did notice, however, that I am wearing
the same shirt as I had on in my last selfie.
I'm sure that's a no-no but I'm too old to care!
Sept 4, 2019: Madison
imitating Zoe on her way
to school.
Sept 4, 2019: Madison did find joy at later that day at the
grocery store!
Sept 4, 2019: Another beautiful senior
picture of Julia!
Sept 6, 2019: Shelby cut her two bottom
teeth today!
Sept 6, 2019: Bradley went to Brad's classroom at
Strongsville High School as a guest speaker and
talked with Brad's JROTC Cadets.

Bradley and Laurel are home for a while before
moving out west.
Sept 6, 2019: Amy posted this and wrote: "The family did an escape room tonight. As you
see from our signs...we don’t play well with each other! It was hard!!!"
Sept 8, 2019: Brad, Michele, Bradley,
and Laurel went on a 9/11 run. Great
job guys!
Sept 8, 2019:
Bradley &
Laurel! They
have now
moved to
Spokane, WA.
New address
Sept 11, 2019: Franklin's first day
of preschool!
Sept 6, 2019: This is Lynn G, Hank, and Mike B. Both Lynn and Mike first worked at Al
Naish Moving and Storage with Hank and then all three worked together at Brendamour
Moving and Storage. They have known each other for over 50 years. They have been meeting
for lunch every month for many years. Lynn has inoperable pancreatic cancer and this was
their last trip to their favorite restaurant in Sharonville, Szechuan House.
Sept 14, 2019: Julia's new car! Drive safe!!!
Sept 14, 2019: Ali posted this picture of she
and Wes in Phoenix and wrote: Chasing our
dream of going to all the MLB ballparks."
Sept 14, 2019:
Amy, Bart,
Jennifer, Jimmy,
Franklin, and
Lincoln spent an
exiting and
fun-filled day at
Cedar Point. The
video is also on
the Video Page
but click
here to
check out Jimmy
& Amy on the
Sept 15, 2019: Kindra and Nan went to Omaha to visit Daniel. Today, he ran a half marathon.
Good job Daniel!
Sept 15, 2019: Jill, photographer Mike, and Katie enjoyed a
day at the Bengals with the Ki family. I think tailgating
started around 9:00 am!
Sept 18, 2019: Darlene (back from back surgery) and me at our weekly golf outing.
Sept 18, 2019: Zoe giving Shelby baby sister
snuggles before school.
Sept 19, 2019: Ali posted this picture of she and
Wes and their friends Emily & Nick and wrote:
Last Reds game of the season and a recap of our
baseball season: Wes and I have gone to 9 Reds games
this season. We watched the Reds go 1–1 in Phoenix
against the Diamondbacks and visited our first indoor
baseball park. The AC was wonderful. Also went to a
baseball game in the Mile High city at beautiful Coors
Field. Witnessed Aquino’s 3 HR game. Went to our
first Opening Day. Got free pizza only twice this year.
Attended a few fireworks Friday’s. Received
promotions like a Suarez bobble head, baseball cards
and a fleece blanket. But most importantly, we made
memories with friends and family. Although it wasn’t
a winning season for the Reds, baseball season for us
is always a win
❤" She ten added "One correction....
we have now gotten free pizza 3 times this season

These are the stadiums they have visited:
Chase Field ✔️ Great American Ball Park ✔️
Coors Field ✔️ PNC Field ✔️ Busch Stadium ✔️
Nationals Park ✔️

They can’t wait to start planning next year’s trips.
Sept 19, 2019: Shelby is now 4 months old!
Sept 21, 2019: Bart & Amy at Stambaugh Stadium with their friends Phil & Karen,
seeing a Blake Shelton Concert.
Sept 19, 2019: Sunday morning with Daddy! Madison, Shelby, and Zoe
with Michael!
Sept 22, 2019: Damion and Amanda and friends. I believe they had been
'boat-gating' instead of tail-gating!
Sept 23, 2019:
Beautiful Harper!


Sept 22, 2019:
Frankie's first big
roller coaster ride
with dad Dan! Click
here to see the
coaster. And he
Sept 26, 2019: Coni
and Chris just
returned from a
wonderful trip to the
Great Smoky
Mountains. Sure looks
like they had big fun!
Sept 25, 2019: Brent, Jill, Scott, and I played 9 holes of golf
at The Vineyard (Brent treated). Scott & I beat Brent and
Jill by 2 strokes so they had to pay us each a dollar (and Jill
paid for Brent's loss since he paid for golf). We then picked
up Hank and we treated them all to Skyline. It was a truly
wonderful and fun time!
Sept 26, 2019: Kindra and Wes playing hockey together. It doesn't
get much better than that!
Sept 25, 2019: It was National Daughter Day and Amanda posted pictures of her four daughters and Tammy posted pictures of her one daughter! All
beautiful ladies!
Harper's Annual Pumpkin Photo!
Sept 28, 2019: Lisa,
Emma, her friend, and
Alex spent their day  
at the Renaissance
Sept 26, 2019: Ali went with her friend to Disney and
Universal. She posted this picture and wrote: "Donut
mind me, just chilling on my throne."
Sept 28,
2019: Harper
playing Putt
Putt at a
party. And
she's being
silly with Joe!
Sept 29, 2019: Tammy posted this and wrote: "Great afternoon for a hike!"
Oct 5, 2019: Jennifer at the Punch Bowl Social for her 20th
high school reunion.
Oct 5, 2019: Julia and her date for the Homecoming Dance. Scott, Tammy, and Julia!
Oct 5, 2019: Hope & friends at Hope's Bachelorette Party!
Oct 5, 2019:
Jim & Sher
took Franklin
to the circus.
Lincoln wasn't
able to join
them but
Frankie had a
great time!
Oct 6, 2019: Ali posted this on Facebook: "Amy and I are volunteering for the SRAPPA conference that NKU is hosting
this week and we are leading a group at the Ark Encounter today. It’s unreal how big it really is."
Oct 6, 2019: It looks like the entire clan went to Shaw Farms.
Looks like some ladies got their faces painted, another one got
tossed into the pumpkin patch, and Grandpa was a good sport
wearing a crown!
Oct 6, 2019:
Lisa taking
Alex for a

Amanda and
Lisa just
Oct 7, 2019: Hank, me, Mike S.
and Chris B--Another fun day
with the family on the golf
course. Hank filled in for Scott
D (he just rode with me, he
didn't play). Thank you Hank!


Brent and Kindra spent the
weekend exploring and hiking
at Hocking Hills!
Oct 6, 2019: Zoe, Madison, and Alyssa enjoying a movie & popcorn!
Aren't sisters special?
Oct 9, 2019: Tammy posted tons of pictures and wrote: "Beautiful evening with
Harper--it was dinner, Play-Doh, games, outdoor fun and then back inside for more
games and then we took her home." These are just two of my favorites.
Oct 11, 2019: Emma at Kings Island.

Lincoln having some Fall Fun!
Oct 11, 2019: Harper, Kelsey, and Julia:  Pre-game at the Hannig house.
Oct 13, 2019: Sunday Family Fun Day at Bart and Amy's for a clam bake.

Jennifer, Dan, Bart, Amy, Frankie, Seth, Aly, Jimmy, and Lincoln!
Oct 16, 2019: It's official! Our youngest granddaughter, Julia, got her permanent driver's
license! Congratultions, Julia!
Oct 17, 2019: Madison licking the beaters! Nothing better.
Oct 19, 2019: Franklin in a pile of leaves he raked!
Oct 20, 2019: Kindra won 4 Bengals tickets and gave
them to Wes & Ali and she took her parents! They were
early and that's why there's not lots of fans in the
stands yet!
Oct 19, 2019: Joe & Hope tied the knot at The Willow Tree in Tipp City, Ohio! It was a beautiful wedding, awesome reception, and a wonderful gathering of family and
friends! There are numerous photos on Facebook! Congratulations Joe & Hope & Harper!
Laurel with Brad & Michele's dogs!
Oct 20, 2019: The
Wilsons visited the
Great Wolf Lodge.
Frankie got to go to
Build-A-Bear among
other adventures!
Michele sent me this
picture of she and Amanda
saying that Amanda took
her to
The Fiddler On The
play! What a good
Oct 23, 2019: Harper enjoying the autumn leaves!
Oct 25, 2019: Mike, Jill, Wes, and Ali having a scary good time at
King's Island!
Oct 26, 2019: Wes & Ali in Cleveland for a wedding.
Oct 27, 2019: Alyssa holding a sleeping Shelby!
Oct 28, 2019: Me, previous neighbor Rich C, and Hank!
Oct 27, 2019: Zoe,
Michael, Alyssa, and
Madison painting
their pumpkins.
Oct 31, 2019: Hank at a Brendamour Halloween party. His friend Lynn is on the left.
Oct 31, 2019:
Alyssa, Shelby,
and Zoe!

Joey is ready for
Trick or Treat!
Oct 31, 2019: Harper!

Julia & Kelsey passed out candy.
Oct 31, 2019: Franklin & Lincoln!

Jimmy, Jennifer, Dan, Franklin, Lincoln, and Tiffany. Look at
all that loot!
Nov 1, 2019: Julia posted
these pictures on
Facebook. For the two on
the left, she wrote: "Since
we just had our last
football game as a student
here’s some pics from the

For the one on the right
(they were at the Ohio
State Reformatory), she
wrote: "prison life is not
for us," and "we were
really interested and have
wanted to go for awhile
and her mom had a hotel
up here so after the
football game we drove
Nov 1, 2019: Lisa posted
these pictures of Emma
and herself at Red River
Gorge! She wrote: "Our
cabin comes with a cat."
Nov 1, 2019: Wes & Daniel joined
forces in Rantoul, Illinois at the Punkin
Nov 6, 2019: Franklin's preschool picture. I
call him 'Dapper Dan!'
Nov 4, 2011: Alyssa uses her mom's phone to
take selfies!!!
Nov 9, 2019: Amanda
& Michael had a date
(they went to a concert
in Lawrenceburg). Zoe
and Madison had a
good time while they
were gone too!
Nov 10, 2019: Zak
just returned
from a trip to
Germany and
Nov 14, 2019: Bart and Amy
took Lincoln to his first
Cleveland Cavaliers game.

Nov 10. 2019: Lincoln put this
on and said he had 'swag!'
Nov 15, 2019:
working hard
at preschool!
Nov 22, 2019: Harper
& Joe hiking in
Yellow Springs.
Oct 19, 2019: Will, Julia, Hope, Joe,
Harper, Tammy, and Scott. What an
awesome picture (and awesome day!)


Nov 23, 2019: Jimmy, Lincoln, and
Amy at Crocker Park for the
lighting of the Christmas tree!
Nov 26, 2019:
Frankie enjoying
himself on a ride
at Kalahari
Resorts in
Sandusky where
the family spend
a few days.
Nov 28, 2019:
Madison eating
something yummy!

Shelby happily

Amanda & her clone
Nov 28, 2019: Damion and Amanda with friends for their
traditional outing.
Nov 28, 2019: Mothers
and daughters:

Jill and me & Kindra
and her mom Nan!
Joe, Will & Julia!
Chris & Katie!
Joe & Hope!
Dec 1, 2019: Alex & Emma harvesting their Christmas tree. Same day, the tree is decorated!
Nov 28, 2019: Brent, Jill, and Scott! We celebrated Brent and Jill's birthdays at
<-- Dec 3, 2019: Ali is a
nominee for the
Administ-ration & Finance
Outstanding Service
Award. Hope you get it Ali!


--> Dec 1, 2019: Will,
Scott, Tammy, Joe, Hope,
Harper, and Julia at the
Plaza Theater watching
Elf! This was preceded by a
trip to Uncle Joe's Candy
Store where Julia bought
everyone candy, and
followed by a dinner at
home of spagetti and
meatballs (syrup optional!)
Dec 6, 2019: Shelby!!!
Dec 6, 2019: Frankie's teacher posted this adorable story. Way to go, Wilsons!!!
Dec 6, 2019: Ali at  
OHSAA State Football
Championships at
Tom Benson Hall of
Fame Stadium with
her dad.
Dec 5,2019: Harper
performing at her
Kindergarten concert.
She was so happy to see
so many family
members in the
audience that she just
kept waving to them!
Dec 6, 2019: Amanda
posted pictures on
Facebook and wrote:
Super fun week with
my love and wonderful
friends! Girls night in
CLE, Toy Story themed
fundraiser, Phish in
Pittsburgh and
Playhouse Square.
Feeling blessed - and

Dec 6, 2019: Scott &
Joe went to Reds Fest.
HERE to see
what Scott had Dave
Bristol autograph for
him. Scott only told
Dave that he was
Ray's nephew.
Dec 7, 2019: Wes posted this and wrote: "Watched Miami win
the MAC Championship! I had to post since Ali  wasn’t here.
Dec 7, 2019: Joe, Harper, Hope, and Frozen characters at Joe's company Christmas party.
Emma and company on Cookie Day, 2019!
Dec 8, 2019:
Lincoln and
Frankie got to
visit Santa
Dec 12, 2019: Frankie before & during his
concert! He spotted Grandpa Bart in the audience!
Dec 12, 2019: Brent sent me this
picture and wrote: "Daniel created
label. Wes brewed. Kindra filled the
bottles and I capped them." Castle Hill
is the name of the street they live on!
Dec 12, 2019: Aly sent me this picture and wrote: "I
thought you might enjoy our attempt at a Christmas
picture with our puppy Joey and her TV debut!"
Dec 14, 2019: The Hopkins girls--Zoe, Madison, and Shelby!
Dec 15, 2019: Congratulations Wes & Ali! Ali posted: "I said Yes to Wes in a Winter Wonderland surrounded by our
best friends. Can’t wait to start the next journey of life with you!"
Dec 16, 2019: Madison LOVED the snow!
Dec 16, 2019: Laurel updated her Facebook profile!
Dec 15, 2019: Amy posted this picture of she and
Colleen and wrote: "Another year of successful
day of candy making. I think we decided it has
been 34 years."
Dec 16, 2019: Jim and Sher took Franklin to see Christmas lights at
Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds.
Dec 16, 2019: Amanda & Damion & their beautiful
Christmas tree!
Dec 21, 2019: Jennifer posted this
and wrote: "Frankie’s fish didn’t
make it through the night. He
wanted to write him a “nice
Dec 21, 2019: Amy posted this picture of Lincoln & Frankie
and wrote: "Family time is precious. Cousin love is real!"
They were at Sherry & Jim's for their Christmas Party.
Dec 24, 2019: Brent beat Daniel playing
Frisbee Golf, or Frolf, as Dee calls it!


Dec 21, 2019: A friend of Amanda &
Damion's posted this picture and wrote:
"Absolutely amazing night!!!! Thank you
for all that came and dressed up!!! It
made these kids night maybe even
better this year!!!
Dec 25, 2019: Damion & Amanda on a Christmas motorcycle ride!
Dec 25, 2019: Brent asked
me on Christmas Day where
the tree topper was that Zak
made for me when he was
very little. It's a decorated
dixie cup. It was on top of
the small tree that Zak had
brought me when I was in
the hospital 6 years ago.
The tree was on the bottom
shelf of the table where the
bigger tree was. Brent
walked it around to show it
off! Love you guys.
Dec 26, 2019: Bart and Amy at Yard House.
Dec 28, 2019: Kindra and Daniel
as he was heading back to
Dec 28, 2019: Amanda gave Michael one of his
anniversary presents early. Too funny!
Dec 28, 2019: Lincoln wears his Harlem
Globetrooters headband all the time since he saw
them in person!
Dec 25, 2019: Found two more Christmas morning photos--Harper and Lincoln.
Dec 28, 2019: Zak, with friends Pablo and Jeff,
at Serpent Mound.
Dec 31, 2019: Sue and Scott at a very special party. Click HERE to read a
fancinating story! If you're in to classic cars, you may want to plan a trip to
Clearwater. Thanks for the pictures, link, and story, Scott!
Dec 31, 2019: Harper welcoming in


We celebrated Chris's January 5th
birthday on New Year's Eve at Jill and
Mike's. Here's Hank and his beautiful
granddaughter Katie and Chris is
giving Jill a 'thumbs up' for the
delicious Oreo Truffles. Happy
Birthday Chris!