Jan 4, 2010: Amanda had lots of birthday
celebrations for her birthday and this one was at Red
Robin Gourmet Burgers with family.
Jan 5, 2020: Katie posted this on Facebook and wrote: "Happy birthday to my man!
I love you! Pictures from 2008 to 2019. What an amazing life we have created
Michael & Amanda
Alyssa & Zoe
Jan 7, 2020: Zoe lost her
front tooth and was going
to wait for the Tooth
Fairy to arrive!

You all know, of course,
that when Brent was
young, he said he saw the
Tooth Fairy! He
described it as having red
hair, freckles, and
wearing glasses. Then he
added that he wanted to
be a fairy when he grew
up. Jill told him he
couldn't be a fairy
because you had to be
born into a fairy family!
Jan 6, 2020: Daniel
& Bailey at Alpha
Zeta Omega
Winter Convention
2020 - Fort Worth,
Jan 7, 2020: Looks like
Lincoln lost a tooth too!


Jan 7, 2020: Jennifer,
Franklin, Jim, Lincoln,
Jim's sister Barb, and
Jimmy! Dan's reflection
can be seen in the
window taking the
Jan 7, 2020: A BIG
JOURNAL! Click on the book
for an enlargement!
Click on me!
Jan 5, 2020: The girls (Harper, Hope, Tammy, and Julia) went to the
movies and saw Frozen II!
Jan 15, 2020: SHELBY!
Jan 12, 2020: Lincoln holding Aly's dog, Joey!
Jan 5, 2020: The
Tammy, Julia, and
Jan 17, 2020: This was published in the Dayton Daily News.
Julia is second from the left.
Jan 17, 2020: Zoe,
who is now 6!

Jan 17, 2020: Ali
posted this picture
of she and Wes and
wrote: "Having fun
in the President’s
Suite at the NKU
women’s basketball
game against
Wright State.
Thanks to NKU
Staff Congress for
a fun night!"
Jan 18, 2020:
Frankie spent a fun
night with Grandma
Amy and Grandpa


Michael and
Amanda designed
and made an
amazing wall!
Jan 19, 2020: Zoe's 6th birthday party with friends.
Jan 20, 2020: Ali posted this
private message on Facebook to
family members:

"We will send out official 'save the
date' later but mark your calendars
for Saturday, Sept 26, 2020 for our

Thank you Ali, for allowing me to
post this on Buhale. We are all
looking forward to it!
Jan 21, 2020" Frankie at Chuck E.
Cheese's telling the world he's #1!
Jan 23, 2020: Shelby, Zoe, & Michael.
Jan 24, 2020: Nancy,
granddaughter Ashley,
Charlotte (who was married
to Pete Healy), me, Jack,
and Hank.

Eileen Healy, the last of 10
children of Aunt Marge's
brother (I think it's Charles
named after her dad) died
and her funeral was in our
area. They came to visit and
then took us out to dinner.
Even though I told them it
was our treat, Nancy
grabbed the check first.
Thank you guys. It was
great seeing you even under
difficult circumstances.
Jan 29, 2020:
Wes & Ali at
Aronoff Center
on their 7th
anniversary of
their first date!


Scott & Julia
(with stars on her
face) at Kroger!
Feb 1, 2020: Lincoln
(with Amy & Bart)
at a Monsters Pro
Hockey game.

Joe and Harper at a
Fairborn game.
Feb 3, 2020: Amanda & Michael!


Feb 2, 2020: Super Bowl Sunday Funday
with Zoe, Madison, and Shelby!
Feb 3, 2020: Sue in Seaside, Florida!
Feb 4, 2020: Ali said "Yes to the Dress!" With
Kindra, Emily, and her mom Cathy.
Feb 2, 2020: Brent & Scott playing Frisbee Golf!
Feb 7, 2020: Alyssa, Madison and Zoe are
having fun in the snow!
Feb 7, 2020: Zoe & Michael ready for
their first Daddy-Daughter Dance.
After the dance, Michael posted "One
of the best nights of my life so far!"
Feb 7, 2020: Ali posted this and wrote: "Wes
ran a 10k so we could go to a hockey game and
get free hats!"
Feb 9, 2020: Bart & Amy in Argentina. For this picture, Amy wrote: "The gauchos met us at
the front of the ranch. We went to where we watched polo, danced, and ate an incredible meal."
Feb 14, 2020:
Emma & Alex at
their  Daddy-
Daughter Dance.

Feb 13, 2020:
Harper showing off
her bag of goodies
from her school
Feb 17, 2020: Frankie (with
Dan watching) being a very
brave boy!
Feb 19, 2020: Shelby at 9
months old!
Feb 16, 2020: Harper taking a selfie with mom & dad at a Wright
State basketball game.
Feb 21, 2020: If
Shelby could talk,
she'd say "More
grilled cheese


Feb 18, 2020:
Julia's  new
Facebook profile,
mostly featuring
Feb 22, 2020: Katie with her cousin
Mandy celebrating her birthday

Feb 22, 2020: Michael and Zoe on
their way to The Mad Potter in
Madeira for Daddy's, Daughters,
and Donuts! Can't what to see what
you guys created!
Feb 23, 2020: It looks like Tammy
had Harper's help decorating her
house for St. Patrick's Day! Even
Joe got in on the fun.
Feb 25 & 26, 2020: Kids at work! Lincoln being Harry Potter, Madison painting her own fingernails, and Franklin
mopping the kitchen floor with his boots on!
Feb 24, 2020: Click on the photo above. Sher sent
this email to me. It's from the newer owners of
Walsh. This is so terrific!
Harper & Joe!
Feb 28, 2020: Joe, Will, Scott, and Harper being silly!                                               Joe, Harper, Tammy, and Will!
Mar 1, 2020: Harper on
her ride home from our
house. We had a 'Miss
your face--Pick up your
casino gifts--Pizza
Party!' Guess we wore
her out!


Amanda and Damion:
Amanda posted this on
Facebook and wrote:
"We survived another
year of jumping in the
lake and got to follow it
up with some amazing
music!! Thank you to
everyone who
sponsored our jump."
Mar 1, 2020:"
posted this
picture of she
and Frankie
and wrote:
"No place I'd
rather be!"
Mar 1, 2020: Scott & Wes putting
up a new flag. Our family does so
much for us!
Mar 1, 2020:
Julia and
Harper painting
pottery at
Mar 2, 2020: Congratulations to
Kindra for winning $10,627! She
said she was the 25th caller and
knew the amount of money. Way to
go, Kindra!!!!
Mar, 2020: Damion and Amanda are
enjoying their 'stay-cation' and I think
they're mostly eating their way though it by
their postings on Facebook! By the looks
on their faces, they are certainly enjoying
themselves! I'm sure the local businesses
are very happy you stayed in town. Love
you guys!
Mar 7, 2020: Fun Saturday at Trader's World! Michael and Chris---Madison, Coni, and Zoe---and Shelby!
Mar 5, 2020:
'scrubbing his
Mar 11, 2020: Ali posted this on
Facebook & wrote: "Welcoming the
NKU men’s basketball team back to
campus after their Horizon League
tournament championship win! Proud
to be a NKU employee and a member
of Norse Nation! I’m ready to cheer
our team on in the NCAA
Mar 8, 2020: There was a birthday party to celebrate Dan's & Aly's birthdays! And here's Bart and Amy with
their adorable grandsons, Lincoln & Frankie!
Mar 14, 2020:


Mar 13, 2020: Aly
and Joey have a
girls day out!
Mar 15, 2020: Lisa with
her mom and daughter
Emma at Eastfork Lake.
Her sister took the
Mar 17, 2020: Hope, Julia, and their work friends at Rooster's trying to make the best out
of a bad situation. Hang in there girls!
Mar 21, 2020: Zoe
got glasses!


Mar 17, 2020:
Tammy & Scott
enjoying a St.
Patrick's Day drink!
Mar 20, 2020: One the one nice day we've had, Alyssa, Shelby, Zoe, and Madison got some good, clean fresh air and
Mar 21, 2020: Julia Tammy pasted
this on Facbook: "Julia just yelled
from upstairs... Dad, Dad.... my
toilet's smokin'. We go running
upstairs only to find this."
Mar 22, 2020: Amanda
posted this on Facebook and
wrote: "Gigi saved the week
by dropping LOL’s off for
Zoe and Madi, On Guard for
me and a new romper for
Alyssa. We are some spoiled
girls over here. Even while
practicing social distancing
our little village is staying
Mar 25, 2020: Lincoln
enjoying shooting baskets
while the sun shines!

Brent installed LED lights on
their pinball machine. Looking
good, Brent!
Mar 28, 2020:
Tammy posted
these and wrote:
Just a girl and her
Mar 26, 2020:
Amanda posted this
picture of Zoe and
wrote: Messy hair
and fairy wings!

Mar 26, 2020: Julia
posted this picture
of she and Harper
and wrote: Glad I
got to spend the
day with my BFF!
Apr 2, 2020: Hank's 'wall of family photos' in the garage!
Apr 2, 2020: My 79th birthday! I had visitors (safe), dinner, cards,
gifts, phone calls, video calls, Facebook posts, and love from my
family and friends. Great birthday. Thank you all!
Apr 4, 2020: Tammy and friends at work trying to put smiles on faces.
Apr 6, 2020: Does a bear do it in the woods or
does Frankie?
Apr 7, 2020: Michael power-washing his neighbor's house.
Apr 7, 2020: After Bart got a workout 'walking the dog,' he
and Amy enjoyed time in the hot tub!
Apr 7, 2020: Aly with her dog Joey, who  
was 'March guest of the month' at Preppy
Pet Fairview Park.
Apr 7, 2020: Lincoln is ready!
Apr 7, 2020: Harper is spending
some quality time with her
grandparents, and her aunt and
uncle. Too bad she's not having
any fun whatsoever!
Apr 9, 2020: (Below) Julia and Kelsey made this beautiful mosaic while practicing social distancing!
(Right) Julia sent me this picture with this statement: "He taught me how to play backgammon this afternoon and now I’m whoopin' his
butt in it!! I thought I would share considering you gave him this game. Love ya."
Apr 11, 2020: Madison, Alyssa, and Zoe coloring their eggs!
Shelby is currently too young to help, but wanted to.
Apr 10, 2020: Alyssa enjoyed a game of Wii Bowling on
her birthday!
Apr 12, 2020: Lincoln and his Easter Basket!
Apr 12, 2020: Alyssa, Zoe, Madison, and Shelby on Easter morning!
Apr 12, 2020: Scott, Will, Tammy,
Harper, Hope, Joe, and Julia enjoying
quality time on Easter!
Apr 12, 2020: Tom sent me this picture
of Jim and Sher at their door but Sher
called me later and told me that they
went to every one of their family's
houses to wish them a Happy Easter.
The only one they missed was Brian
because he was supposed to be at Brad
& Michele's and hadn't gotten there
yet. They also brought plants for all the
ladies. Well done guys! You know
everyone appreciated what you did!
Apr 20, 2020: BFF's Julia and Harper!
Apr 20, 2020: Our personal (and wonderful) Meals-
On-Wheels staff, Mike & Jill! They had already
delivered to Zak and then were on their way to Chris
& Katie's.
Apr 20, 2020: Frankie having his social
distance Easter with Aly & Seth and with
Amy & Bart.
Apr 13, 2020: It took Jimmy three years to build his motorcycle. He took it
on his first ride today. Well done, Jimmy! Can't wait to see a video.
Apr 12, 2020: The Bearded Wonder Chef!
Apr 13, 2020: Madison thinking about
Apr 19, 2020: Shelby is now 11 months old!
Apr 18, 2020: Jennifer posted these and wrote: "He likes to pose for pictures, never just a nice smile.
Apr 19, 2020:
Amanda posted
pictures and
wrote: "Social
birthdays can still
be amazing!
Thanks to all of
our lake friends
for celebrating
with us!"
Apr 20, 2020: Amanda posted a Share on
Facebook of Zoe. Click
HERE to read the
Apr 21, 2020: Julia sent me three photos
and said that she and her dad won three
games of Trivia Pursuit, beating her mom
and Will! Way to go!
Apr 21, 2020: Julia and 3 friends
used their brothers' caps and gowns
to take pictures!
Apr 23, 2020: Brian's new Facebook profile.
Lookin' good Brian!
Apr 24, 2020: Tiffany said "That'll
keep him quiet for a minute!" (Hope
you can see the tape on his mouth!) :)
Apr 25, 2020: Brad said Did a little horse therapy today!
Sherry said "Butchie helped calm Spirit so much so
that one of them took a snooze!" Check it out.
Forever Amber Acres
April 27, 2020: Aly wrote: I am excited to
announce, I am starting my Scentsy journey! Click
HERE for more information.
As we all are still coping in our own ways during
this Corona Virus but maybe seeing the light at the
end of the tunnel, there was a very good article
posted on Facebook. Click
HERE to read it. And
thank you, Amanda H for putting it all in
Apr 28, 2020: Just one of Wes and
Ali's engagement photos!
Apr 28, 2020: Sher wrote: "Got to see one of my
boys today & take him McDonald’s. Then came
dessert! Miss him so much."
Apr 27, 2020: Beautiful Harper among beautiful flowers!
Wes & Ali's
Ali & Wes
Lisa & Alex
Apr 30, 2020: Here's another 'small world' story for you! Both
Wes & Ali and Alex & Lisa closed on their new homes today!
Picture forthcoming of Alex & Lisa's home! Congratulations all!
Apr 13, 2020: Not
sure how I missed
this beautiful picture
of Emma on her
11th birthday but
happy I found it.
Hope you had a
great birthday,
May 3, 2020:
Amanda made
this shirt for her
dad, Brad!!!


May 2, 2020: Zoe
& Madison
helping Daddy
Michael with the
yard work!
May 1, 2020: Our first Zoom Trivia Party! We laughed our 'you know whats' off! Can't wait to
see you all in person soon! But this was the next best thing. Sadly, the 'boys' beat the 'girls' 3
to 0! Revenge is ours!!!
May 3, 2020: Julia sent me these photos with
the caption: 2011 vs. 2020! Love you, girl!
May 3, 2020: Sherry enjoyed her 60th
birthday with not only this zoom
party, but her day got started with a
huge parade past her house, with
balloons, banners, honking, and well
wishes. Amy made cupcakes so
everyone could grab one to eat during
this zoom party. Sherry, I hope you
know how special you are to everyone
who knows and loves you.

It was great seeing everyone,
especially those who are far away.
May 3, 2020: Some of the folks helping Sherry celebrate her 60th birthday. And Amy made one awesome gift for her. Beautiful and thoughtful!
May 6, 2020:
Lincoln  running
off all his pent
up energy!
May 8, 2020: Zoe, the adorable pizza
May 9, 2020: Harper, the cutest bandit ever!
May 10, 2020: Amy, Frankie, & Jennifer!
May 10, 2020: Hope, Tammy, & Harper with her handprint on her grandma's gift!
May 10, 2020: Amy visiting her mom,
Nancy, on Mother's Day!
May 10, 2020: We celebrated Hank's 82nd Birthday and Mother's Day at Jill and
Mike's with all their family. Wonderful day!
May 10, 2020:  Will thought it
would be funny to post over his
mom's framed photos with
various photos of Bill Murray
to make her chuckle.  He asked
Julia to do it and she did!
Tammy's holding her Mother's
Day card and here's just one
photo, with was Joe & Hope's
wedding photo! Good job Will
and Julia!
May 11, 2020: Another
family Zoom Trivia
Party! Two new
members joined us,
Sarah and Nan! Hope
you guys had fun.
May 16, 2020: Shelby's 1st Birthday party!
Where did that time go?
May 16, 2020: Ali &
Wes at the drive-in!
Funny how drive-ins
were almost extinct
and movie theaters
were booming. Our
world is upside down!

May 15, 2020:
Lincoln enjoying
some outside
May 17, 2020: Brad posted this and wrote: "Golfing today with great
friends! 311!" 311 was their AF squadron they were in together.
Zoe on the lake!
This is how Buhale family members 'punish' the children! Frankie got 'tied up' by his Aunt Sherry, Lincoln got
his 'mouth taped up' by his Mom, and Julia got 'tied up' by her brother Will back in 2009!
May 21, 2020: Frankie's first dental visit!
May 23, 2020: Alex & Emma!
May 23, 2020: CONGRATULATIONS to Julia, our youngest
grandchild, on her graduation from Miamisburg High School!
We are all so proud of you and know that the end of your
senior year was not what you expected. Love you so much!
May 26,
2020: Amy
posted: Bart
got me a gas
fire pit for my
birthday! It’s
a week early
but he
wanted us to
enjoy it!
May 29, 2020: Jennifer took
Frankie out to his first store in
two months, to the Dollar Tree!


I captured this photo of Julia
from their High School video
and slide show of her
May 28, 2020: Julia posted this to let everyone know
that Rooster's was open!
May 31, 2020: Ali posted these two pictures and wrote: "We just turned in the keys to our very first home
together. Apartment 12 has been great to us for the past 4 years but we are ready for the adventures of
being homeowners."
Jun 2, 2020: Amy posted
this and said: "Thank
you to Bart for my new
fire pit and my niece
Amanda for my new
shirt she made for me!
Great birthday eve!"

Shirt says: "A day
without BEER is like...  
just kidding, I have no
The close-up of Harper's water is a beautiful pattern.
Jun 7, 2020: Harper's
showing off the ceramic
piggy bank she made. It
was a Christmas
present from Brent &
Kindra that she made at

Jun 6, 2020: Zoe &
Alyssa celebrating their
graduations from 1st
and 8th grades.
Congratulations ladies!
Jun 12, 2020: Hope spending her birthday working!
Jun 13, 2020: Dan & Jennifer & friends at 2020 Covid-19 King Crab night.
Jun 7, 2020: Our
wonderful family again
came over to clean up our
landscape and put down
mulch! Thank you all so
very much!
Jun 14, 2020: Hank & I planting a kiss on the graduate, Julia!
Jun 14, 2020: Mike, Julia, and Jill!
Jun 14, 2020: Brent, Julia, & Kindra!
Jun 14, 2020: Scott, Julia, and Tammy!
Jun 14, 2020: Joe, Scott, and Will at Julia's Graduation Party!
Jun 14, 2020: Family on the left, friends on
the right! Click
here to see Julia's graduation
video that Scott made for her.
Jun 20, 2020: Ali posted this and wrote: "Our first
and last wedding as fiancés before our big day."  
Zoe & Shelby!
Father's Day: Joe, Will, Julia, Harper, and Scott. Hope had to work and Tammy took the picture!
Jun 22, 2020: Aly wrote: My mom
made me the best shirt ever! That’s
actually Joey! Thanks mom!! I love
Jun 22, 2020: Kindra posted this: It's been
too long, but seems like yesterday. Good
food and wine, great company!
Jun 20, 2020: Brent visited Daniel in Omaha for five days and had some father/son fun!
Jun 25, 2020: Joe, Harper, and Julia at Huffman Dam in Dayton.
Chef Michael!
Jun 28, 2020:
Franklin &
friend at Indian
Creek RV Park.


Jun 27, 2020:
celebrated her
3rd birthday in
Jul 1, 2020: Amanda &
Damion wrote: Sweet
little picnic-Harley
style-with my love
Damion Dolney.


Jul 1, 2020: Ali &
Danielle had a very
busy day! They went to
the zoo (to see Fiona)
and then went to Kings
Island and had won the
first-rider auction to
ride Orion! Click
to take a ride!
Jun 28, 2020: Michael & Shelby!
Breakfast at the Hopkins on July 5th and pool time on July 3rd.
Jul 3, 2020: Lincoln & his haircut!
Jul 7, 2020: Just Frankie hanging out in his swing!
Jul 10, 2020: After Harper face-timed
with us and she saw Grandpa Hank
was eating ice cream, she wanted
(and got) some too!
Jul 10, 2020: Bandit Michael!
Jul 12, 2020: Kindra posted this and wrote "Both boys and the bonus
daughter, what more could a mom ask for! Glad you made it home safely,
Jul 15, 2020:
Frankie as Venom,
a Marvel Comics


Jul 13, 2020: Scott,
Harper, Joe,
Tammy, Will, and
Julia celebrating
Tammy's birthday!
Jul 13, 2020: Scott D, Mike S, me, and Chris B at our biannual
family golf outing!
Harper at a family party!
Jul 19, 2020: Tiffany and
Lincoln at the Asian
Lantern Festival.


Jul 18, 2020: Daniel and
Will joined us for dinner
and Trivial Pursuit!
Jul 20, 2020: Chris & Coni treated us to dinner at Butterbee's for our spring birthdays and showed me and sent me these pictures on her phone.
Lisa, Emma, & Alex                                                                                 Aubrey (BFF) & Alyssa                                                               Casey & Joey                                                Shelby
Jul 21, 2020: Amy posted: "Franklin got to pick the very first tomato I have ever grown. I don’t think I have ever seen
him more excited, because he has been watching the plants since the day I planted them. He kept saying how happy he
was and kissing it! He took it home and made a bed for it! This kid cracks me up!
Jul 20, 2020: When I went to Sonya's to get my haircut, she showed me this picture of Katie I had
given her. She found it at home but brought it back to her salon to show it off!
Jul 21, 2020: Aly & Joey!
Jul 21, 2020: Zoe, Amanda, & Shelby at the zoo. The rest of the family was there too!
Jul 21, 2020: Will, me, & Hank!
Jul 24, 2020: Wes &
Ali ready for
Opening Day! I got
into the spirit too, by
sitting on this bench
at Belterra Casino!
Jul 24, 2020: One
more visit from
Will. He was 'dog
& house sitting'
for the Dezarns
while they went to
Florida with Jill &
Mike. It was fun
having he, and
Daniel visit the
old folks!
July, 2020: Mike, Jill, Chris, Katie, Brooke, and Blake just enjoyed a week-long
vacation in Destin, Florida!
Jul 25, 2020: Julia's 18th Birthday! Top
row: Will, Hope, Harper, Joe.
Bottom row: Tammy, Julia, Scott.

I think Harper helped Julia blow out her

Now all of our seven grandchildren are
July, 2020: Sue & Scott enjoyed a vacation in Blue Ridge, Georgia. This is Scott with his brother Steve & Scott,
Sue, and their friend Michael.
This is the 'cabin' they stayed in. The picture was taken from a drone.
Jul 26, 2020: Amy, Aly, and Jennifer making a big splash at their friend's wedding!
Jul 28, 2020:
Tom on his 81st
Looking just
like your dad!


Jul 27, 2020:
Jim and Lincoln
at Dave &
Jul 28, 2020: Harper & Joe!
Jul 30, 2020: Frankie on 'donut day!'
Aug 1, 2020: Zoe holding a bunny!
Jul 31, 2020: Wes at his 'bachelor party' which was actually a get
together with his family and their next door neighbors! Ali had
her bachelorette party this weekend too.
Ali and her bachelorette guests downtown and kayaking. They also had a zoom party and went to a karaoke
bar! Click
HERE for a special video and click HERE for the zoom party photos.
Frankie enjoyed
many 4th birthday
celebrations and
there's tons more
photos and videos
on Facebook!
Aug 2, 2020: Brian posted his picture and then daddy Brad posted this and
wrote: "Right back at ya!"
Aug 1, 2020: Hope and Harper in
Mommy & Me sunglasses.
Aug 2, 2020: Harper celebrated her 6th birthday with family and friends. The party theme was
The Fairly Odd Parents! Scott, of course, did all the artwork.
Aug 2, 2020: Happy 6th Birthday, Harper!
Aug 2, 2020: A few more photos from Harper's birthday party--Harper giving me the biggest hug--Julia and I posing for Will (she made me do it)--and Scott, Will, Wes, Daniel, & Ali!
Aug 5, 2020: Frankie waiting for the
ice cream truck!
Aug 5, 2020: Daniel, Scott, Will, and Brent having an afternoon of frisbee golf and baseball!
Aug 7, 2020: Lisa posted this picture of Alex, she, and Emma and wrote: "Even though it
looks like I’m ready to surf, we were getting ready to ride Orion!
Aug 8, 2020: Zak & Katie as we celebrated Katie's birthday!
Aug 8, 2020: Lincoln celebrating his 8th birthday!
Aug 8, 2020: Wes & Ali at Kings Island.
Aug 8, 2020:
Tammy's niece
Miranda and her
boyfriend Jordan
visited Scott &
Tammy and the
four of them went
to a park and
Huffman Dam.
Julia got into the
pic at home!
Aug 11, 2020: Frankie's first Taekwondo class.
Aug 12, 2020: Lincoln at the zoo on his 8th
Aug 11, 2020: Wes, Scott, Brent, and Daniel, having a
sporty day.
Frankie & Jenny!
Aug 29, 2020: Scott bought a 1947 St. Louis
Browns Jersey, just like the one Uncle Raymond
would have worn. This has no number on it yet,
but he like to find 37 and have it sewn on.  Ray
wore that number in 1948 when he had his only
MLB victory. AND...he got that victory at home,
so the home uniform would be appropriate.
Aug 21, 2020:
Tammy sent me
this picture and
wrote: "Joseph and
Will went to the
Dave Chapelle
Show last night.
There were many
guests but the
biggest one's were
Bill Burr and
Darius Rucker."
Aug 23, 2020: Wes & Ali
went hiking at East Fork!


Aug 22, 2020: Shelby
cuddling with her
Aug 23, 2020:
Jennifer, Seth, Aly,
Dan, Frankie, Bart,
and Amy at Geneva


Aug 23, 2020:
Michele (not sure
what she's doing but
she's working!)
Aug 23, 2020: Joe &
Aug 25, 2020: Shelby says "Peek-a-Boo!"
Aug 25, 2020: Ali
posted this and wrote:
"I had my hair/
makeup trial today for
the wedding and I
decided if I was
getting all dolled up it
should be a date night.
I finally got to try
Sotto downtown and it
was amazing. The
short rib pasta was so
good and sadly I
forgot to take a
picture of the ricotta
donuts but as you can
tell by the clean plate
we liked those too."
Aug 29, 2020: Madison, Shelby, and Michael having snacks and watching a
Disney movie together! Zoe was already asleep!
Aug 29, 2020: Ali's bridal shower was awesome! She got many wonderful gifts and was surrounded by family and friends! The quilt was made
Wes's grandma, Gail. Thank you to all her helped make this such a success, especially Kindra who hosted it since the original venue fell through.
Aug 29, 2020: Cathy and Kindra showing off their Mother of the Bride
and Mother of the Groom wine glasses Jill gave to them.
Aug 31, 2020: Back To School! Alyssa, Emma, and Zoe!
Sep 3, 2020: Sixty years of
wedded bliss! We have made a
wonderful family and life
together. Love this guy with all
my heart!

A picture of us on our 60th
Anniversary is above. We went
to the casino and then Jill &
Mike took us to Longhorn
Steakhouse. We celebrated
with the whole family on Sunday.
Sept 5, 2020: Lincoln at Majestic Meadows
petting a llama!

Sept 5, 2020: Damion! They had a Trump boat
rally with over 250 boats in the Akron area.
Sept 6, 2020: Our 60TH ANNIVERSARY celebration! We also (kinda) celebrated Kindra
and Joe's September birthdays. Scott painted a picture from our wedding day. There's many
more pictures on Facebook. Thank you everyone, who helped us celebrate!
Jimmy turned 40! The
shirt he is wearing was
given to Hank 42 years
ago by our friend Joane.
It is now being worn by
the 3rd generation!
Sept 8, 2020: The first day of 2nd grade for Lincoln and the 1st grade for
Sept 9, 2020: Another wonderful golf outing with the 'kids!'
Hank rode along with us this time, and Brent got an awesome
birdie. A trip to Skyline topped it off. Love you all so much, and
thanks for the memories!
Sept 8, 2020: Uncle Jim and Frankie just chillin'!
Sept 10, 2020: Hope, Joe, & Harper flying to Florida for Hope's sister's
wedding! Harper loved her first flight!
Sept 10, 2020: Madison
helping shuck the corn.
What a great helper!
Sept 12, 2020: Shelby cheering on Zoe at
her soccer game.
Sept 12, 2020: Flower girl Harper!
Sept 14, 2020: Ali posted
this and wrote: Thank
you to everyone at NKU
that was involved in
surprising me with a
virtual bridal shower. I
have some pretty
awesome co-workers!
Sept 18, 2020: Kindra posted: Spectacular night with my girls!
Reva, Patti, Peg, and of course my mama, Nan!
Sept 17, 2020: Amanda posted: Big sis helping
little sis with her social studies
Sept 17, 2020: Scott & Julia! Guess they were just being silly!
Sept 19, 2020: Amanda posted: A little bit of nature
will do the body good @ Woodland Mound.
Sept 19, 2020: Madison, Amanda, and Zoe at
Zoe's soccer game.
Sept 20, 2020: Amy
posted: Great day
at Cedar Point with
my boys!
Sept 22, 2020: Here's Lincoln being home-schooled but
the next day, Tiffany posted this: "Lincoln had his
appendix out this morning and while last night and
today have been pretty hard, I can’t express enough
how proud I am of this incredibly brave kid."
Zoe chillin'!
Sept 23, 2020: Zak on top of the Rockies!
Can you find him in the bigger picture?
Sept 24, 2020:
Tammy took Harper's
annual pumpkin photo!
Sept 26, 2020: Emma with a HUGE,
delicious-looking treat from a place
called Terry's!
Sept 25, 2020: Aly & Jennifer on
National Daughter's Day!
Sept 26, 2020: Amy made this shirt
for her Dad. It says "Vodka-The
Glue Holding This 2020 Shitshow
Sept 26, 2020: Ali & Wes had a photo booth at the reception and Harper & Julia took
advantage of it!
Sept 26, 2020: Wes
& Ali's Wedding! I
haven't gotten any
photos of them yet to
post. It was a
wonderful wedding!
Sept 26, 2020: Wes & Ali
dancing and posing in Devou
Park! Beautiful bride, handsome
groom, wonderful wedding!!!!

Sept 27, 2020: Tammy posted:
What a wonderful weekend...
starting with the wedding of Wes
and Ali, making Ali an official
Hannig and then a Sunday
funday...Lots of science projects,
fun in the leaves, Halloween
decorating, nails and a family
dinner and game night
celebrating Joe's 28th birthday.
News and Pictures - 2020
Oct 3, 2020: Hope,
Harper, and Joe at
the pumpkin patch.
It looks like Harper
found her perfect
Oct 3, 2020: Chris,
Alyssa, and Amanda
at Zoe's soccer game.
Looks like Alyssa
outgrew her mom!
Oct 2, 2020: Jill, Hank, &
I met Zak at The Madison
Place Coffee Shop, a
beautiful place that Zak's
church, Gladstone House,
converted from an old
hardware store. They
evidently took a picture
for advertising purposes
while we were there! You
can see Zak, Jill (barely)
and Hank. I was in the
restroom! Awesome place!


Oct 3, 2020: Tammy
posted this: "Julia
navigated three airports
solo today and arrived in
Tucson safely. Have fun
and be safe sweetie!" Julia
is visiting friends.
Oct 4, 2020: Harper
and Joe helped the
Bengals win their first
game this year!
Oct 6, 2020: Frankie's
first day of preschool!


Oct 5, 2020: Amanda
posted this picture of
Alyssa and Shelby and
wrote: 13 years apart
but their hearts are as
close as they can
Oct 9, 2020: Ali posted: Wes took me to
the Precinct for an early birthday dinner
and it was delicious! First date night as a
married couple.
Oct 10, 2020: We are all saddened by the
sudden death of Hank's sister, Mary. She
had been in good health and cause of death
is unknown at this point. She would have
been 80 on October 26th. Their family
moved to Mt. Washington in 1956 when
Mary and I were juniors and we became
best friends. We also both worked together
at P & G.

Mary had two daughters, Kelly and Tracy,
two grandchildren, and one great
grandchild. Hank and Barb are the only two
siblings left.
Oct 11, 2020: Super soccer player
Oct 10, 2020:
Chris, Joey,
and Casey
AND Joey,
Coni, and
Casey having
Halloween fun!
Oct 10, 2020: Tammy with her friends Stephanie and Kim enjoying
lunch at the Golden Lamb.
Oct 10, 2020: Some Halloween fun at Shaw Farms:


Zoe & Amanda

Madison (who luckily can't read the "No Climbing
On Pumpkins sign)

Michael holding Shelby!
Oct 7, 2020: Harper with her favorite
stuffed animal, Mr. Bunny, in a pumpkin!
Oct 11, 2020: Kindra with her friends
Debbie and Anne at Keimer's Bier
Oct 11, 2020: Joe & Harper watching the
Bengals. Not sure why they are smiling,
Oct 10, 2020: Julia in Mt. Lemmon, Arizona!
Oct 14, 2020: Harper
did have picture day
at school!

Oct 10, 2020: Frankie
thought it was picture
day at school!
Sept 26, 2020: More wedding photos!
Sept 26, 2020: Tammy, Julia, Hope, and Harper having fun in the photo
booth at Wes and Ali's reception!
Oct, 2020: Wes and Ali in the Smoky Mountains and at Dollywood! Ali posted: Our original honeymoon plan was a
Caribbean cruise. Well COVID cancelled that. So we are taking a mini moon and our first stop before our final
destination is a day at Dollywood. I’ve been many times but this is Wes’ first visit.
Oct 17, 2020: Amanda and Michael on his
Oct 17, 2020: Lincoln at work!
Oct, 2020: Ali posted: Asheville adventures included checking out lego sculptures at the North Carolina
Arboretum, eating cinnamon biscuits with fried chicken and maple syrup and a treat yourself to a foot soak
with a head, neck and back massage. Finished the night with a nice Italian dinner Asheville, North Carolina.
The day before she wrote: A fantastic fall day exploring the Biltmore Estate.
Oct, 2020: The Hopkins
enjoyed the beautiful fall
colors in The Great Smoky
Oct 21, 2020: What
a wonderful
morning we had!
Scott and Brent
came down and
Scott fixed us all a
breakfast of
biscuits and gravy
and then Daniel
joined us too! They
even did a few
chores for us while
they were here.
Congratulations to
Daniel who is now
working at Jewish
Hospital in the
patient pharmacy
Oct, 2020: A few more Smoky Mountain pictures: Shelby
and Madison looking as cute as ever and everyone in the
group photo is happy and very good looking! Seems like
you all had a great time.
Oct 23, 2020: For Nancy's 82nd birthday, her family
showed up but due to Covid, couldn't go inside. They
huddled under the eaves since it was raining! I know she
got lots of wonderful presents but I only heard about
these: Amy made this muumuu and click
here for a
video of the mug she made. Great job Amy!
Oct 23, 2020: Lincoln carved some awesome pumpkins!
Oct 24, 2020: Daniel, Brent, Kindra, Wes, and
Ali helping Daniel celebrate his birthday!
Oct 28, 2020: Daniel, Brent, & Scott playing Frisbee Golf!
Oct 29, 2020: Joe and Harper working on their pumpkins!
Oct 29, 2020: Sue getting ready to visit
Scott's mother in the nursing home.
Oct 30, 2020: Sue on the beach!
Oct 31, 2020: Joey
(and his pumpkin)
as Mr. Krabs
from Spongebob
Oct 31, 2020:
Emma (on right)
as Nancy from
Stranger Things.


Ali and Wes as first
time homeowners
enjoying Halloween!
Oct 31, 2020: Lincoln and Frankie and their crazy, but fun, grandma Amy! Love it!
Oct 31, 2020: The Hopkins
and their pumpkins! Zoe as
a vampire, Madison as
Skye from Paw Patrol, and
Shelby as an adorable
Oct 31, 2020: #1 Joe,
Harper, (as Pikachu from
Pokemon) Will, Julia, and
Hope. #2 Harper's haul
which included an
American flag. #3 Creepy
Joe. #4 Harper-a girl and
her Pez! #5 Julia, Will,
and Tammy!
Nov 3, 2020: Ali & Amanda voted! And I hope the rest of the family did too!
Nov 2, 2020: Wes, Kindra, Brent, Ali, and Daniel celebrating Brent's 59th
birthday a day early.
Nov 6, 2020: Lincoln mowing the lawn in
his Batman pajamas!
Nov 1, 2020: Scott showing Harper how
to mow the lawn!
Nov 7, 2020: Hope, Julia, Tammy, Marty, and
Julie enjoying lunch! Julie and Marty were in
town for a wedding.
Nov 7, 2020: Alex, Lisa, and friends enjoyed the day at
Yellow Springs and LOVED it!
Nov 11, 2020: Amanda
posted this picture of
Madison and wrote:
"Stole my side of the
bed and a piece of my


Nov 8, 2020: Tammy
posted pictures on
Facebook and wrote:
"Beautiful afternoon
for a hike at John
Bryan... sunny,
80 and not a cloud in
the sky!"
Nov 14, 2020: Ali
posted pics of she
and Wes and wrote:
"Saturday date
included a hike at
California Woods
Nature Preserve then
lunch at Eli’s BBQ  
@ California Woods
Nature Preserve."


Nov 13, 2020: Hank
& Jill at her family
birthday celebration!
Nov 15, 2020: Joe & Harper at Scott
& Tammy's watching the Bengals
Nov 18, 2020:
Amanda posted:
I needed to take
a shower so
Alyssa said she’
d tend to Shelby.
I tried to move
her but Alyssa
said to just leave
her but she
would need
some Doritos.
Nov 21, 2020: Coni sent me this picture
she took of Chris and wrote: "It's a Toys
for Tots Day." I thanked her and wrote
back that I couldn't post it on our
website because the grandkids might see
what toys they're getting for Christmas.
Chris called to clarify that they were
shopping for Toys for Tots (Marine
Corps charity). He added that they have
been doing this for over 10 years. Chris
and Coni, that is awesome!
Nov 21, 2020: Scott wore
a bow tie and a Reds
mask to work today in
honor of Grandma Sis's


Nov 21, 2020: Amy posted
this and wrote: "My boys
love each other so much!
Nov 22, 2020: Harper making
banana bread (with a little help
from Grandma Tammy!)

Nov 22, 2020: "Baby in ------------>
training!" Michael & Shelby.
Nov 22, 2020: Giant stare-down between Scott & Harper.                                            Tammy, Joe, and Harper getting a good laugh at something!
Nov 23, 2020: Frankie &
Dan and their beautiful
Christmas tree!
Nov 25, 2020: Frankie &

Nov 25, 2020: Zoe,
Michale, and Madison,
starting Thanksgiving
Nov 25, 2020:
Julia, Harper, and
Scott (with
Tammy's help)
made a delicious
apple pie for


Nov 25,  2020:
Frank and Jennifer
with their beautiful
Nov 26, 2020: Michael getting the
turkey ready!
Oh what fun we had!
...over the
river and
through the
woods, to
house we go!
Nov 29, 2020: Harper
helped decorate her
grandparents' house &
tree. She's holding a
picture of Hank & I!

Nov 27, 2020: Lincoln
and his beautiful tree!
Nov 30, 2020: Amanda
posted this picture of
Alyssa and wrote:
"Amy H,  look what we
found! Mae Mae’s baby
blanket you made her
almost 15 years ago!"


Nov 30, 2020: Another
cute picture of Frankie
by his Christmas tree!
Nov 30, 2020: Frankie writing his letter to Santa.
Dec 1, 2020: Tammy sent me these and wrote: "We did lot's of reading tonight
and she's doing great. Scott's doing her on-line schooling with her tomorrow."
Dec 1, 2020: Amanda
posted this picture of
Shelby and wrote:
"Busted! I’ve said her
name more in the last
three days then I have
the last 18 months of
her life."
Dec 2, 2020: Harper in virtual school at Scott & Tammy's.
Dec 6, 2020: Madison
feeding her 'dog' and
Shelby may be wondering
why Zoe is on her ride!
Dec 13, 2020:
Colleen & Amy on
Christmas Candy
Making Day!

Dec 11, 2020:
Amanda posted
this and said:
"Tried getting one
of just Bug and I
but Moo wanted to
jump in."
Dec 16, 2020:
Tammy wrote:
Week #3 of
schooling at our
house. French
toast, Grandma
Sandi style for


Dec 14, 2020:
Amanda &
Shelby at her
18 month
Dec 19, 2020: Jim & Sher's new puppies, Booey & Ozzy
Dec 19, 2020: Amy posted that she & Bart took the 'kids' to see the zoo lights! Under the
masks I think I see Jimmy, Lincoln, Frankie, Dan, and Jennifer in Santa's Workshop and
Bart & Amy with the boys in the other picture!
Dec 18, 2020:
Tiffany, Lincoln
& the Grinch at
the zoo!
Casey & Joey!
Lisa, Emma, and Alex!
Dec 20, 2020: Alyssa,
Zoe, Amanda, Madison,
Michael, and Shelby!
Cousins! Alyssa, Zoe, and Emma!
Dec 20, 2020: Christmas with Chris
& Coni!
Dec 21, 2020: Zak took this picture with his phone. I usually don't post pictures without people in them
but I did want to document this phenomena. Here's the story: Biblical verses tell of three kings come to
worship the baby born in Bethlehem after seeing a star in the East. For 2020, though, the Christmas
star will be from Jupiter and Saturn, which haven’t been this close in the observable night sky since
the year 1226, back when St. Francis of Assisi was still kicking.
Dec 20, 2020: Tammy posted this picture of Miranda and
Harper and wrote: Great weekend with Harper and a fabulous
Sunday with Miranda and Jordan.
Dec 22, 2020: I posted this on Facebook and wrote:
Another fun night with Coni & Chris! In the Spring of
2019, they treated us to dinner to celebrate our
birthdays (in April & May) so we treated them last
winter for their birthdays (in November & December)
and a tradition was born! We were able to meet this
Spring after the restaurants reopened and again now.
Thanks for starting this tradition!
The next time I update Buhale, Christmas will be over,
Dec 24, 2020: Zoe got an early Christmas present!
Dec 24, 2020: Katie wrote: We didn’t get to have our
regular Christmas Eve party but we made some
memories for sure! I put together games: candy cane
hide and seek, jingle bell roll, jingle bell toss, shake the
snowballs out, what the smell?, and Christmas trivia.
Zak won the game night!
Dec 25, 2020: Amy brought Tom & Nancy Christmas breakfast and dinner!
Dec 25, 2020: Chris & his new hat rack!
Dec 25, 2020: Frankie and Lincoln with Grandma Amy!
Dec 25, 2020: Michael & Amanda!
Dec 25, 2020: Coni & Chris with an
adorable Mamaw & Papaw Brag
                                Mike                                                                                                                    Julie, Will, & Joe                                                                                                              Ali & Wes                 
                              Will, Scott, Tammy, Harper, Hope, Joe, & Julia                                                                                                                                           Me, Julia, and Hank              
                Hank                                                               Me & Jill                                                                Kindra & Brent (and Wes)                                                                      Our daughters-Jill, Kindra, & Tammy
Dec 25, 2020: Zoe,
Madison, & Shelby
posing pretty and
eating Popsicles!


Dec 26, 2020:
Lincoln & Tiffany
with their new dog,
Baby Jack Jack!
Dec 31, 2020: Harper taking a selfie on New Year's
Eve wearing her festive tiara!