News and Pictures - 2021
Jan 1, 2021: Lincoln and Tiffany.
Jan 6, 2021: Frankie
proposing to his
Mom! Too sweet!


Jan 6, 2020: Ali
wrote: "I can’t wait
to be a bridesmaid
and to watch Danielle
Maple have her
princess moment at
her magical Disney
wedding!! 12 years of
adventures with her
and the best one yet
to come!"
Jan 8, 2021: Joe & Hope bought their first home! Congratulations!
Jan 9, 2021:
Harper running
through her new
Jan 9, 2021: Scott & Tammy got
a tour and brought gifts for
Harper. This is their finished
Jan 10, 2021: We had a
delightful family
dinner with what Scott
called, the first 5 and
their spouses!

Scott & Tammy
brought homemade
spaghetti & meatballs.

Brent & Kindra
brought garlic bread
and salad with all the

Jill & Mike brought
red velvet cupcakes!

Love these people so
Jan 10, 2021: Shelby and her Grandpa Chris!
I think they have a secret.
Jan 15, 2020:

Aunt Paula
gave her
Jan 15, 2020: Tammy wrote:  This was Friday when
Joe picked her up. We always go to the car and
make sure she's buckled in properly. She put her
arms around both our necks and said "group hug."
Jan 16, 2021: Zoe celebrating her 7th birthday (a day early). Amanda with Alyssa and her friend Aubrie.
Jan 16, 2020: Daniel, Ali, Wes, Brent, and Kindra celebrating
Wes's birthday!
Jan 17, 2020: Zoe's first time
Jan 20: Michael & Shelby!
Will asked the Second graders what color his
tie should be.

Scott & Will then went to the Hamburger
Wagon for lunch!
Jan 20: Kinder School posted this picture and story on
Facebook: Mr. Hannig painted the Presidents' pictures
many years ago at Kinder in the front entrance. He
comes back to do the newly elected one every four
years. That’s his son, Will that helped as well. What
a fabulous supporter of Burg Schools! Thank you!

Tammy added: Not sure if you are aware of this, but
after the renovation of Kinder Scott wrote to each of
the living presidents asking for them to write the
students of Kinder a letter with any words of wisdom
they may have. He received responses from all of the
presidents except Bill Clinton. ( whom we reached out
to multiple times). The letters were framed and
hanging in the display case in the main hallway. Both
Scott and Will were pleasantly surprised on Wednesday
to find out that Mrs. Florrel Shaffer reached out to
President Reagan and they also have a letter from
Ronald written to the students.

Note: Click
here to visit Scott's page if you want to read
the letters.
Jan 24: Jim with Booey & Ozzy!