What is ReVive Skateboards? ReVive Skateboards began as the idea to create one full length skate
video, which led to YouTube videos back in December 2009. They began a series "We Want ReVenge" to
originally document filming for their full length videos, but as the series gained popularity, their viewers began
asking for products. So they thought, "Why not?" and ReVenge Skateboards was born. After about a year or
two, they unfortunately ran into some name troubles and were forced to rename themselves ReVive
Skateboards. According to Alex,
“It's been smooth sailing since then and while supplying quality skateboards,
we also stay focused on representing skateboarding for the original reason we all start to ride in the first place:
to have fun.”
Their warehouse is located in Newtown.

GoPro just contacted Alex along with a couple other guys on the team.  GoProwants them to help promote any
new products we come out with in the future.

Their website: Their internet site is http://reviveskateboards.com/. This site tells about the staff, the
products, etc. They sell everything to make a complete skateboard.  They offer three different types of
skateboard trucks, three different sets of bearings, a huge select of different graphics and sizes of our ReVive
Skateboards.  Their wheel company "Force" is becoming a popular wheel in the skate industry.  They offer tons
of different graphics and sizes of wheels as well.  They sell ReVive and Force hardware. They even have their
own grip tape with three different graphics as well.  

Their products: They also sell shirts, hoodies, and hats and even socks with their name on it.  
They just started selling wax and headphones.  They will also start carrying shoes in the near future.  
It's expanding fast.
Alex Buening
ReVive Skateboards
Email Alex
Their videos:
Besides their internet site, check out these three websites:

Behind the Scenes: These are videos of their warehouse and are truly fun to watch! Watch
Black Friday 2014 to get a sense of how big their company is.

2.        Skateboarding: This is Alex's YouTube channel. There are hundreds of videos to watch so make
a day of it! As you watch these videos, you will see ‘click here’ to subscribe. It does not cost anything
to subscribe.  It simply allows you to know whenever they post a new video.
Check out a new viral
video of Alex and a six-year-old scooter rider. Alex has over half a million hits. Click
here to see "Not
All Scooter Kids are Bad!

3.        You can also
Huffington Post Article called "5 Things We Can Learn From the Top 20 Most
Engaging Skateboarding Channels on YouTube" where Alex is ranked 7th!

You can find other videos (non-business related) on the Family Fun and Facts page. Be sure to check out Emma Learning to Skateboard! I think
the legacy continues!