Buhale Videos

2021_1_24: MADISON singing 9-5 while picking grapes Click to play


2020_11_1: ALYSSA making a graceful exit (2nd girl) Click to play

2020_10_31: ALEX, LISA, & EMMA speed carving pumpkins Click to play

2020_10_30: HARPER recreating her video from 4 years ago Click to play first and then
Click to play current video

WES & ALI slide show Click to play

2020_8_30: EMMA gives her dad ALEX a make-over Click to play

2020_6_20: JULIA and her cousin Graham-Class of 2020 Click to play

2020_5: JULIA's Graduation Video Click to play

2010_5: JOE's Graduation Video Click to play

2020_3_23: FRANKLIN running his first obstacle course Click to play


2019_11_ 22: BART & FRANKIE being their silly selves Click to play

2019_11_21: HANK & I sent 60th Anniversary wishes to Ernie & Darlene Click to play

2019_10_30: ALEX, LISA, & EMMA speed carving pumpkins Click to play

2019_10_18: FRANKLIN singing "I'm a nut!" Click to play

2019_9_14: JIMMY & AMY on the Slingshot at Cedar Point Click to play

2019_9_5: FRANKLIN explaining why they call Amanda Auntie Derpy Click to play

2019_8_18: HANK subbing for Daniel playing wiffle ball Click to play and Click to play

2019_8_11: TOM 'trying' to play the ukulele and sing a song Mom taught him Click to play

2019_8_10: FRANKLIN doing his 'happy dance' at the Cuyahoga County Fair Click to play

2019_6_21: JOE & HARPER at the Dayton Dragon's game Click to play

2019_5_18: FRANKLIN playing drums to Green Day Click to play

2019_5_4: DANIEL receiving his degree as a Doctor of Pharmacy Click to play (at 41:21)

JOE at the Reds game with his friend Jon Click to play (at 3:34)
Disclaimer from Joe: “I want to clarify I was clapping that aggressively because
we had 2 on and one out in a tied game.  Not for the little dribbler of a hit.” And the
ladies had picked that time to run to the john!

2019_4_21: HARPER wishing everyone a Happy Easter Click to play

2019_4_21: FRANKLIN finding his Easter basket Click to play

2019_4_ 8: FRANKLIN riding his balance bike Click to play

2019_3_25: FRANKLIN  grooving to Green Day  Click to play

2019_3_16: KINDRA, WES, ALI, & DANIEL throwing axes. Click each name to play.

HARPER singing Bulletproof Click to play

2019_2_3: ALEX and friends 'Dumpster Diving' Click to play

2019_1_16: HARPER sled riding with her little snowman Olaf Click to play

2019_1_11: FRANKLIN identifying Green Day song Click to play


2018_12_25: ALEX, LISA, & EMMA on Christmas morning Click to play

2018_12_25: FRANKLIN playing two songs on his new piano Click here and here to play

DANIEL riding a hog in India Click to Play

2018_12_15: ALEX showing their Christmas Village and tree Click to Play

2018_11_30: HARPER telling a knock-knock joke Click to Play

2018_10_31: ALEX, LISA, & EMMA speed carving pumpkins (again) Click to Play

2018_10_21: FRANKLIN having a Sunday Funday Click to Play

2018_10_20: BRAD & LINCOLN doing a special trick Click to Play

2018_10_13: BROOKE telling me why she likes Harry Potter Click to Play

2018_10_13: HARPER walking like UFC fighter, Conor Mcgregor Click to Play

2018_9_18: BLAKE playing hoops Click to Play

2018_9_10: FRANKLIN singing Purple Rain Click to Play

2018_8_5: HARPER getting help blowing out her candles Click to Play

2018_7_18: KINDRA scoring game winning goal in semi-finals Click to Play

2018_7_ 20: BLAKE the soccer star! Click to Play

2018_4_13: LINCOLN riding his Christmas present for the first time Click to Play

2018_4_11: BLAKE singing & dancing to the Hot Dog Song Click to Play

2018_4_3: FRANKLIN working two puzzles Click to Play Click to Play

2018_4_1: SANDI & HANK'S grandkids finding Easter eggs Click to Play

2018_3_26: BROOKE with her new golf clubs, day 2 Click to Play

2018_3_25: BROOKE with her new golf clubs Click to Play

2018_3_1: ME on WCPO's Don't Waste Your Money Click to Play

2018_2_22: HARPER singing Twinkle Twinkle Click to Play

2018_1_27: BROOKE thanking me for a coloring book Click to Play

2018_1_20: LINCOLN shooting baskets Click to Play

2018_1_14: BROOKE & HARPER at Build-A-Bear Click to Play    And again

2018_1_1: FRANKLIN showing you his body parts Click to Play


2017_12_30: BLAKE proving he has male genes Click to Play

2017_12_18: BLAKE speaking dolphin Click to Play
Click to Play Brooke speaking the same way

DAN showing FRANKLIN a magic trick Click to Play

2017_10_31: HARPER as Owlette Click to Play

2017_10_31: BROOKE as Elena Click to Play

2017_10_27: DAN & FRANKLIN playing in the leaves Click to Play

2017_10_14: SUE on cruise where her friend decorated her cabin Click to Play

2017_7_22-25: CHRIS, CONI, ALEX, LISA, EMMA, & ALYSSA in Gatlinburg Click to Play

2017_07_16: FRANKLIN walking Click to Play

2017_07_16: BLAKE smiling Click to Play

2017_05_07: BROOKE playing soccer Click to Play

2017_03_25: FRANKLIN playing drums with Dan Click to Play

2017_02_21: HARPER Saying Hi to Grandma Tammy Click to Play

2017_02_17: BROOKE dancing at Father-Daughter Dance Click to Play

2017_02_04: BROOKE bowling Click to Play

2017_01_08: BROOKE & HARPER at Build-a-Bear   Click to Play  


2016_12_26: HARPER dancing while sitting Click to Play

2016_12_25: TOM & NANCY'S family playing a very funny game Click to Play

2016_12_25: BROOKE opening up a favorite Christmas present Click to Play

2016_10_31: AMY & LINCOLN on Halloween Click to Play

2016_10_25: ALEX, LISA, & EMMA speed-carving pumpkins Click to Play

2016_10_01: HARPER running Click to Play

2016_09_14: BROOKE & Grandpa Hank playing harmonicas Click to Play

HARPER learning her letters Click to Play

2016_08_11: HARPER playing a flute and singing Click to Play

2016_06_26: BROOKE sporting her new backpack Click to Play  

BROOKE waiting for the parade at Disney World Click to Play  

BROOKE practicing soccer Click to Play

2016_03_28: BROOKE getting her hair cut by Sonya Click to Play

2016_03_20: BROOKE picking out a piece of Easter candy Click to Play

2016_03_13: MIKE playing air guitar at a concert Click to Play     


2015_12_30: EMMA learning how to skateboard Click to Play

2015_12_28: JENNIFER telling Amy & Bart that she is pregnant Click to Play

2015_12_13: EMMA and family cutting down Christmas Tree Click to Play

2015_12_05: KATIE at target range Click to Play

2015_10_14: BROOKE at the zoo Click to Play

2015_09_27: BROOKE saying 'Who Dey' Click to Play

2015_08_08: Annual Golf Outing
ALEX with a long putt Click to Play
CHRIS B with a long putt Click to Play
CONI with a long putt Click to Play
WES playing pool on the green Click to Play

2015_06_19: HARPER walking Click to Play

2015_06_18: BROOKE singing and dancing to 'A Whole New World' Click to Play

2015_06_06: HANNIG boys surprising Terry the barber Click to Play


2014_11_25: HARPER laughing Click to Play

2014_12_10: BROOKE excited to go to Grandma Sandi's & Grandpa Hank's Click to Play  


2013_11_02: BROOKE discovering leaves Click to Play

2013_08_09: BART bull riding Click to Play & JIM bull riding Click to Play

2013_6_23: BRENT, KINDRA, WES, & DANIEL skydiving. Click on each name to Play

BROOKE going down The Twister at Coney Island's Sunlite Pool Click to Play

2013_03_24: BROOKE eating peas Click to Play


2012_09_30: ALY eating anchovies Click to Play


2011_10_22: DANIEL lets his birthday balloon go Click to Play


2009_12_5: WES sporting a 'must-have-mustache' as Hammerin' Hank
Click each one to play   
Part 1   Part 2   Part 3

2009_10: JULIE riding WES at our house Click to Play

2009_07: Camp Grandma's trip to Gatlinburg
JOE & DANIEL playing basketball in the Hall of Wax Click to Play
DANIEL & WILL horsing around (JOE is narrating) Click to Play
WILL showing off the Smoky Mountains Click to Play                        
WILL's tour of our motel Part 1 Click to Play Part 2 Click to Play


2008_10_03: WES & DANIEL playing in our leaves Click to Play

2008_01_02: HANNIG boys playing volleyball in our living room Click to Play


2007_12_25: HANNIGS playing Trivia on the living room floor Click to Play
Tom's family - Purple
Sandi's family - Red
Sue's family - Orange
Chris's family - Green