Newspaper Clippings & Family History
Wed, May 25, 1910
Mon, Apr 15, 1946
Alonzo is on the left and Ira is above.
Ira's picture was actually taken in
1910. The above story has a misprint.
It was Harvest Avenue, not Harvey.
Tom wrote:
We were living at Nanny &
Grandpa's at the time of that attempted
break in. Aunt Dot crawled through her
bedroom window out to the roof. I think
the burglar used a garbage can to stand on
to get to the window.
These are newspaper articles from the Cincinnati Enquirer and articles and information found on that Scott has discovered. Zak is also adding information.

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Sun, Dec 5, 1948
Tue, Nov 24, 1936
Nanny's brother
Sun, Nov 16, 1958
Tue, Oct 14, 1864
Alonza's Father
Mon, Apr 15, 1946
Adam Trump is Ira's 5th Great-Grandfather on the Applegate
side. There are two articles. There is a typo on this one--the year
is 1757, not 1737.
Article in Cincinnati
Magazine about Mom's
sister, Dorothy Murphy.
Mom & Dad's wedding
Mom's ninth & final bridal
shower. Mrs. Welsh (a friend of
Nanny's) used to give us early
Christmas presents!
Scott showed Zak what he has been doing
on Ancestry and Zak did some of his
own investigations. Click on each name
below to read about our anscesters. They
are traced back from Mom through her
father Ira Shore and his ancestors the
Applegates and the Reddicks. Thanks

Sir William Wynter (c.1521 – 20
February 1589

2. Throckmorton baronets

3. Henry de Beaumont, 1st Earl of
Warwick - died 20 June 1119
On August 4, 2017, Ray Shore, son of Ira and Elsie Shore, and sister of
Mom, got a recognition plaque installed in the Scouts Club at the Great
American Ball Park for all his work with the Cincinnati Reds.