Family Handiwork
This was my first needlepoint
project. I bought the kit so I could
learn the different stitches. This was
in 1976.
I apologize for the poor picture quality in some of these photos. This
too was 1976. I made the name Hannig and Buening for the parents
and included their children and grandchildren's name in each one.
Sandi's Needlework
This was also in 1976. I made this tennis
racket cover for Hank who was an
awesome tennis player back in the day!
I made this Christmas stocking for
Sue one year. She loved giraffes and
you can't see it but it also includes
the book, Gone With The Wind, her
This was a seasonal
macrame project I
made for both our
moms. There were
different ribbons and
flowers for them to
change with the seasons.
I made this 'Hannig' macrame
hanging in 1978. If you look close,
you can see the our last name!
I made this afghan in 1980.
When I started
to make this
macrame window
hanging, I stood
on a chair until I
got down to
where I didn't
have to. I think
this was my
hardest project!
As you can see, these were made in 1983 for our parents. This was my one and only
counter-cross stitch project!
Mom & Dad's house--710 Clough Pike!
Our home on Citadel!
Jill & Mike's first home. Notice the street name!
Brent's first house on Hamblin. He was lucky
that Kindra agreed to move in this house after
they got married!
Scott & Tammy's first house in Miamisburg!
I needlepointed our children's churches where they were married. Jill and Mike's was St. Bernadette's in Amelia. Scott and Tammy's was the Five Mile
Chapel in Anderson Township. Brent and Kindra's was St. Louis in Batesville, Indiana.
Amanda D's Furniture Painting
Amanda D sent me these photos with the following
note: I like to paint old furniture :) I'm working on a
few more, but here are a couple pics.

Thanks Amanda! Can't wait to see more!
Amy's Creations
Hank's Creations
Hank made this toy
box for Zak's
Hank made four of these picnic tables--one for us and one for each of our
Hank made this cradle before Zak was born and
every grandchild and great-grandchild has used it!
Amy created the 26 square foot entryway floor using 5,500 pennies and 383 nickels!
Beautiful, Amy!
Amy has so many creations that we
gave her her own page. And you
can order from her. Click
here to
Crafty Katie made
this front door
wreath. Can't wait
to see more of her
It took Jimmy three years, but he built this
motorcycle all my himself! Way to go,
Jimmy. Happy riding.
made this
shirt for her
Dad, Brad!